ARRGS – Monsters

Monsters fulfil a variety of roles and challenges for PCs to face during a Scene, especially a Combat Scene.

Monsters are separated into several power levels to allow Scenes to be tailored so that they challenge characters appropriately.

Minion: A Minion is the weakest example of a creature, he possesses only 1 Vitality, a -2 penalty to all Ability Scores, and only 1 Option from the available Options list.

Regular: A Regular monster appears as they do in the Monster section. He possesses 1 Option from the available Options list.

Elite: An Elite monster is above average and a more dangerous opponent than expected. An Elite monster gains a +2 bonus to all Ability Scores and may select up to 5 Options from the available Options list

Boss: A Boss monster is a truly exceptional individual, much like the PCs themselves. A Boss monster gains a +5 bonus to all Ability Scores and may select 1 Option per CR from the available Options list.

Stat Block

This statistic gives the approximate challenge of the monster
VitalityThis statistic gives details for the amount of vitality a creature possesses.
SizeThis statistic details the size of the monster and the bonus applied if appropriate.
Movement ModesThis block details the Movement Modes a creature possesses and the attributes associated with each Movement Mode.
Ability ScoresThis block details the six Ability Scores the creature possesses and the bonuses derived as a result of each Ability Score.
Attack ModesThis block details the Attack Modes a creature possesses as a result of any natural or equipped weaponry.
DefenceThis block details the Defence scores of the creature.
Threat RangeThis score details the natural reach of a creature, this can be extended by a weapon.
Damage ResistanceThis block details all resistances the creature possesses.
Damage VulnerabilityThis block details all vulnerabilities the creature possesses.
SkillsThis block details all skills a creature possesses where the final skill modifier is different from the Ability Bonus of the creature.
OptionsThis block details all Options a creature may possess. The GM may select any Options from this list.

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