• -2100 DR: Refugees from Illusk migrate to Icewind Dale, they join with the Ice Hunter tribes to form the Reghed barbarians.
  • 1050 DR: Year of the Keening Gale: The Dinev’s, a displaced family from troubled Arabel in Cormyr, make their way to Icewind Dale and establish a modest keep amid the ice.
  • 1058 DR: Year of the Spider’s Daughter: Orcs raze Dinev Keep and slaughter the Dinev family.
  • 1068 DR: Year of the Seer Born: The cormyreans in Icewind Dale retake Dinev Keep from the orcs but their numbers dwindle over the following decades.
  • 1172 DR: Year of the Hoary Host: The dwarves of Clan Battlehammer arrive in Icewind Dale and settle in the valley of Kelvin’s Cairn
  • 1235 DR: Year of the Black Horde: Refugees from beseiged Illusk flee north to Icewind Dale, making it through the North Pass just before the snows of winter close it completely.
  • 1278 DR Year of Many Bones: Refugees from the Korinn Archipelago, fleeing pirates and the collapse of Viledel’s kingdom, get lost in the Sea of Moving Ice and run aground north east of Ironmaster. They eventually chance upon the settlements of Icewind Dale and establish Caer Konig and Caer Dinneval.

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