The settlement of Hultail began as a few buildings clustered around the keep of Rallyhorn Ho which was established by the noble House of Rallyhorn around 60 DR during the early expansion of Cormyr along the rivers and shore of the Wyvernwater. Rallyhorn, as the settlement came to be known, was renamed Hultail in 98 DR as part of the first of Cormyr’s “naming laws”.

Rallyhorn Ho was rebuilt as Rallyhorn Castle (around the older keep which remained at its centre) between 130-140 DR, when the then Lord Theldrin Rallyhorn was serving as the Steward of the Court in Suzail, during which time he was often described (by Baerauble) as the Right Hand of the Throne.

Following Lord Theldrin’s demise in 153 DR, the House of Rallyhorn experienced a gradual decline in fortunes and influence. Hultail continued to grow as investment drew shipyards and tanneries to the town. As the Hullack drew away from Hultail the tanneries moved further west along the Wyvernwater shores, but the shipyards remain and so Hultail survives as a village of 400 or so people.

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