Dougan’s Hole


Dougan’s Hole is the most isolated of the Ten Towns, farther southwest than even Good Mead, and during the winter months the road to Good Mead is usually blocked by great snow drifts. The people from Dougan’s Hole keep to themselves mostly and tend to stay out of the politics of the Ten Towns, too busy focusing on surviving each winter.

Dougan’s Hole relies entirely upon the knucklehead fishing industry to survive, lacking even a resident scrimshander to bring in extra wealth. The people fish, sell the surplus for grain and live hand to mouth.


Dougan’s Hole is so name for the town’s founder Dougan Dubrace, a man believed to be of Chondathan descent, who, local legends say came from places as far off as Turmish, Impiltur, and the Dalelands and singlehandedly established the settlement around this waterhole.

In truth, Dougan Dubrace was one of the descendants of the Cormyrean settlers of Castle Dinev, who were scattered by the goblinoids that sacked the castle. Dougan’s ancestors sheltered around this cove in Dellon-Lune, hiding from monsters, goblinoids, and the weather until the arrival of the Illuskans from fallen Illusk.

A few Illuskans found the mad Dougan Dubrace at Dougan’s Hole, and were later joined by ffolk and chultans from other settlements of the Ten Towns.


Who Rules: The Speaker of Dougan’s Hole

Who Really Rules: Dougan’s Hole is one of the smallest settlements in the Ten Towns, with fewer than a hundred individuals. Due to its small size it does not really bother with attending the Council of Speakers unless there is a pressing need (for Dougan’s Hole), as a consequence there is no Speaker for Dougan’s Hole until the day of the Council. The rest of the time the people of Dougan’s Hole govern themselves.

Heraldry: A grey, pillar-like monolith set against a sky blue field above two crossed silver fish, their scaly bodies forming an X, with their heads at upper left and upper right. The monolith signifies local mystery, while the fish represent the bounty of Redwaters.

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