Good Mead


Good Mead, like the rest of the Ten Towns, depends upon knucklehead trout for survival, unfortunately the Dellon-Lune is much smaller and shallower than the other lakes and has a much smaller knucklehead population that severely limits the size of Good Mead and Dougan’s Hole.

As a result the people of Good Mead have had to diversify far more than the other settlements in order to survive, the natural resources around Good Mead have helped in this regard. There are a number of small woods surrounding the settlement, which the people carefully log and gather dead wood for fuel.

The woods also keep a population of honey bees alive which migrated north during the Great Thaw and have adapted to the colder climate. The people of Good Mead gather honey from the bees and are experimenting with beekeeping to increase the production of mead for which they gained their name (the flowers of Icewind Dale are found nowhere else in the world and give the honey (and mead) a wonderfully delicate flavour.

Important Sites

Mead Hall: This community tavern also serves as the settlement’s food store, during the winter months when the lake freezes over and food stock must be carefully rationed, everyone comes to the Mead Hall to get their alloted ration from the Speaker. During the summer months everyone donates a tenth of the knucklehead catch and a tithe of wealth to pay for food to get them through winter. The mood in this building is cheerful in summer and sombre in winter.

Stone Seat: This oddly shaped rock is a stone pinnacle about 15 ft in height with a slab missing from the top that makes the upper portion look like an elevated chair. The rock is dedicated to Tempus and was supposedly used by a great hero to survey the battlefield before his final sacrifice to stop a horde of fiends from entering the dale. The few Reghedmen that come to the Ten Towns peacefully refer to this place as Gerragd’s Watch.

The shrine has been stylised over the years by attendant priests of Tempus that come to tend the sacred site. The current priest has been stirring up the locals, playing on their fears that the people of Dougan’s Hole are exploiting Good Mead’s good nature and taking more than their fair share of knucklehead.

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