The Church of Azuth


Azuth was an accomplished archmage following the fall of Netheril, he was renowned for his spellcasting ability and attracted a large number of followers to his cause. Following his defeat of Savras the Lord of Spells of Halruaa, Azuth became one of the premier wizards in a nation of powerful wizards, and almost every aspiring archmage wanted to learn at the feet of Azuth the High One.

It wasnt until 147 DR; the Year of the Iron Colossus, that the followers and former students of Azuth organised themselves into a cohesive group and ceded from the Council of Mystra, establishing the House of the High One Ascendant in the mountains near Lhair.




Azuth’s Alteration Mantle: This spell simulates the old netherese style of protective mantles. It allows the caster to ward himself against two specific spells or magical efects which are instantly absorbed when the caster comes into contact with them. The absorbed magic is then used to heal the mantle wearer or reflected back at the original caster. This secret of this spell is made available only to the most senior of priests in the Church of Azuth.

Azuth’s Exalted Triad: This spell is one made exclusively available to the senior priests of the Church of Azuth. This spell allows the caster to cast the same spell three times as though they were cast one after the other without any additional effort on the caster’s part. The caster must have the same spell prepared three times (in addition to the Exalted Triad spell), and must expend the spell components required to cast the spell three times. These spells all take effect within seconds of each other (in the same round).

Azuth’s Fedensor: This spell is made available to priests on special missions or who have achieved some feat of significance to the Church of Azuth. This spell allows the caster to cast the next spell he casts without expending any components and without losing the preparation for this spell.

Azuth’s Firing Frenzy: Available only to special priests of Azuth, this spell allows the caster to fire three bursts of five magic missiles, each burst at a separate target.

Azuth’s Immobility: This spell is available to journeyman priests and members of crusading orders or temple defenders. The spell allows the priest to hold several people in place (like the hold series of spells) for about 15 seconds (3 rounds). All individuals are released from the effect if the caster touches or attacks anyone held by this spell.

Azuth’s Spell Shield: This spell is available only to the highest priests of the Church of Azuth. It allows the caster to grant a number of targets spell resistance (the level of resistance dependent upon the skill of the caster, and split among the targets).

Destroy Magedoom: In the north of Faerun the Zhentarim have created a process by which to twist wizards into hideous creatures under Zhentarim control. The Zhentarim usually this process on those Zhent agents and wizards that fail in their orders but choose to survive, the magedooms are then sent to destroy rival non-Zhent wizards (for even when slain they are potent anti wizard tools).

The leading priests of the Church of Azuth in Cormyr and Sembia have come up with a spell to safely destroy these horrors, but are restricting the spell only to the highest ranking priests in the temples of Cormyr and Sembia.


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