The Alternate Realms

The multiverse is an accident. In the beginning was the universe, and the universe had a plan. Unfortunately that plan was infected by a seed of chaos that destroyed the universe and everything in it. That should have been the end, but instead everything began again. Again a cataclysm occurred and the universe split into two smaller universes, and again and again. Each new mirror of the multiverse smaller and different to its twin.

Each mirror is known as a sphere and depending upon the size of this mini universe it may contain one or many planets (or none if events turn against it), and huge distances of the empty vacuum of space. At the edges of this space is the misty realm, the stuff between space, some call it phlogiston but to others it is just the border of the ethereal, the space between everything.

Just as the swirling vortex of chaos threatens to unmake existence, so too does the multiverse have its own plan. Have you ever wondered why most spheres have the same sprinkling of humanoid races and monsters and even magical creatures such as dragons. Some sages have speculated that these races began on a single sphere and pollinated the others via portals and rifts (which is true in some cases), but the fossil records of many planets speak for themselves and support that many races (magical ones included) evolved separately in many spheres of the multiverse.

In a far off corner of the multiverse is a cluster of tiny spheres that are very similar in nature, twinned by cataclysms long gone (and some very recent). One is a dying world covered by a vast desert. One is a world twinned by the impact of a falling star that is filled with sleeping entities of immense power. Another is a vibrant world filled with magic, monsters, and long lost civilisations that is rocked by cataclysms with striking regularity. Finally the sphere of interest is one almost identical to its neighbour, a world filled with magic and monsters and lost civilisations, and yet subtly different so that only the studious outsider might notice.

Elminster by Emerson Leandro Penerari

This sphere is home to a mirror of the world of Toril, where ancient civilisations like Netheril and Imaskar once existed, where a wizened sage called Elminster lives in his tower in Shadowdale. The difference is that here the gods never walked the earth and magical madness did not alter the planet and its people beyond all recognition.




Welcome to the Alternate Forgotten Realms.

Note: This site is still under construction, most detailed information can be found on the Unther, Dalath, Niz’Jaree, Shussel, TiaMa’at, Ish-Tarri, Cult of the Queen of Chaos, Church of Ish-Tarri, Church of Ram-Manu, and The Enclave pages.

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    1. I’m glad you found it of some use. I hope to revisit the Moonshaes one day and finish a grand campaign i had planned that allowed you to play through all the events of the novels.


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