Important Sites

House of the Morning: This temple to Lathander is responsible for much of the peace and prosperity of Eveningstar.

The clergy of this temple make their money from growing herbs, vegetables, and other plants that they either sell in bulk to passing caravan merchants, or that they use to make medicines, cordials, sauces, etc, that they then sell to locals or passing caravan merchants. Much of their time is spent farming or visiting locals to offer advice and encouragement.

The cellars of the temple have low ceilings and are full of ale, meats, root vegetables, and under-kitchens used for pickling, chopping, boiling, and preparing of food for the clergy. The upstairs contains several quiet rooms for solitude and contemplation, three dormitories containing rows of bunk beds, many garderobes, washrooms with handpumps, meeting rooms, a tool-room and workshop, and lastly a robing room nearest the stairs.

The House of the Morning has enough wealth stored in Suzail to buy all of Eveningstar several times over, there are also rumours of vast amounts of wealth stored in or around the temple (although the clergy do not know its current location), the temple also has part ownership of a number of trading costers.

Redhand Pool: This pool is named for a famous local (but not particularly successful) adventurer; Raladar Redhand, who slew 3 trolls on the bank of this pool long ago. Raladar is long since dead, but his descendants still own a farm in the dale outside of Eveningstar.

Starglimmer Stream: This stream runs along the western edge of the fields belonging to the House of the Morning about a mile west of Eveningstar itself. It is known as Morningstar Rill to the priests of Lathander (although no-one outside of that temple would recognise the name), and the older residents of Eveningstar sometimes call it Bloodwater Brook after a battle during Salember’s Regency where nobles and their retinues fought until the waters ran red with blood.

It is a shallow, fast flowing stream about twenty feet across that has cut a path about 10 feet into the earth. South of the lands of the House of the Morning, children and women often come to play and wash in the cool, clean waters.

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