The Bhaalspawn Saga


The Bhaalspawn Saga has its roots in the bloodline of Tharlagaunt Bale, a powerful arcanist of Netheril who had divinely infused blood and a thirst for power that drove him and his allies to seek out quasi-deities all over Faerun and steal power for themselves in what would prove to be a successful attempt to attain true godhood.

Bale was prolific, siring children with many of his followers in Netheril, Jhaamdath, Calimshan and all the surrounding lands. As these empires fell and their people spread outwards the bloodline of Bhaal was established all over Faerun.

Before his ascension, Bale left many cryptic texts that included semi-prophetic writings, rituals and spells of his own devising that were collated into the religious text known as the Baleful Word, it also included a list of Bale’s children and known descendants at the time.

Over the centuries, at least two followers of Bhaal have separately discovered many of the hidden messages in the Baleful Word; Amelyssan the Blackhearted and Winski Perorate, and Amelyssan has secretly and carefully propagated this knowledge to other faithful of Bhaal to further her plans.

Amelyssan and Winski both discovered that with a certain ritual they could imbue individuals directly with a portion of Bhaal’s divine essence, and both were inspired (perhaps divinely so) to create a number of these “Bhaalspawn” in preparation for the prophesised and then actual demise of Bhaal during the Time of Troubles. Amelyssan created her Bhaalspawn starting nearly 1000 years ago, while Winski created a new batch in 1348 DR, precipitating a conflict between the Bhaalspawn that is destined to see the return of the Lord of Murder.


  • 237 DR: Year of the Disappearing Dragons: Iryklathagra exchanges a single dragon egg with Amelyssan the Blackhearted in return for powers to fight against Qysar Shoon IV
  • 1348 DR: Year of the Spur: Winski Perorate and his cultists kidnap children (distant descendants of Bhaal) from all over the Sword Coast. In a ruined temple to Bhaal in the Forest of Wyrms, Winski and his cultists perform rituals that imbue the children with Bhaal’s Seed. Harpers disrupt the gathering and rescue the children although Winski Perorate is able to escape with one of the children.

Important NPCs

Abazigal (Evil, Dragon – Blue, Bhaalspawn): Abazigal is one of the children of the great blue wyrm Irklathagra. Born a millennia ago, he was given to Amelyssan the Blackhearted in return for power to defeat Shoon IV.

Amelyssan spent many years working the magics necessary to infuse the egg with the Seed of Bhaal, and when Abazigal hatched he possessed many unusual abilities, including being able to assume a humanoid form at will.

Abazigal is the eldest and most powerful of the Bhaalspawn, having spent centuries hunting down those others created by Amelyssan (usually on her orders). In recent centuries Abazigal has become independent of Amelyssan, taking her advice only if he deems it in his best interest, this is primarily since he has sired several children of his own and all but one of them were killed in combat with other Bhaalspawn.

Amelyssan the Blackhearted (Evil, Human – Tethyrian, Magic User 20): Amelyssan the Blackhearted was a childhood “friend” and former lover of the soon to be Qysar Shoon IV who was spurned for her weakness and faith upon his coronation. The Qysar ordered her slain and a string of assassins were sent after the mageling who was believed slain when her former residence was left a blackened ruin.

Amelyssan swore vengeance upon the Qysar and spent decades plotting her revenge, only for him to perish in an attempt at lichnee gone wrong. During that time in hiding with fellow Bhaalyn she rose quickly among their ranks thanks to her burning hatred and desire for revenge. She learned the secrets of the Baleful Word and learned a path to immortality as a divine being.

Amelyssan has spent a millennia creating Bhaalspawn, manipulating their growth to power, and then defeating them with her magics and absorbing their “Seed of Bhaal” into herself. In doing so Amelyssan has lived as a young and beautiful woman for over a thousand years, and is possessed of knowledge and power that would dwarf even the mightiest of sorcerers.

Amelyssan has continued her work in recent centuries by spreading the knowledge of the Seed of Bhaal ritual to other select Bhaalyn that are creating Bhaalspawn and thus allowing her to continue her goals but without any active involvement. 

With the supposed death of Bhaal during the Time of Troubles, and an explosion of Bhaalspawn in preceding years, has led Amelyssan to formulate a new plan, wherein she intends to manipulate all the Bhaalspawn to fight one another until only one is left, in the hopes that she can consume the last Seed of Bhaal and become Bhaal reborn, if she fails then hopefully that Bhaalspawn would become Bhaal reborn instead by taking her Seed, either way Bhaal will return and she will be greatly rewarded.

Sarevok Anchev (Evil, Human – Tethyrian, Bhaalspawn, Warrior 5): Sarevok Anchev’s real family and origins are unknown, he was one of the children kidnapped by the cultists of Bhaal on the orders of Primate Winski Perorate. Sarevok was imbued with the Seed of Bhaal along with many of the other children, but when the Harpers disrupted the cultists Sarevok was lost in the confusion.

Sarevok was found by Winski Perorate (who had hidden in the catacombs of the ruined temple) and magically teleported to Baldur’s Gate. Although Winski had originally intended to sacrifice all the Bhaalspawn and take their power for himself, with only one left he decided to change his plans and instead gave Sarevok a new life and identity that he could shape and nurture and hopefully let the seed grow.

Sarevok was placed with a childless prostitute in a back alley brothel, and Winski engineered a meeting between the growing Sarevok and a former Bhaalyn named Rieltar Anchev who needed a legitimised life and reason to keep visiting the city of Baldur’s Gate for his plots and intrigues.

Sarevok has travelled with Rieltar for many years and eventually they settled in Baldur’s Gate as the Iron Throne established a permanent presence in the city. Rieltar unwittingly hired Winski Perorate to tutor the boy and so Sarevok has learned of his heritage and been encouraged to develop the Seed of Bhaal through acts of violence and murder.

Sarevok has spent years studying the Baleful Word in secret and has also deciphered some of the hidden messages in the text, he believes he is destined to become the Lord of Murder reborn and has formulated a plan to start a war between Baldur’s Gate and the surrounding nations, which he will then quell at the head of an army of mercenaries and become a saviour to the city and mass murderer all in one.

Unbeknown to Sarevok, Winski intended to sacrifice Sarevok once his power became sufficient, unfortunately Winski has grown rather attached to his pupil, admires the scope of his plans, and is beginning to doubt whether he is now powerful enough to dispatch Sarevok.

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