The Chultan Peninsula

The Chultan Peninsula includes all the lands connected to the Jungles of Chult, including; Chult, Lapaliiya, Samarach, Tashalar. The region is home to a variety of peoples such as the Chultans, the Tashalans, and the Yuan-Ti.

The Heartlands

Known to some as the Eastern Heartlands, this strip of land runs through the middle of Faerun, including nations such as Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Sembia.

The Island Kingdoms

This regions covers all the islands of the Sea of Swords, a string of wind swept, storm wracked islands populated by northmen, illuskans, and ffolk. It includes such islands as the Gundarlun, Mintarn, Moonshae Isles, Ruathym, Tuern.

The Old Empires

The Old Empires region contains the lands of the Mulan people, it is home to some of the oldest nations in Faerun including; Chessenta, Mulhorand, Murghom, Raurin, Semphar, Thay, Threskel, and Unther. Scholars often discount Thay because of its geographic location, while others discount Chessenta due to its growing Chondathan population.

The Vilhon Reach

The lands around the Vilhon Reach were once part of the ancient Empire of Jhaamdath. That empire was buried in a tsunami that created the Reach of today, and in its place arose such nations as Chondath, Hlondath, Nimpeth, Sespech, and Turmish.

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