Important Organisations

Women of the Woods: This rebellious, all female, gang of outlaws believe that women should rule Cormyr, and spend their time training in the ruins of Meliyekur’s Magical Museum or performing mock raids against the Purple Dragons of Dhedluk, that mostly involve stealing minor items and causing superficial damage to buildings and fences.

The goals of the Women appear to be bedevilling the rule of the Local Lord Thiombur, although they will physically assault misogynistic men, especially merchants or nobles, or those guilty of harming the women of Dhedluk, in an eye for an eye manner. They also have a vested interest in protecting the King’s Forest and will aggressively defend the woods and drive off those dealing wanton destruction. The Women spout about how women would do better ruling Cormyr, but have taken no action against any ruler or official of Cormyr, they are outlaw purely because they refuse to pay taxes or heed any laws they do not wish to obey (which at the moment mostly revolves around the hunting of game and deer in the King’s Forest).

The Women of the Woods are all abused and dissociated women that have fled their former lives and now choose exile in the King’s Forest. Men are not allowed to stay among the Women of the Woods, although juvenile males are raised by their mothers among the Women until they reach puberty and then are forced to leave.

The Women of the Woods have a number of allies among the Harpers, and they seem to have the protection of King Azoun IV himself, who has ordered them to remain unmolested, Vangerdahast however, appears to be keeping the Women of the Woods under surveillance and has a number of War Wizards assigned to Dhedluk to monitor their activities. The Women are enemies with the High Hunt that also operates in the region, thus far the Women have taken to avoiding the Hunt, but their enemies would gladly kill them if they could.

Important NPCs

Ammarandra Delmantle (Good, Half Human – Chondathan, Half Elf – Moon, Expert 2): A former thief from the streets of Marsember, Ammarandra fled to the Women of the Woods after being assaulted on the streets. She is a free spirit that takes no offence and seeks to cause none, always being playful and giving (including with her physical affections). Ammarandra hates men, loves the outdoors, and spends all her time exploring the forest and its secrets. She has a wild talent that allows her to camouflage herself and hide from others, she is also skilled at crafting traps and snares using only natural materials provided by the forest.

Maerla Hamaeryl (Neutral, Half Human – Chondathan, Half Outsider – Baatezu, Magic User 2): This red haired farm lass; with blazing eyes and two tiny stub horns on her forehead, was born on the Coastlands following her mother’s dalliance with a passing merchant, she was abused by her “father” (her mother’s husband) until she came of age and fled to the King’s Forest, joining up with the Women of the Woods. She is skilled with both magic, fist and blade, and loves to get physical in combat and release the pent up rage that surges through her.

Phathaspre Imriltarth (“Fah-THAS-pur”) (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 3): Originally from Arabel, Phathaspre fled an abusive husband obsessed with social climbing and joined the Women of the Woods. Phathaspre is tall, slender and dark with a wild talent for magic that alters her appearance or voice (a skill she uses to confuse and mislead foes like the High Hunt). Phathaspre still owns some of the trappings of her former life, and along with her abilities can realistically impersonate a noblewoman, although she prefers not to and rather enjoys her quiet life in the forest.

Vandara “The Vixen” Thulont (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5): Vandara is the leader of the Women of the Woods (a true leader, not a tyrant, or autocrat), and a secret bastard of Azoun IV, she is a strong and skilled warrior, who is both wood-wise and quick-witted, but who will not accept challenges to her authority.

Vandara is careful to remain informed about politics and events in Cormyr, gathering information from Harper friends that are sent by both Dove Falconhand and Queen Filfaeril to aid the Women (although neither knows the other is doing so). Vandara is tough and fearless (like her father), and will use any weapon to her advantage (including her body)

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