Easthaven has been the smallest and least significant of the Ten Towns for a long time, often being little more than a handful of shacks on the southern shore of Lac Dinneshere. Starting about 1330 DR, a significant number of migrants began arriving from Tethyr, particularly Cape Velen, these thieves, burglars, and various criminals were unwelcome in the other settlements and so came to quiet Easthaven where they quickly overwhelmed the local population.

Within a few short years, it was clear the settlement of Easthaven was becoming a major economic centre, with many contacts among the less than savoury merchants coming from Luskan. In 1338 DR the Eastway was expanded and paved (funded mostly by the criminal gangs of Easthaven) to allow merchant caravans to continue on to Eastway if they desired (and a few of the black market dealers take advantage of this route). With the paving of the Eastway all traffic from Caer Dinneval and Caer Konig began to route through Easthaven and so the town has exploded.


Who Rules: Speaker Glensather

Who Really Rules: The gangs of Easthaven really rule the settlement, whichever gang is the most powerful gets to influence the current Speaker or replace him with someone that will do their bidding. The gangs in Easthaven change every few years.

Heraldry: A snowflake at the top centre of a steel-grey field, above a horizontal brown field that forms the left-hand base, and a dark blue field that forms the right-hand base; where they meet is a thin white tower. The brown field represents the Eastway, the tower represents the town, and the blue field is Lac Dinneshere.

Law and Order

Easthaven is the most frontier of the Ten Town, so while it is lacking a code of laws, it also lacks many of the accepted protections of “common law” that the other settlements in the Ten Towns have adopted. In Easthaven the populace are grouped into rival gangs based upon ancestry, and the strength of those gangs determine a persons access to law and order.

It is widely accepted that theft is merely an inconvenience, caused by the owner’s lack of vigilance. Violence is an unfortunate by-product of many aspects of life in this frontier wilderness, violence without justification is illegal, whereas violence in response to some indignity is perfectly acceptable.

Life and Society

Life in Easthaven is the most frontier of the Ten Towns, everyone is chasing the dream of establishing themselves in Icewind Dale and building a business and maybe their fortune. Most of those born in Easthaven have tethyrian heritage and a significant criminal ancestry, so the rule of Law and Order is even less in Easthaven than in the other settlements.

The people of Easthaven are roughly separated into two groups, those of Illuskan heritage who value hardwork and honour, and the criminal gangs of Tethyrian heritage which constantly fight against each other and themselves for supremacy. The people of Easthaven feel that any problems should be dealt with personally and so it is a rarity for the Speaker to have to adjudicate any disputes.

Important Sites

Banrock’s Mithril Pot: This tavern is owned by one Banrock Battlehammer, a cook from Clan Battlehammer that left the dour life in Valladrul to make his fortune in Icewind Dale. After a number of failed enterprises in Targos and Bryn Shander, he moved to the up and coming Easthaven and setup shop. His tavern stocks watery beer, but it is cozy and warm, and serves the best pottage for a hundred miles.

Word of Banrock’s famous pottage has reached as far south as Waterdeep, and with the regular stream of travellers and caravanners coming to the “best crockpot at the end of the Eastway” he should have managed to accrue quite a fortune but no-one (among the enterprising thieves and burglars in Easthaven) has managed to find a penny. Rumours are that the blackened, grease covered pot (large enough to fit 3 people in standing up) is made of solid mithril.

Cairn’s Crossing: The oldest inn in Easthaven was constructed shortly after the paving of the Eastway to cater to caravan traffic passing through Easthaven (on its way to Bryn Shander), or Luskan caravanners staying overnight before returning to Bryn Shander.

Easthaven Ferry: This small hut, situated next to a private jetty with a long, pole barge that is used by the owner to carry people and goods to Caer Dineval and Caer Konig for a modest fee. The Easthaven Ferry is one of many local businesses that changes hands between the gangs of Easthaven, each vying for control of the local trade routes.

Rurden’s Armoury: Rurden Silvershield is another dwarf from Valladrul that chose to make his name and fortune among the humans. Rurden makes his business selling dwarf-made quality weapons and armour which far outclass anything made in Icewind Dale, even if it is the cast-offs considered unusable by the dwarves (the dwarves of Valladrul will not accept even the slightest imperfection in their work).

All of Rurden’s goods are made in Valladrul and so are not made to fit, customers must take what they can find, but the steel is of excellent quality, and the goods themselves are just short of a master craftsman’s work.

Wet Trout: This is the largest tavern in Easthaven, built on the site of a manse constructed by the leader of a criminal gang from Cape Velen, the only piece of which that still remains is the large chimney with a hearth on either side that now occupies the middle of the tavern.

White Lady Inn: This inn stands along tbe sprawling harbour with an eye-catching view of Lac Dinneshere. It is named for a local legend of a spirit that is occasionally glimpsed on the lake by lone fishermen. Every resident bard at the inn has told a different version of the tale of the White Lady until it has become something unrecognisable from the original legends. Currently the tale of the White Lady involves a ghost haunting the site of her husbands death on the lake when he committed suicide after hearing of her death (and taking a hoard of treasure with him).

Local Lore

The White Lady: The legend of the White Lady stems from an old Reghed tale about the hero Aihonen, his love Elisia, and the slaying of Icasaracht the White Queen. Icasaracht was the last of the white dragon matriarchs of the Spine of the World (the last remnant of the ancient dragon empire of Hoarfaern), her white dragon vassals terrorised the Reghedmen and the northern reaches of the Savage Frontier for centuries.

Aihonen, with the help of Elisia and a magic sword she bestowed upon him, he ambushed Icasaracht in her lair and the White Queen flew into the skies with Aihonen on her back. Ultimately Aihonen slew Icasaracht and her body plunged into the frozen waters of Lac Dinneshere. Elisia has appeared out on Lac Dinneshere ever since, aiding people lost or in peril, she appears naked with blue-white skin. 

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