The Cult of the Queen of Chaos

The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is a more recent cult of TiaMa’at that emerged in Unther in the last century and is currently working towards ousting Gil-Geamesq and the rule of the god-kings from Unther.

The Sign of TiaMa’at

The Cult is currently based in Niz’Jaree (known as Firetrees), where the majority of the Cult’s hierarchy is located including its leader Tiglath “the Scaled One”. The Cult is working to deliver Unther from the tyranny of the God-King and promotes the worship of TiaMa’at as the method of that deliverance.


The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is officially recorded as starting in 1301 DR when the Rab’Aen (Great Lord) of Messemprar died suddenly at a feast. Many assumed the fat fop simply gorged himself too much, but overnight his body swelled and started to ooze black ichor (a sign of poisoning by Dragon’s Blood – a poison derived from the blood of a black dragon and known only to those in service to TiaMa’at), and in his manor house a dragon mask was left on his bed.

However the Cult of the Queen of Chaos had been building its resources for over a century before that after it was reformed following the destruction of the last remaining cell of the Cult of the Nemesis was destroyed in Chessenta and what would be Threskel in 1025 DR following a disastrous alliance and then conflict with a Cult of the Dragon cell.

The few surviving followers of TiaMa’at were driven south into Unther where they separated and attempted to build new cells and gather followers with varying degrees of success. Eventually, appealing to the Mulan desire for freedom (a marked departure from previous Cults of TiaMa’at which focused on destroying the god-kings), the cultists gathered a significant following in Niz’Jaree (Firetrees) thanks to the consistently useless noble houses that governed the settlement.

By the time of 1301 DR, when the Cult first made its move, it had cells operating in every major settlement in Unther, including the capital of Unthalass, and had a significant following among the slaves and the growing Seh’Nis (lower class) and An’Ulae (middle class) of Unther.

The Cult’s greatest achievement came in 1346 DR when it successfully summoned TiaMa’at in the form of the Dark Lady to the vast underground catacomb complex beneath Niz’Jaree that the cult had occupied and expanded. With a now sane TiaMa’at leading the cult once more it’s membership blossomed and the cult exploded across Unther with major bases in Messemprar and Unthalass.


Headquarters: Niz’Jaree (Firetrees), the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent

Members: 3,000 cultists, potentially 20,000 sympathisers among the War’Lur (slaves) of Unther.

Hierarchy: Loose

Leader: Tiglath “the Scaled One”. In truth Tiglath reports directly to TiaMa’at herself who dwells in the depths of the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent.

Religion: TiaMa’at

Secrecy: Medium

Symbol: 3 dragon heads sprouting from the point of a black mountain.

The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is very loose in structure. The various cells spread throughout Unther usually consist of a single leader (known as a Dark Scaly One) and a number of agents (known as Scaly Ones). The Scaly Ones know the Dark Scaly One in charge of their cell and obey his orders while working towards whatever goal has been set by “The Scaled One” in Niz’Jaree.

There is typically one cell in every major settlement in Unther, however some of the larger cities have multiple cells (for example Unthalass has at least 3 and Messemprar has 2 cells), while some of the smaller villages have none.

Dark Scaly Ones can be appointed only by the leaders in Niz’Jaree. They in turn recruit Scaly Ones from among the War’Lur, Seh’Nis, and even An’Ulae, anyone who is oppressed by the rule of the God-King. Scaly Ones then gather as many contacts and sympathisers as they can, but without revealing their true aims.

As a result, Scaly Ones are usually aware of their recruiting or commanding Dark Scaly One and a few other members of the cell but rarely any further up the hierarchy. Members take whatever precautions deemed necessary to keep their true allegiances hidden, but most members of the lower classes hate the God-King and would not reveal anything willingly to the authorities.

Council of Scales: The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is led by Tiglath “The Scaled One” who dwells in the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent deep beneath the settlement of Niz’Jaree (where TiaMa’at herself resides). Tiglath ultimately has authority over every single cultist and her word is law (those who disobey her have suffered harsh punishments; although never so harsh as Gil-Geamesq). Tiglath is served by a council of 13 Dark Scaly Ones; known as the Council of Scales, who oversee the cells within the 13 districts of Unther and ensure that Tiglath’s orders are carried out and report back to Tiglath with developments.

The Council of Scales meets on random days each month (chosen at the end of each meeting) in the very chamber that TiaMa’at was summoned in 1346 DR. Otherwise the Dark Scaly Ones are travelling between Niz’Jaree and their cells.

The council is by no means united, many of the Dark Scaly Ones are a lot older than Tiglath and do not enjoy taking orders from a young woman. Some feel they would do better as The Scaled One and actively conspire to remove her, but none dare act openly while she has the support of TiaMa’at.

Dogma / Motivations / Goals

The Cult of the Queen of Chaos teaches that governments natural evolve into tyrannical states, that heroes, kings, queens, gods, even the god-kings will eventually become the tyrants they seek to overthrow. Only TiaMa’at can deliver the Mulan from these tyrants by destroying the state and government of Unther and returning the land to its peaceful and natural state as it was 5000 years ago and the people to the farmers and fishermen that once lived here.

TiaMa’at will overthrow the god-kings and destroy or banish them from Unther as only she is powerful enough to do so, and she will do it with the help of her children; the dragons.

The faithful of TiaMa’at are required to help the oppressed and by doing so gain their trust and help in overthrowing the god-kings rule. They must gather as much wealth and power as they can from the pockets of the rich and powerful in order to fund the uprisings that will soon begin. Finally they should make it their mission to slay the rulers of Unther, commit crimes against the rich, and sow discord amongst the poor and downtrodden so as to spread chaos, discord, and anarchy throughout Unther whenever opportunities arise.

Membership / Recruiting

The Cult of the Queen of Chaos will accept any non An’Ular (noble) Mulan) into its ranks, although typically it draws its membership from the War’Lur (slaves) and Seh’Nis (lower class) of Unther as they are the people most oppressed by Gil-Geamesq’s rule. Occasionally a foreigner or An’Ulae (middle class) are drawn into the ranks of the cult (usually due to being on the receiving end of the Will of Gil-Geamesq which is fickle at best), but these members are seldom trusted with anything too sensitive as there have been a number of betrayals of the cult by An’Ulae who tried to use their knowledge of the cult to gain favour with the authorities.

New members are only recruited based on the needs of the cult (usually to replace losses or to expand existing cells or new cells). Each Scaly One will have a list of sympathisers and contacts, and these are sorted based on their skills and their access in society and the position required. For instance some cells will want members to gather intelligence, steal items, plant items, poison targets, alter official documents, etc, these can be achieved by members who work in An’Ular households, temple courtesans, miners, and especially those that serve in the administrative buildings in Unther.

The prospective new member will be approached by their contact and entered into a discussion about ending the rule of the god-kings. Providing the conversation is received positively and the contact is not betrayed within the next few months the new member will be given minor tasks to test their loyalty. True membership requires a full year of unblemished service and for the prospective Scaly One to have gained the trust of at least 10 sympathisers with useful skills or positions in society.

Any prospective members that fail the test are never approached again, and the Scaly One attempting to recruit them is sometimes moved to another cell if necessary. The Cult are careful not to harm the prospective member as they do not wish to acquire a negative reputation among the slaves (although a few prospects have met with accidents if they are deemed a high risk to the cell).


The Cult of the Queen of Chaos have no allies within Unther that do not follow TiaMa’at and have not bothered to approach any other organisations outside of Unther. By 1356 DR, almost any War’Lur could be considered a potential ally of the cult as they all hate Gil-Geamesq and his faithful.

The cultists of TiaMa’at have in the past formed temporary agreements with other organisations in the Old Empires in the past, but these have been temporary at best and have ended in violence more often than not.

The Serpent Guard: The only true ally the Cult of the Queen of Chaos has is the Serpent Guard, a military arm of the cult that is dedicated to protecting the cult cells and their interests (which also include friendly dragons and their hoards). The Serpent Guard are commanded by Kedrak Gilbane who is a member of the Council of Scales in Niz’Jaree but otherwise the membership and hierarchy of the Serpent Guard is separate from the cult.


The cult’s primary enemy is Gil-Geamesq and his followers. After that comes any god-king of the Old Empires and their faithful. Then any An’Ular (noble) of Unther and any An’Ulae (middle class) that sympathise with the god-king’s rule.

It is unclear whether TiaMa’at still considers all Mulan her foes as she did millennia ago, technically all Mulan in Unther are related to the god-kings in some way (a situation that is likely similar in Mulhorand as well), but the lower classes are now so far removed from the influence and genetics of the god-kings that TiaMa’at may have changed her opinion of them.

Important NPCs

Kedrak Gilbane (Neutral, Half Dragon Half Human – Mulan, Warrior 8): Kedrak Gilbane is the head of the Serpent Guard, a member of the Council of Scales, and a staunch ally and protector of Tiglath.

Malise (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 5): Malise is Shudu-Ab’s second in command for the Unthalass cell of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos. He is a sly, manipulative man and spends all his time in the Pool of Du’uk dabbling in the magical arts and experimenting upon poor creatures that he makes increasingly monstrous.

Shudu-Ab (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 7): Shudu-Ab is the Dark Scaly One for the cult cell in Unthalass. She takes her orders directly from Tiglath but secretly is waiting for the opportunity to remove her from leadership.

Shu-Errif (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 2): Shu-Errif is one of the An-Ulae of Niz’Jaree, he owns a caravan company that he uses to ferry supplies from Unthalass to the Cult of the Queen of Chaos in Niz’Jaree. He also supplies information and other services when called upon.

Tiglath (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 3 / Magic User 8): Tiglath is the leader of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos (having been favoured especially by TiaMa’at upon her return to the cult). Known as “the Scaled One”, Tiglath oversees all the cult activities in Unther from her base in the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent deep beneath Niz’Jaree (Firetrees).

Sphere of Influence

Unther: The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is a relatively new incarnation of one of the cults of TiaMa’at, as a result it’s influence is restricted to the nation of its founding. It has grown quickly thanks to the tyranny of Gil-Geamesq and has followings in almost every settlement in Unther.

The Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent: Beneath Niz’Jaree are large tunnels carved into the earth and rock and lined with stone sculpted into circular tunnels.

The tunnels are completely unknown to the townsfolk above and the authorities of Unther; only the Cult of the Queen of Chaos knows about the tunnels (discovered when some cultists fleeing persecution found holes at the centre of the Grave Pits beneath the moss).  It is hear that the bulk of strength of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos resides.

The Catacombs are a network of tunnels that stretch across southern Unther. Some of the tunnels nearer to the Methtir region are clearly of dwarven make, others look like they were tunnelled into the earth by some gigantic creature, however the majority of those in Napi’Ther Eqlu and those beneath Niz’Jaree are of a particularly ancient make and look like they were shaped, or rather moulded like someone fashioning clay. The tunnels of the Catacombs were in a very poor state of repair when discovered, with many of them partially collapsed, and filled with a strange spongy growth that regrows constantly. The Cult have repaired what they can and walled off a section of the tunnels whilst making extensive modifications to include chambers and a further level of tunnels beneath it.

There are definitely more than a few malign presences within the Catacombs. Although no verifiable sighting of a gigantic serpent have been made, there have been numerous sightings of three red eyes in the shadows and there are regular disappearances of items and people, but nothing more substantial than shadows and rumour.

The Pool of Du’uk: Hidden in the Undercity of Unthalass is a series of tunnels and chambers that once were part of a great temple from the First Age of Unther. The Cult of the Queen of Chaos have taken control of this ruin to secure a weapon that could potentially be used against them should it fall into the wrong hands. The chambers can only be accessed through the Undercity tunnels using a series of markings made by the cultists that lead to a hidden opening on the banks of the River Alamber beneath the bridge that lead to the Isle of Winds from the north bank.

At the centre of the temple is a pool filled with a viscous liquid as black as midnight. Any weapon coated with this liquid becomes deadly to all dragonkind. In the adjoining chamber is a series of ancient rune markings in a circular pattern on the floor which when activated cause invisible walls of force to appear and imprison whatever is inside the rune circle. The cultists believe this set of chambers once were part of a temple dedicated to Amar-Du’uk and that he enchanted this pool of dragons blood (gathered from the dragons he had slain) to create a magical weapon to aid in the fight against the flights of dragons assailing Unther at the time.

The Pool of Du’uk is the most secret of bases for the cult within Unther except for the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent. Only Shudu-Ab and her most loyal and trusted agents know the location (and none of them are allowed to leave the Pool of Du’uk – only Shudu-Ab can leave the base to make contact with agents in Unthalass who make contact with their sympathisers).

Currently the Pool is home to Shudu-Ab, an ageing cleric known as Malise, and an intelligent, humanoid, lizard who was found living in the ruins when the cult first arrived. Malise is working on many experiments with the captured survivors of the Plague of Dragons, his results now guard the Pool of Du’uk and its cultists.


The Cult of the Queen of Chaos is quickly growing it’s available resources as opinion against Gil-Geamesq declines and the poor of Unther increasingly embrace the radical elements of Unther’s society in order to change their future. Funds and items of value are stolen with increasing audacity by slaves, right under the noses of Gil-Geamesq’s ensi. These are then funnelled back to the cult cells and stockpiled for the revolution that will soon sweep across Unther.

Most cultists are given basic tools to accomplish their missions (disguises, lockpicks, forged documents, etc) which are provided by the cult. If combat is a necessity then easily concealed steel weapons from Chessenta are being stockpiled (although armour is eschewed because it is so expensive and difficult to conceal).

Magic Items are rare and almost impossible for regular cultists to acquire through the cult (although personal possessions acquired through theft may be kept secretly), but the senior cultists are rumoured to be amassing treasures from Unther’s history to use against the God-King and his supporters.

The Throne of Tlaa: This huge throne was created by TiaMa’at sometime after -900 DR following her rejuvenation in the decades after her destruction during the Orcgate Wars. It is made from the fused ribcages of the ancient two dragons consumed to allow her to return. The two spines form the back of the throne and one head is pointing upwards with its lower jaw removed to act as a head rest while the other head points outwards and is used as a seat.

TiaMa’at chose the name of this throne personally, many assume it is a name of some meaning to her. It spent the first centuries located in a secret base in what is now known as the Methwood, following the eradication of her cult in Unther and Akanu, the throne was lost for some time until TiaMa’at herself recovered it and placed it in her secret redoubt in the Fane of TiaMa’at among the Wyrmbones where it may still lay today.

When someone sits on the throne they are covered by a permanent nondetection effect and are able to activate the following spells; scry, and energy resistance at the 4th spell level 4 times per day.

Enhancement Level: +4

Magical Properties: Enspelled (x4) Non Detection, Scry, Energy Resistance; Uses (Recharging x4); Activation (Spell Trigger); Target (Self); Cost 127,200gp

The Rings of TiaMa’at: The Rings of TiaMa’at resemble the vertebrae of dragons, one fashioned from ruby, another from sapphire, and the last from emerald. The rings automatically resize to fit whomever holds it in their hand but is naturally sized to fit the claw of a dragon.

TiaMa’at forged these rings over 3,000 years ago and used them to bargain alliances with the dragons in and around Akanu, Mulhorand, and Unther in her war against the Mulan, they are designed to greatly augment the abilities of its wearer’s (especially dragons). Many dragons have sought to possess one of these rings as they grant them enhanced strength, vigour, and magic. The rings however come with a secret curse that few are aware of; once worn they can never be removed except with the death of the wearer and furthermore, upon the death of TiaMa’at, the bearers of the rings will be compelled to seek out and consume one another so that TiaMa’at might be reborn in the body of the winner.

The current wearers of the rings are believed to be Tchazzar the red dragon and legendary warrior king and founder of Chessenta, Gestanius the blue dragon, and Skuthosin the green dragon. Only Tchazzar is aware of the ring’s curse and had been searching for a way to bypass or remove the curse; believing that attaining a measure of divinity would save him as dracolichdom had saved his ancient rival Alasklerbanbastos.

Cultists of TiaMa’at revere the wearer’s of the Rings of TiaMa’at almost as much as TiaMa’at herself. Each wearer has a cult cell devoted to serving them (presumably under the orders of TiaMa’at herself) and constantly strive to keep the wearer of the ring alive and adequately stocked with riches as well as steering them towards whatever goals the cult may have (usually by providing more riches).

The rings grant the wearer a +4 Item bonus to Strength and Constitution, a single additional 3rd level spell slot, and a +3 Item bonus to Spell Attack and Arcana Skill checks. Finally the rings grant the wearer the Regeneration special ability and a +1 Item bonus to the regeneration pool.

Enhancement Level: +4

Slot: Hand

Magical Properties: Enhancement (x4) Strength, Constitution; Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder). Regeneration (x1); Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder). Skilled (x3) Arcana; Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder). Spell Focus (x3); Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder). Spell Reservoir (x3); Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder); Cost 2,496,000 gp

Candles of the Dark Lady: There are 13 of these candles in total (there used to be 16), they are the remnants of the candles used to in the ritual to summon TiaMa’at herself to the catacombs beneath Niz’Jaree. These relics are beeswax candles that have been turned a purplish black by some after effect of summoning TiaMa’at.

TiaMa’at crushed 2 of the candles during her summoning as she thrashed around during the disorientation of her change from dragon to human form. One of the candles has been used, the remaining 13 are distributed among the Dark Scaly Ones of the cult.

The powers of these candles are unknown, many believe that lighting the candle will allow the bearer of the candle to commune with TiaMa’at directly no matter how far away she is, others believe it merely alerts TiaMa’at to their location and a desire to see her.

The Masks of the Dragon: The Masks of the Dragon appear to have been created in imitation of the Mask of TiaMa’at. Like their parent mask, the masks of the dragon look like dragon heads (each one crafted to resemble a particular species of dragon), and allow the wearer to polymorph 1/day to resemble another Mulan human, they also grant the wearer the ability to cast a single spell (at 1st level) that is particular to the dragon species the mask resembles.

The secret of making these masks was lost to the cult for over 200 years, after the destruction of the last Cult of the Nemesis in Chessenta in 1025 DR. TiaMa’at’s return means that the cult has begun to manufacture these once again, and every cell now has access to at least one of these masks.

Enhancement Level: +1

Slot: Head

Magical Properties: Enspelled (x1) Polymorph, Any; Uses (Recharge x1); Activation (Spell Trigger); Target (Wielder). Cost 1,800 gp

The Mask of TiaMa’at: The Mask of TiaMa’at has been lost since her death during the Orcgate Wars, presumably carried off by an orc or by one of the soldiers from Unther, Akanu, Mulhorand or the lands that would become Raumathar and Narfell. Whoever stole away the mask, it has not been seen since in Faerun or the Old Empires.

The Mask of TiaMa’at was a mask that resembled the head of a dragon, the species of which is indeterminate and may have varied each time it was donned. Myths attributed to TiaMa’at from before the Orcgate Wars say that she could change her face and form as desired and it may be that this mask provided the means for her to do so.

The origins of the mask are unknown, TiaMa’at emerged from the Raurin desert wearing this mask and wielding incredible powers of magic to alter substance and form, the few Untheric sages that have studied the lore of TiaMa’at (and not been executed for treason) do not believe TiaMa’at possessed these powers and this mask when the conflict between Turami and Mulan first began, it is only upon TiaMa’at’s return to Unther; where she waged war upon the god-kings, that TiaMa’at is first documented as possessing the mask and the incredible skill with magic that she is now famous for. As such, it is likely that TiaMa’at found this artefact in the Raurin desert (she may have later altered it from it’s original form into the mask), and it may be responsible for her rise in power.

A few cult legends speak of TiaMa’at occasionally entering a trance when wearing the mask, during the trance she was heard speaking (presumably to the mask) in a language that none understood but a few senior cultists identified as the language of the great enslavers; the Imaskar.

Any that wear the mask are affected by a permanent non-detection effect and may also polymorph into any form they are familiar with 5/day. In addition, those conversing with the mask in Roushoum (the language of the Imaskari) may learn many secrets of magic from the artefact (especially transmutation magics) and this can manifest in many ways; gain of experience points for each day spent studying with the mask, ability to learn any transmutation spells they are able to cast.

Enhancement Level: +5

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