Urphania the Hagshee

Urphania is the Hagsidhe, the Hag Queen, the Other, the Shadowed One, and any number of other monikers that have been bestowed upon her through the ages.

Urphania is a horrible and twisted creature, possessed of the features of many different races, giant, human, elf, dwarf, reptile, dragon. She is a stooped, hunch-backed, limping creature who looks too frail to survive alone, and yet she is possessed of incredible power and strength.


Urphania was, many millennia ago, the twin of High Lady Ordalf (or at least everyone assumed they were twins because they looked identical). Twins are an ill-fated omen among the fey, for it is believed they share only a portion of one soul, and that they mirror one another. So while Ordalf represented order, Urphania would represent chaos, or so the LeShay believed.

For ages this foretelling proved to be false, and Urphania loyally supported her sister and was seen to be just as wise and powerful. Eventually however, it was discovered that Urphania was disturbing the natural Order of the world and was leading other races to the Moonshae Isles (the llewyrr, the firbolg, the dwarves, the halflings, and the norl) for her own purposes. High Lady Ordalf was reluctantly forced to strip Urphania of her LeShay powers, banish her twin from Karador and the sustaining fey magics of the Moonshae Isles where she would ultimately perish.

Urphania did not die however, she used her magical knowledge to mix her blood with that of powerful mortal creatures, gaining their traits and abilities; the immortality of elves, the strength of giants, the resistance of dwarves, etc. She even used her knowledge of Bloodline Magic to create uniquely powerful creatures that she hoped would achieve new heights and new abilities that she could then incorporate into herself.

From her hidden lair in the Korinn Archipelago, Urphania gathered the bloodlines of the Paramount of the firbolg, Cymrych Hugh, Laranlor Kaminas Reredine, and many others. She is now a twisted creature known as the Hag Queen, who makes deals with mortals in return for their essence in death.

As her fame grew and her plans came to fruition, Urphania began to attract too much attention and knew she would need to hide from her sister when High Lady Ordalf inevitably returned to face Kazgoroth. Urphania crafted a myth of a fey water spirit and played the part of a benevolent spirit to the nearby ffolk inhabitants for many years. She also caused the collapse of nearby pirate fleets and island nations by bringing the two into conflict, through the careful spreading of rumours around the Moonshae Isles that the fabled sword Taragarth the Bloodbrand was secretly held by Viledal the Sea King, who had used the sword to forge his nation (and revealing Viledal’s secret hideout to those pirates who came seeking the sword)

Over a century ago, Urphania abandoned her lair when she allowed herself to be summoned by a cabal of wizards occupying a fortification known as Citadel Umbra, she allows the wizards to believe they have her trapped, while manipulating and possessing them to achieve all her aims while in this new and secret haven.


Urphania’s secret lair lies beneath the isle of Tetris in the Korinn Archipelago, accessible only by an illusion-cloaked, submerged tunnel at the source of the River Fanya. Urphania has crafted a legend about a benevolent water spirit that lives there, but since she has been purposely absent for over a century, even the nearby inhabitants are beginning to believe their benefactor is dead.

In ages past, Urphania would drop the illusion around the entrance to her lair whenever potential victims or customers came near. However, since leaving her home the illusion has remained in place and no-one has found it in a century.

To distract those with ties to High Lady Ordalf that might eventually track her down (or others that discover her existence from songs and legend), Urphania has created a twisted creature known as the Night Twist and placed it in plain sight on the island of Corriban. The Night Twist bears all the hallmarks of her meddling in its nature and so anyone that comes looking for the Had Queen will find the evidence they seek and a deadly foe.

The Bloodwell: Those who descend the submerged tunnel at Fanya’s Head, enter a series of caves that have been deliberately made to resemble a fey grotto, with unusual rock formations and water features that appear natural even to the trained eye.

In the centre of the cave network is a dolmen, with a puddle of milky water inside it that resembles a minuscule Moonwell. The dolmen is the means of accessing the true lair of Urphania, by using the Fairy Crossroads it generates to pass to the Shadowfell (the Underdark portion of the Feywild) analogue of the fey grotto.

The Shadowfell version of Fanya’s Head is a beautifully, dark version of the cave network, with razor sharp stalactites and stalagmites arranged in rings like the maw of a stony creature around the dolmen which stands in the centre of a large pool of viscous, blood-red liquid that is the Bloodwell of Urphania.

This Bloodwell is a unique corruption of the Moonwell of Urphania’s own making, it is here that she mixes the blood of unique individuals and performs her Bloodline Magic.


Urphania desires revenge against her twin for a thousand slights both real and imagined, for taking her magic and forcing her to assume this hideous form, for taking her place as the leader of the LeShay (a job that she feels she could do better), for exiling her to die.

Urphania has been working against High Lady Ordalf since her exile (and possibly sometime before), calling other races to the islands to promote conflict (and so she can grow more powerful through their bloodlines), manipulating Kazgoroth and other beings into corrupting the Moonwells and stealing or damaging the pieces of Ordalf’s soul, and aiding Kazgoroth’s return to power so he can wage war against the Moonshae Isles and ultimately slay High Lady Ordalf.

Urphania hopes that with her help, at least one of the pieces of Kazgoroth can return to full power. Then Kazgoroth and his growing minions will pollute all the remaining Moonwells and draw High Lady Ordalf to the Material Plane once again. Urphania hopes that Kazgoroth will destroy Ordalf, and Urphania can then destroy Kazgoroth and return to Karador as a saviour, if things do not go to plan then Urphania plans to aid in the destruction of Kazgoroth early to regain the confidence of her sister and then slay her personally.

Urphania knows that if her existence is discovered too soon, or if Kazgoroth is slain by other parties, then everything she has worked for could be undone, but she has been planning this for over 3 millennia and she has many contingencies in place to ensure success.