The Mezsaxaaka

The Mazewalkers are the official religious representatives of Ubtao in Chult, although most of them are located in Mezro.


Kaaxlaat: The Protectors of the Jungle are the military arm of the Mazewalkers, and primarily act as the defenders of the Temple of Ubtao and other sacred sites around the City of Mazes.

The Kaazlaat are used as guardians for the Mazewalkers when they travel between villages, spreading the Law of Ubtao. They are also used as executioners, sent out to punish those that threaten Chultan society or the land of Chult itself, this type of activity most often happens on behalf of the Ytepka when the decided punishment is death.

Vuddral: The Green Hunters are an organisation of primarily wild dwarves that specialises in rescuing those lost or trapped in the jungle. They are long time allies of the Ytepka and through them are used by the most holy of Mezro to do good deeds in the jungle and protect those (particularly the young) who wander from the protection of the City of Mazes.


The Mazewalkers tend to the Temple of Life, which is the only recognisable seat of centralised power in this enlightened city of individuals. This makes the Mazewalkers the closest thing to a government administration, and as a result they can command much of the resources of the city (with the permission of the Barae who rule Mezro).


The faithful of Ubtao have access to all the secrets, spells, and magical items that Ubtao left to protect his followers and the city of Mezro.

Call Dinosaurs: This unique spell is known only to senior Mazewalkers and is believed to have been created by Ubtao himself and taught to those that served him. Call Dinosaurs allows the caster to summon to his side a number of dinosaurs from nearby (the number and type of dinosaurs depends upon the power of the caster). These dinosaurs will serve the very simple commands of the caster faithfully, attacking where directed. Those who use the spell to abuse dinosaurs (trap or kill them) often find themselves slain most horribly by dinosaurs.

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