The Fey are generally typified by any creature that resides on the Plane of Faeree long enough to become imbued by its energy, creating a creature that adapts to the changing forces of nature and becomes motivated by more base, natural desires.

The Fey are roughly organised into several branches based upon their abilities or their form.

The Nymphea are those creatures that are able to freely cross over between the Faeree Plane and the Material Plane, they possess the ability to partially manifest on the Material Plane in a form akin to their normal form (albeit usually smaller), and they can even possess creatures on the Material Plane for a time.

The Goibhn are the monsters of the Plane of Faeree, those that have been twisted into Fey creatures by magic or by exposure to the unseelie aspects of nature. They are driven by strong primal urges to acquire, murder and reproduce.

The Drine are humanoid denizens of the Faeree Plane, it is thought that all the Drine originate from elsewhere, but have been on the plane so long that they have fully adapted to become a new Fey lifeform. 


The Nymphea are thought to be creatures spontaneously created by the energies of the Plane of Faeree. They come in a variety of forms, some resemble humanoids, others resemble dragons, others are trees, and some resemble strange animals.

All Nymphea are capable of manifesting on the Material Plane and possessing creatures while manifesting. The Faeree Plane is co-existent and coterminous with the Material Plane (much like the Ethereal, Astral, and Shadow Planes, which act as borders between the Material Plane and powerful outer planes), so Nymphea manifestation is similar to that of ghosts from the Ethereal Plane and Shadows from the Shadow Plane.

The most well known Nymphea are sprites, nymphs, dryads, etc.


The Goibhn are known as “the Cursed” in an ancient fey dialect, they are beings from other planes that have been twisted into a fey creature through magic, or been banished to the Faeree Plane and twisted by unseelie energies. The Goibhn are almost always unseelie fey, driven by the most primal of urges, although there are a few exceptions and cases of redemption.

The Goibhn lurk near ley lines and crossroads that indicate a weakness in the border between the Material and Faeree Planes. When a rift is opened they force their way through to prey upon the inhabitants of the Material Plane.


The Drine are humanoid beings from another time and place, rumoured to be before the Universe was shattered to form the Multiverse. The first of the Drine were the Selah-Drine; incredibly powerful, immortal beings who have completely adapted to life in the Faeree Plane.

The Selah-Drine created beings in their own image, the Elah-Drine, lesser versions of themselves that have come to dominate large portions of the Faeree Plane, and offer their services to powerful lords of the Outer Planes, to help enforce the natural Order.

Selah-Drine: The Selah-Drine are the lords of Faeree, all fey creatures follow their lead and obey their commands. The LeShay are Selah-Drine that have lived on the Material Plane and the Faeree Plane in equal measure. The Seldarine come from the ranks of the Selah-Drine, achieving godhood through the worship of elves.

Elah-Drine: The Elah-Drine were created by the Selah-Drine, they resemble the LeShay in form and ability, but are smaller, lesser versions. They are organised into tribes, each of which is specialised into a particular aspect of nature. The elves of Faerun were once of the Elah-Drine, but they moved to Toril tens of thousands of years ago and have since lost their connection to the Faeree Plane and much of their inherent abilities.