High Lady Ordalf

High Lady Karador Ordalf is regarded believed to be the leader of a group of enigmatic beings from the Moonshae Isles known as LeShay. The High Lady and the rest of the LeShay retreated from the Material Plane and the Moonshae Isles many millennia ago, but their fates are linked and a return is inevitable.


High Lady Ordalf and the LeShay are all that remains of an empire of Faeree Lords that once covered western Faerun and the Plane of Faeree. This empire and much of their race was wiped out long before the empires of humans, elves, and even the sarrukh came to exist.

The Sundering was one of the most powerful magical rituals ever attempted by any group of beings in the history of Toril (possibly rivalled only by the Code of Reversion). The end result of this magic was that the unified mega-continent of Faerun was split into many smaller continents (the largest of which became known as Faerun), and these continents were flung across the oceans leaving an isolated island between them known as Evermeet.

The magic of this ritual was so powerful that it caused the magical and geological catastrophe that ensued to ripple backwards and forwards in time; entire races and their nations were annihilated before they had even existed. The history of Toril branched onto a new path, and only isolated creatures and ruins from that original history survived as confused dimensional orphans in a new and unfamiliar world.

The LeShay were all but destroyed, with only a handful of survivors on the Material and Faeree Plane. High Lady Ordalf gathered those survivors and led them to the Moonshae Isles, a land smothered in the magical energies of Faeree that they hoped would sustain them for all eternity and hide them from the rest of this strange new world. They were wrong.

Time and again other races found the isolated islands, each time further disturbing the delicate balance of the Moonshae Isles and causing the land itself to respond to the disturbance. Eventually one of their number; Urphania the Hagshee, was found to be interfering with the natural order of things and luring other races to the islands for some unknown purpose. For this reason Urphania was stripped of her powers and banished to die.

Then Kazgoroth appeared and the LeShay knew fear. This being of limitless rage and power turned the land itself against the LeShay and gathered an army to destroy all humanoid life on the islands. High Lady Ordalf personally led the LeShay out of hiding to battle Kazgoroth and his monsters. The LeShay gathered a host of allies (willing or otherwise) to their side, and using this army they fought Kazgoroth and his minions across all of the Moonshae Isles.

After Kazgoroth’s defeat, the LeShay worked great magics to form a web of ley lines and fey crossroads through the Moonwells, imbued with the magic of High Lady Ordalf’s own soul to keep Kazgoroth diminished and imprisoned on one of the now uninhabited islands.

Sometime later, the theft of pieces of High Lady Ordalf’s soul prompted her and the rest of the LeShay to depart the Material Plane and retreat back to the wilds of Faeree where they have remained ever since.


Sarifal: The LeShay of the Moonshae Isles are all part of a group known as Sarifal (meaning Stars). This nation is a loose conglomeration of around 300 individuals that live across the representation of the Moonshae Isles on the Faeree Plane, a region known as the Feywild.

The LeShay acknowledge no leader, and have no rules or laws, save that no individual may disturb the ebb and flow of the Order (a concept that seems to indicate that each sphere of the Multiverse is operating to a pre-determined plan, and interfering with that plan will result in catastrophes like the Sundering). However, every LeShay acknowledges that High Lady Ordalf is the greatest and wisest of their number, and her word is acknowledged and carefully considered by every LeShay.

Karador (3,000): This gathering of creatures (including 200+ LeShay and thousands more fey beings) on an island, is the closed thing the LeShay have to a city. They crowd around the Emerald Leaf – a crystalline tree where High Lady Ordalf makes her home.


High Lady Ordalf will die, her death was foretold millennia ago by one of the Moonlight Dancers (a satyr seer) during the War of Raging Leaves. Following a vision the prophet told her that she would be slain by a Beast, but that Beast would also die and the world of Faeree and Faerun would be safe.

In order to prevent her death, High Lady Ordalf resolved to imprison Kazgoroth forever, the one whom she has identified as the Beast. She used her own soul to enchant the Moonwells into a great web of ley lines that weakened and trapped Kazgoroth, and by doing so she appears to have sealed her own fate.

Her soul was split into pieces to empower the Moonwells; earning her the nickname “Amamsaelb” meaning Soul Shard, as a result High Lady Ordalf is tied to the Moonshae Isles and as they die so does she. The prison was weakened by the collapse of the Weave in -339 DR and Kazgoroth was able to escape his weakened form and begin evolving a new one.

Over the millennia since Kazgoroth’s escape, a number of her soul shards have been stolen in what Ordalf believes is an organised attack on her person. Kazgoroth himself has been secretly polluting the magic she used to enchant the Moonwells (creating what is known as Corrupted Moonwells) which damages the soul shards that remain.

The elves and druids of the Moonshae Isles are becoming more and more reliant upon the magic of the Moonwells as they are forced to combat the evils orchestrated by the remnants of Kazgoroth (his soul, his horn, his skin, his heart, and the people that possess them).

High Lady Ordalf feels herself weakening and she is sure Kazgoroth is behind it, she must soon act to save herself, and that the only course of action left to her is to return to the Moonshae Isles and either bind Kazgoroth once again or ensure his destruction before he destroys her..