The Cult of Frost


This ancient organisation is believed by many to be an evil secret society dedicated to plunging the whole of the planet into another ice age.

In truth the Cult of Frost’s sole purpose is to recover the Ring of Winter and return it to its resting place in the centre of the Great Glacier.


The Cult of Frost has long been maligned in history by its association with the calamitous Ring of Winter. The cult was originally formed by the Titans (the children of Annam), who sought to save the doomed Empire of Ostoria from the growing threat of the Great Glacier (caused by the slaying of Ulutiu and the sinking of his necklace into the lake where he lived).

The Titans retrieved the necklace and broke it into individual pieces, scattering them among the far flung reaches of their empire. Gradually, over time, these pieces were returned to the Great Glacier (and later stolen), causing the ice around the frozen north to shrink and expand over the millennia.

During the time of Netheril, humans came into close contact with the ruins of Ostoria, and they misinterpreted the writings of the giant progenitors, deciphering a quest to return the pieces of a magical artefact to the Great Glacier to safeguard a great power. 

The cult has grown and is now spread throughout northern, remaining ever watchful for signs of the Ring of Winter and other suspected pieces of the Necklace of Ulutiu.

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