Size: City

Population: 100,000 (70% Human – Chondathan, 25% Human – Tethyrian, 4% Halfling – Stoutfolk, 1% Other – Elves, Dwarves)

Ruler: King Azoun IV Obarskyr (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 10)


Suzail is the greatest city in Cormyr and its capital, home to the Royal Palace, Royal Court, several dozen noble estates, and a hundred thousands citizens of the nation.

Life and Society


As the capital of Cormyr, most of the noble Houses of Cormyr have a presence in Suzail so they can be close to the Royal Court and the politics of the city as needed. These noble families; often called “city houses”, which refers to the noble estate in Suzail and the family that permanently dwells there to keep the rest of the House informed about political events in Suzail. In fact there are ancient edicts of the Royal Word which require each noble house have a presence in the city (as a hostage in case of rebellion), however these edicts are long forgotten and rarely used by the Crown.

The nobility in Suzail are the drivers for fashion and trends, spending their money on clothing, furniture, entertainment, and fine manufactured goods, which the wealthy merchants and everyone else tries to emulate (the nobles are themselves trying to copy the members of the Royal House of Obarskyr).

The current fashion among the nobility is to dress like adventurers, some wearing piece-meal armour of exquisite quality and highly polished, others carry ornate weapons that they usually have no ability to wield (and in any case the weapons are often unbalanced and impractical as actual weaponry).

House Armeld: This noble family has a long standing tie to the “well bred” Longland family which provides servants to many noble “city houses” in Suzail.

House Crownsilver: Served by members of the Mertrym family.

House Dauntinghorn: Served by members of the Longland family.

House Hawklin: Served by members of the Pennert family.

House Illance: Served by members of the Yancel family.

House Steelaen: Served by members of the Longland family.

House Warblade: Served by members of the Longland family.


Clubs: Almost everyone in Suzail belongs to an exclusive club of some sort. These clubs usually provide a variety of services to members (including at least food, drink, and a sleeping room for members only). Members are usually allowed to bring a single guest.

Council of Mages: Every month (every 3 tendays), every registered magic user in Suzail (resident or visiting) is invited to attend the Council of Mages. This meeting is chaired by Vangerdahast (or Laspeera in his rare absences), and is a discussion of those areas of interest to magic users and more specifically about Crown decrees relating to magic and magic users.

The Council of Mages is also used by the War Wizards to recruit loyal magic users into the organisation, with a representative of the War Wizards always in attendance. Many magic users bring along their most promising apprentices for the experience.

Curfew: There is a curfew operating in Suzail, all citizens must vacate the streets at dusk. A licence can be purchased to break curfew, but those intending to do so must inform the Lord Magister’s office and will be escorted by at least 3 Purple Dragons the entire time.

Drills: Three times a year, at staggered intervals, every citizen registered in Suzail is required to attend a variety of drills such as a four note horn call signals everyone to evacuate the Promenade immediately. A single note horn call signals dawn or dusk.

Inns: Many buildings in Suzail have spare rooms to rent (and do so by the tenday), look in the Market Hall for notices advertising rooms to rent in the eastside, on the westside you will have to ask the locals and hope you don’t end up floating in the docks. True inns advertise rooms on the noticeboard outside and typically rent rooms by the month (although negotiation is possible). Rates for rooms vary wildly depending on location and quality and time.

Restaurants: Suzail is home to many restaurants that often change with the seasons as the tastes of the residents change and owners try to take advantage of tax breaks offered by the Lord Chamberlain for new businesses. A restaurant in Suzail could be anything from a dockside window or handcart that serves pasties, to a building where people sit and select food from a menu and have their own personal waiter.


Suzail honours the usual festivals of Greengrass, Midsummer, Deadwinter Day, etc. It also has a few festivals particular to Suzail.

Chasing the King: Held on the 6th day of Marpenoth, this festival marks the reign and death of the wildbeard (madman) King Boldovar, who was impaled on a cart full of lances when he fell from the parapet while stabbing his favourite consort to death.

A criminal condemned to death is selected for the festival by the Lord Chamberlain (the criminal can refuse). At dawn the criminal is dressed in full plate mail, armed with a sword blank (a sword shaped piece of metal that is blunt and unfinished), given a belt of healing potions, and released into the city from the gates of the Royal Court.

The “King” must survive until dusk, at which point he is healed by a priest of Tempus (paid for by the Crown), given 50 silver falcons, food, a horse, and his freedom (although he is escorted out of the city and ordered not to return). Anyone can attack the “King” without fear of the Royal Word, and the “King” can defend himself with whatever means available to him. There is often a crowd awaiting the release of the “King”, many of whom include those most affected by the crimes of the “King”, and those looking to gain a name for themselves (young nobles, local adventurers, etc).

Past Chasing the Kings have involved the “King” setting fire to several buildings and hiding in the smoke (and dying), while others have swum the harbour, or crawled through the sewers to attempt their escape, most however meet a violent and fitting end.

Festival of the Sword: Held on the 4th day of Kythorn, this festival marks the importance of the arms trade to the city of Suzail. Weapon and Armour Smiths and their employees array themselves in the best armour and weaponry they manufacture and parade through the city, racing around as fast as possible, shouting battle-cries and sounding war-horns.

When the bell of the Citadel of the Purple Dragon tolls, the parade races to the Royal Court where they are allowed entry and toasted with fine wine and liqueurs.

After the celebrations comes the Triumph of the Sword, where a warrior fights a series of monsters on a length of the Promenade (the location changes each year). Local warriors enter a ballot to be chosen for the Triumph of the Sword, the monsters are shapechanged pests (leucrotta and jackals from the Stonelands) that are not given enough time to get used to their new forms; dragons, manticores, giants, and so the combats are rarely dangerous. Once the monsters are defeated, the warrior casts the sword into the air and the person it lands closest to (Dockside) gets to keep the sword, which is often a specially manufactured piece of excellent quality.

After the Triumph of the Sword everyone (paraders, nobility, and common-folk) in attendance joins in a feast provided by local traders at the expense of the Crown.

Hiring Fairs: Rather than farmers markets that are held in more rural settlements, Suzail holds Hiring Fairs in spring, summer, and fall. Experienced craftsmen and skilled specialists in the city attend the fair for potential employers to scrutinise and offer employment to new talent.


Suzail imports large quantities of trade goods for manufacture into finished products, in particular fine cloth and ivory from far off lands are imported across the Dragonmere and are a speciality among the craftsmen of Suzail. The ivory is transported to the north of the realm and made into sculptures and the fine cloth (along with locally produced cloth) is processed into clothing in Suzail which is then sold to local nobility and rich merchants or exported elsewhere in Cormyr and beyond.

Suzail manufactures musical instruments, cloth, finished garments, weapons, armour. It imports ivory carvings from the West Reaches of Cormyr, grain from the Coast, and copper bars from Espar. All these trade goods find their way to the docks in Suzail (those not bought by local nobility and rich merchants) where they are exported to elsewhere.

Sail-making and ship-building were important industries in the past, but as the forests were cut back and land became more valuable in and around Suzail, it became cheaper for ship builders to setup relocate elsewhere along the coast in particular to Marsember, and the sail-makers followed the ship builders.

Markets: The commonfolk of Suzail make a living by setting up shop (usually in their homes or places of residence) or by selling goods at the numerous street bazaars where diligent customers can usually find anything for sale somewhere in the city.


Keeper of the Royal Purse: One of the Scribe Royals, charged with paying all Crown officials and military personnel, as well as signing all Crown Writs (employment contracts).

Lord Chamberlain: The Lord Chamberlain is responsible for overseeing all permits, licences, city ordinance, and taxes are issued correctly. The title was originally created during the reign of Thargreve “The Greater” in order to stop vigilantes from enacting Court justice and claiming such acts were legal (they were burning down plague infected houses and then returning to the ashes later to find coins and valuables). The current holder of the title of Lord Chamberlain is Anzser.

Lord Magister: The Lord Magister is a Court title, charging the holder with the day to day running of the city of Suzail and commander of the garrison of Suzail. The Lord Magister is required to attend the Royal Palace of Suzail each day, and receives a staff of War Wizards (usually novices or veterans on punishment detail) to monitor known and suspect magic users.

Other responsibilities include keeping a register of all magic users not enrolled in the War Wizards or a priest of one of the officially chartered Churches in Cormyr. The register includes the name, aliases, residences, associates, and any suspected or convicted criminal activities. The Lord Magister also advises the Crown in matters of law regarding the use of magic, but as War Wizards and the Mage Royal are more qualified in that regard, the Lord Magister ends up championing the interests of visitors and citizens in such matters. The current holder of the title of Lord Magister is Sthavar (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 10).

Lord Magistrate: The Lord Magistrate is the head of the law courts in Suzail, and is specifically tasked with adjudicating disputes against the city of Suzail. Cases where nobility or the Crown are property owners and the subject of legal disputes fall firmly under the responsibility of the Lord Magistrate. Disputes involving the nobility or the Crown or the House of Obarskyr itself are heard in secret in the Royal Court and adjudicated by a court of peers (senior nobles).

The Lord Magistrate is also responsible for ensuring a written record of every sentence is made (although scribes are usually employed to do the actual recording). The Lord Magistrate has the power to change sentences and so also acts as the Court of Appeals, especially where sentence recordings are unclear or incomplete.

Lord Master: The Lord Master is responsible for all sewers, roads, public wells, waterways, government owned buildings, and monitoring the general health and safety of all buildings. The Lord Master has the power to inspect any building in Suzail and order repairs to be made, the current Lord Master is hiring beggars, youths, and the elderly to inform on buildings in a poor state of repair. The Lord Master is one of the few noble titles often awarded to common citizenry (usually as a reward). 

Master Chirugeon of the Realm: The Master Chirugeon of the Realm is the personal physician to the Royal House of Obarskyr (and peers in attendance at the Royal Court). The current holder of this title is Lord Andor Velantur.

Maid of the Forechamber: The Maid of the Forechamber oversees a team of chambermaids that clean and maintain the rooms of state in the Royal Palace, this excludes the Royal Chambers (the private chambers of the Royal House of Obarskyr). The current holder of this title is the elderly and matronly Malathea Aercauldron.

Privy Amanuensis to the Queen: One of the Scribe Royals, the Privy Amanuensis is the personal letter writer and archivist to Queen Filfaeril, helping prepare all documents and correspondence. The current holder of this title is Lathlan.

Registrant General: The Registrant General is responsible for all things related to the governance and administration of Adventuring Companies within Cormyr, this includes laws relating to Adventuring Companies. The Registrant General is responsible for signing all Charters of Arms. The current holder of the title of Registrant General is Lord Partic Thistle.

Royal Gardener: This position is given to the most accomplished of the Palace Gardeners, and for 30 years was held by Gordroun Palonder (an elderly and increasing senile man who secretly kept a poisoners garden on the roof of the Royal Stables) who died recently in 1352 DR. The current Royal Gardener is Relvarra Lionwinter, a wise, clever, and homely woman from a long time family of Palace servants.

The Royal Gardener is tasked with maintaining the health of the Royal Gardens and Quessarium Hall. Much of the Royal Gardener’s time is spent consulting with his Gardeners, monitoring the gardens for signs of stress or disease, checking the markets for new plants, and planning the rotations to supply the Palace flower arrangements and vegetables and herbs for the kitchens.

Royal Overscribe: An official of the Royal Palace, the Royal Overscribe coordinates all written records at the palace (using a team of Scribe Royals), excluding Privvy Documents; personal documents of the Royal House of Obarskyr (wills, declarations of lineage, correspondence, and Dark Documents; internal security documents kept by the War Wizards.

The Royal Overscribe is responsible for ensuring all documents (excluding those noted) are full, accurate, and readily accessible (it is expected that the Royal Overscribe organises the storage and categorisation of documents so they can be found quickly). The Royal Overscribe is assisted by a team of Scribe Royals, made up of Masters and Undermasters of various departments, each with their own area of responsibility when it comes to documentation.

The current holder of the office of Royal Overscribe is Dlara Highshield (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 3).

Undermaster of the Coin Rolls: One of the Scribe Royals assisting the Royal Overscribe, the Undermaster of the Coin Rolls is also known as the Undercoin (to avoid confusion with the similarly title Undermaster of the Rolls). The Undermaster of the Coin Rolls keeps a record of all tax payments and licence payments made to the Crown (past payments, and outstanding payments and expected payments). The current holder of the Undermaster of the Coin Rolls is Amaundra Duthwood (a fat, homely woman who never forgets a name or face).

Undermaster of the Rolls: One of the Scribe Royals assisting the Royal Overscribe, the Undermaster of the Rolls is responsible for maintaining the official lists of all citizens of Cormyr including their addresses, properties, assets, jobs, affiliations (including guild membership), Crown pledges and employment (including military service), plus any relatives. The current holder of the Undermaster of the Rolls is one Blaunel (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 1).


An 80 foot high wall defends the city on all landward sides, with two main gates; the Horngate on the north wall, and the Eastgate. The Promenade is a broad, paved street that links the Horngate and Eastgate, allowing easy access to them.

Purple Dragons: Suzail is defended by a garrison of 4,500 Purple Dragons under the command of Lord Magister Sthavar. At any one time 350 Purple Dragons are on duty on the streets of Suzail.

Blue Dragons: Suzail is home to 14 ships and their 2,500 crew members, this includes the flagship the Crown of Cormyr, the Dragon (warship), the Blade of Espar (runner), the lance of Wheloon (runner).

War Wizards: There are at least 92 War Wizards in residence in Suzail.

Important Sites

Temples concentrated on the eastern side of the city due to clergy buying large decaying warehouses, paddocks, and smithies (as they were shut down and relocated), razing them and building grander temples and shrines (relocating from existing temples in the cramped central part of the city).

Shrines exist in central city blocks in lofts and cellars of shops and houses.

Dockside is warehousing, fish-packing, and dry dock facilities.

North-side of Suzail is where the rich and the nobles live, preferably north of the Promenade and close to the Palace for the most wealth and haughty of nobles.

The further one travels west in the city, the poorer the inhabitants become. The slums are just inside the southwestern city walls.

Military facilities lie along the eastern wall, close to the harbour.

Everyone else lives in the centre of the city.

The Court Precinct: This region of the city covers the eastern part of the city between the Horngate and Eastgate, encircled by the Promenade. It is home to the Royal Court, Royal Palace, and the noble estates, mansions, and castles.

Royal Court: Situated across a courtyard from the Royal Palace. The Royal Court is a sprawling labyrinth of interconnected buildings that have been erected and expanded over the centuries, causing the architecture to clash in many places, with turrets and sloping roofs often next to one another.

The Royal Court stretches for a quarter of a mile along the Promenade, with several thousand chambers connected by passages, balconies, arches, galleries, and sweeping stairs, it even has its own cellars, streets, and courtyards (with fountains, glass roofs, and harpists).

The Royal Court is the home of the legal and administrative bureaucracy of the government of Cormyr, it is used to house major local nobility, visiting dignitaries and guests from other nations, and anyone else granted permission to stay here by the Crown (guests no longer normally stay at the Palace due to an increase in assassination attempts). It is also the site where most of the admin of central government occurs. Home to 12 libraries used to store official court documents.

The Royal Court is so large that it has its own fish pond, filled with salmon, trout, and silverfin, which the cooks feed every day and catch fish with nets for use in cooking meals. The Court also has an eel pond, with freshwater eels becoming something of a delicacy in Suzail in recent years.

Desk of Justice: This room is staffed by a number of inspectors who spend their time inspecting businesses and individuals to ensure they keep to the terms of their licences, much of these inspections are against restaurants, taverns, or inns, but in theory anyone can be inspected at any time.

The Desk of Justice is run by a Highknight (rotated regularly) who dispatches his inspectors on a variety of undercover assignments, and has the power to requisition War Wizard support if necessary. Anyone can approach the Desk of Justice and provide information on any business operating in Cormyr, if the Highknight in charge thinks it credible he may just order an investigation.

Hall of Honour: This long hall stands at the eastern end of the Royal Court and is home to the arms, armour, and relics of past heroes of Cormyr. Such relics include the pitchfork of Jult of Wheloon; a farmer, who defended an early Queen (wife of Moriann of Cormyr being attacked by orcs, and the 7 foot boar-blade wielded by the giant Baron Hlombur when he split the skull of the orc lord Aragh (the riven skull is displayed with the blade).

Court Stables:

Royal Gardens (Floral Gardens): The Royal Gardens lie just north of the Royal Palace, it is a place of beauty, filled with rolling green lawns, mazes, fountains, trees, and flower beds which stretch all around the Royal Palace and down to the shore of Lake Azoun.

Royal Palace: The Royal Palace is a fairy-tale castle rising out of the gardens around it, full of slender spires, balconies, and pennants. The Royal Palace has private apartments for all four of the Royal Houses; Obarskyr, Crownsilver, Huntsilver, and Truesilver, it is also home to seven libraries, plus additional private libraries in the Royal Apartments.

Armral’s Pumproom: This room is home to a complicated series of pumps and pipes devised by the deceased Ingur Armral to manually pump water up (and then down) the garderobe chutes to clean them.

Dalestride Portal: A permanent two-way portal created as an escape route for Obarskyr’s in times of need (such as a siege or an assassination attempt). Its existence is a secret, except for the King, Queen, Mage Royal and a few senior War Wizards.

Haunted Wing: Home to a variety of ghosts, including the “sad queens” (former court ladies, not actual princesses or queens).

Imdauth’s Retiring Room: This room is named for the fussy and now long dead palace dresser that first equipped the room in its current state. It is full of mirrors, wardrobes, steam presses, sewing tables and chairs, all for the use of ladies that require speedy repairs or alterations to their attire.

Javohndur’s Butlery: This kitchen also doubles as a place of relaxation for servants, grooms, equerries and those servants belonging to palace visitors. This is the second room bearing this name, the first was named for the long serving servant and was much smaller (located elsewhere in the palace) and demolished a long time ago.

Omlath’s Stair: This back staircase (spiral) links two floors of the palace with space at the top and the bottom of the stairs out of sight behind the stairwell. It is often used by the staff and courtiers for hushed conversations.

Quessarium Hall: This conservatory and greenhouse is located on the upper floor of the palace at the western end (furthest from the Royal Gardens). It is used to grow flowers used for the palace table arrangements, in shelter from the rains and severe weather that sometimes strikes Cormyr. This room is named (chosen by Azoun IV) for the lovely Quessaria; a beautiful lady in waiting from early in Azoun’s reign, who was known to privately entertain a large number of visitors and staff (including the gardeners).

Royal Crypt: Documents stored in here for safe keeping.

Royal Libraries: The Royal Libraries (there are seven official libraries) are all guarded by Purple Dragons, and no one (except for Palace Servants, War Wizards, High Knights, and members of the House of Obarskyr) is allowed into the library without a Purple Dragon escort or permission from the Steward or Understeward.

The Blue Library: This library is filled with a collection of the best fiction works and comfortable furnishings, with food available upon request.

The Red Library: This library is the most ornate formal library in the palace, often used to show to visiting guests and diplomats, it contains most ornate tomes.

Othrar’s Library: This library is filled with atlases and maps, including several copies of the first map of Cormyr.

Standrar’s Library: This library is the least formal, with a large central table littered with books and often with someone reading for hours.

Royal Stables: On the north side of the Royal Palace.

The former Royal Gardener; Gordroun Palonder, kept a poisoners garden on the roof of this building for several years as a hobby of keeping exotic plants (rather than for nefarious purposes), and some of the dangerous herbs and flowers have survived years without tending since Gordroun’s death in 1352 DR. Vangerdahast and Alaphondar were aware of the existence of the garden, but thought it would perish without Gordroun’s care).

Royal Treasury: The vaults beneath the Royal Palace are said to be filled with wealth and magical treasures, but also guarded by traps, monsters, and powerful magic. Few have ever seen these vaults, although one Zhentarim magelord was turned into bloody mist in the Royal Gardens as he tried to abscond with as much treasure as he could carry.

Xantorth Hall: This hall is named for a beholder whose central eye (now shrunken and shrivelled) is still located in this trophy room behind a glass case, along with a variety of other trophies taken from those unusual creatures slain by a member of the Royal House of Obarskyr.

It is rumoured that this room holds some hidden secret, be that a valuable treasure, a haunting spirit, or a powerful curse. Regardless of the truth of this rumour, the room has a long standing order (from long before Azoun IV’s reign) to remain locked, requiring approval of the Crown to be unlocked (King, Queen, or Mage Royal).

Zhonder’s Study: This small study is named in honour of a Court Sage who died protecting royal records during the “troubles” of King Duar’s reign. This room was his place of work and has been seldom used since, except as a thoroughfare by the servants who use the secret doors hidden behind the bookcases (that reach floor to ceiling, but pivot easily). 

The Royal Ride: This smooth cobbled stone street extends around the north side of the Court Precinct from just inside the Eastgate (where it meets the Promenade), as far west as the House of the Lord Magister Sthavar.

The Basin:

Belaeron’s Best Bread: This small shop on Low Lantern Street sells freshly made bread for 3 copper thumbs a loaf (providing you bring your own dough in the morning), and a basket of 50 hard biscuits (plus 3 loaves and 9 mince tarts) for 1 silver falcon, Belaeron also sells wheel loaves, mince tarts.

The Black Rat (Tavern):

Blackshield Apartments (Court Residence):

Bleth Estate:

Citadel of the Purple Dragons (Garrison): This fortress is the garrison of the Purple Dragons and Blue Dragons in Suzail, it is located in the south west corner of the city abutting the city walls, and has repair slips used to make emergency repairs to ships (although lumber often has to be floated over the city walls.

The Citadel of the Purple Dragons is home to the 14 vessels that make up the Blue Dragon Navy, including the Crown of Cormyr (a floating palace often used by members of the Royal House of Obarskyr to relax or entertain guests).

College of War Wizards:

Cormaeril Compound:

Courtyard of Zatchos:

Crownsilver Castle:

The Crying Witch (Tavern):

Danain’s (Hardware Shop):

Dancing Druid Lane:

The Osculatory: 

Dauntinghorn House:

The Docks: This region is a whirlwind of activity during the day (and at night as well, although there are Purple Dragons escorting those outside after curfew), overloaded carts and carriers rush about cursing each other and their loads. The docks and the stench of fish stretches south of the Harbour Road to the sea, covering all the shore west from the Shipyards to the Citadel of the Purple Dragon in the east. There are few entertainment venues here (apart from ladies of the night plying their trade), this is a place of business, of warehouses, dockyards, and fish.

Dragoneye Dealing Coster Yards:

The Dragon’s Jaws (Tavern): This tavern is a hub of social activity, holding a number of nightly sports competitions such as axe throwing, gnome (or halfling tossing), and a variety of gambling activities.

The Dungyards: These natural pits are situated far north of Suzail, outside of the city walls. They are used by the nightsoil carters to dump the waste of the city. Farmers around Suzail journey here to gather fertiliser for their fields, some even use the claim “grown in the noble nightsoil” to make sales of their produce.


Emmarask Mansion:

Faeri’s Warehouse (Ivory):

Fallas’ Treasures of Thentia (Silk Shop):

Field Gates:

Fields of the Dead (Burial Ground):

The Golden Goblin: The Golden Goblin Tavern is a dangerous place to be, because most of the clientele come here looking for a fight and stand at the bar brooding and looking menacing, waiting for any excuse to attack someone. The Golden Goblin gets its name from the stone statue of a goblin that sits on a shelf behind the bar and lights the tavern with a golden radiance.

Harbour Tower:

Hawklin House:

Hidden Lady (Inn):


House of Cormmor Lhestayl (Warrior):

House of Dolchar Dethantar:

House of Helve Dhasjar (Warrior):

House of the Lord Master of the City:

House of Murg Lanneth (Warrior): Former home of Tethos and Almen Bloodhawk, court clerks.

House of Saszesk (Smuggler):

The Hub: Nestled between the Court Precinct, the Docks, the Eastside. and the Westside is the Hub. It is a crowded place full of shops, houses, and inns, these buildings are taller and more expensive closer to the Court Precinct in the north, and they are cheaper, noisier, and more run down as one nears the docks.

Huntcrown Estate:

Huntsilver Palace:

Illance House:

Iravan’s Rental Yards:

The Jaws:

Kriyeos Lathmil’s Stables:

Lake Azoun: The glimmering waters of Lake Azoun are home swans in the warmer months.

The Laughing Lass: This tavern is named for the escorts that wait in the upper rooms to entertain customers. This tavern is very orderly, and maintained that way by the large team of enormous bouncers (some whisper a number of them are part orc or ogre) that enforce the strict behaviour policy here. Purple Dragons and War Wizards are not welcome here and will be challenged by the enforcers if identified (off duty is allowed, but they are carefully watched).

The drinks here are good, and the escorts are better. There are rumours that the escorts help local criminals fence stolen goods using secret panels in the upstairs rooms.

The Leaning Post (Inn):

The Lock-Up (City Jail):

Lonesome Lane:

The Stag Transfixed: This club is for archers, hunters, crossbowmen, and anyone able to fling or shoot a projectile into a target at a distance. Competitions are regularly held among the members, often in the halls of the club, so those that exaggerate their skills are quickly exposed.

Guests are allowed into the club, and most guests are those looking to hire skilled bowmen or hunters for various endeavours.

The Mare’s Tail (Tavern):

The Market:

Market Hall: The Market Hall is a large open air courtyard into which farmers from around Suzail bring their wares through the Eastgate at dawn to sell to the servants of nobles, merchants, and shopkeeps.

Market Yard:

Nightgate Inn:

The Old Boot: This restaurant is named for the elderly diners that frequent this establishment and appreciate the peace and quiet, good food, warm rooms, and private dining experience with friends. Travellers are welcome in the Old Boot, and often appreciate its quiet and privacy, but they are often seated away from the regulars in their own rooms. The food is good, but simple.

The Old Dwarf (Tavern):

Dancing Druid Lane:

The Osculatory: The Osculatory on Dancing Druid Lane (the one with the purple door), is known locally as the Osco or the “kissing club”, is a labyrinth of secluded tables and curtained booths clustered around a series of dance-floors each with its own band of merry minstrels.

The Osco is a noisy place of music and chatter, and as the hour gets later and more drinks are consumed, so the volume increases (and the public displays of affection).

Osspur’s Warehouse (Fine Cloth):

The Promenade: This long road stretches Horngate to Eastgate and divides the Court Precinct from the rest of the city. The Promenade is the most popular street in the city, with people from all walks of life using the road just to catch a glimpse of the Royal Palace, Royal Court, and the noble estates.

The Palace side of the Promenade (the side closest to the Royal Palace) is closed off for much of its length by an ornate iron fence that travels from the Court Stables to the Silent Room. It has gates by the Court Stables and where the Royal Ride meets the Promenade, plus a number of other gates to allow access to the Royal Court and other buildings, all gates are guarded by Purple Dragons.

The Promenade is one the best shopping walks in Cormyr, with the dockside edge full of tailors, craftsmen, jewellers, armourers, weaponsmiths, and a variety of other shops that are currently in fashion in Suzail. By night the Promenade is lit by faerie fire radiance that illuminates the street with bright amber tones.

Baerennim’s Threads: This Crown Badge tailor is owned by one Rusklan Baerennim; a retired Purple Dragon who remain cheery at all times in part because his shop is staffed by pretty and friendly highcoin ladies (escorts) that he encourages to be very friendly with the customers.

Bindles: This club is the latest fashion in Suzail, filled with fine food, drinks, and atmosphere. Rich nobles and merchants frequent this establishment for very different reasons; the nobility to carouse in privacy, and the merchants to strike business deals. Magic provides music and dim illumination, while the scantily clad waitresses are enchanted to shed a fiery glow (all are trained to monitor conversations and situations and are often called by patrons to sit or stand at a table).

The merchants and nobles are trying to force one another out of the club membership. Nobility are using their political influence to try and persuade the owners to exclude merchants, while the merchants are using their money to hire “guests” that make the place uncomfortable for nobles (rowdy and aggressive people with a dangerous look that they bring as a guest). The owner is quickly coming to realise that merchants pay better than nobles.

This club is situated on the Promenade, opposite Vangerdahast’s Tower, as the top most floor of the Hidden Lady inn beneath. 

Darmeth’s Platters: A popular dining club that caters to merchants and anyone else who can afford the membership fees. The upper floor of this club contains a large and detailed map of the realm painted onto its ceiling.

Harleer’s Coattails: Harleer’s is one of a number of Crown Badge tailors that allow them to make uniforms for the Purple Dragons. Owned by Hrasto Harleer, this shop sits Dockside of the Promenade and has large display windows filled with mannequins and display uniforms.

This no-nonsense tailors is staff by frumpy, middle-aged women that will tailor a uniform perfectly and in record time, but will remain silent and judgemental the entire time. Nobody brings old or damaged clothing to Harleer’s for repair because he hates people that do not keep their clothes in pristine condition.

The Society of Stalwart Adventurers: This exclusive club is a second home to explorers and adventurers, and is housed in an old, luxurious mansion (formerly Rayburton Hall) on the Promenade opposite the Silent Room, with many fireplaces and rooms filled with stuffed monster heads wearing caps and items of clothing (as a result of the many revels held for members).

The Society of Stalwart Adventurers boasts an extensive library, including the journals of old adventurers (written by members and other journals purchased or copied from elsewhere).

The mansion is accessible via the dragonstone archway on the Palace-side of Swordstars Lane, non-members are challenged upon entry (by Uther the doorman and butler) but guests are allowed into the two anterooms off the entrance (formal waiting rooms with comfortable furnishings).

The Green Room: Created by the druidess Philyra, a member of the Society that rarely ventured into the city, but filled the largest dining hall with all manner of plants that have taken root and grown into the walls, floors, and ceiling of their new home.

The Stalwart Library: The former great hall of this mansion has long been repurposed as a library since the society was established by Lord Rayburton. The walls are filled with books and scrolls of every variety and age (some are nearly a thousand years old), while the rest of the space is filled with weapons, armour, and other memorabilia from the exploits of its members.

The paintings of the four founding members are laid out across the ceiling around a magnificent thousand candle chandelier (the candles are from Halruaa and never extinguish). The fifth founder (and first president), Lord Dhalmass Rayburton, is represented by a life-size bronze statue sitting in the centre of the room directly beneath the chandelier.

The Puffing Jester: This “restaurant” does not offer anywhere to sit and eat, but it does allow customers to wait and watch while their food is prepared. The appeal of this restaurant is that all its staff are dressed as court jesters, and they curse like sailors while they wrestle with trays of food. The Puffing Jester also offers a delivery service, and jesters can be seen sprinting all across the city delivering orders to customers in their own homes. The food is good, and the portions are more than ample, but it isn’t always warm when it arrives at your door (depending upon how far away you live).

The Purple Dragon Monument:

The Purple Scar (Festhall): Former smithy shop belonging to Atham “One Eye”

Rheuban’s Stables:

Rowanmantle Castle:

Royal Docks: 

Royal Smithy:

Selavar’s Inn:

Seven Suns Trading Company Yards:


Shrine to Lliira: Located on the north side of Stonebow Street, between Torch Street (west) and Blade Lane (east)

Shrine to Malar:

Shrine to Milil:

Shrine to Oghma: Located at the east end of the Promenade (Palace side) just inside the Eastgate.

Shrine to Tempus:

Shrine to Tyr: Located on the Royal Ride where it meets the Promenade

The Silent Room (Temple of Deneir): Loremaster Thaun Khelbor leads 4 priests in tending to a flock of 42 lay worshippers of Deneir. The Silent Room is located at the east end of the Promenade (Palace side). The Silent Room houses a large library full of histories and fiction from nations of the Heartlands and around the Dragon Reach, for an expensive fee (1 golden lion per book), customers may peruse the library and copy excerpts (up to one page) from it.

Silversword Estate:

The Six Candles (Inn):

Six Coffers Trading Coster Yards:

Skatterhawk Family House:

Skatterhawk Warehouses & Dock:

Sontravin’s Inn:

Street of Staves: This street runs from the Promenade down towards the Market Hall where it meets Blade Lane. Torch Street opens up onto it about halfway along its length.

The Wedding Knight: This fine clothing shop at the north end of the Street of Staves, sells over-priced and over-done clothing to rich nobles and merchants. Velvet, cloth of gold, gemstones, and highly polished oddments of armour are everywhere in this shop (everything in fashion at the time), as well as minor enchantments (provided to order) that enhance lighting or glitter effect of a garment.

Stoutbold Marina:

Sulchra’s (Festhall):

Swordstars Lane: This small lane runs up the side of Jhassalan’s Warehouse up to emerge just of the Promenade behind the Society of Stalwart Adventurers

Jhassalan’s Warehouse (Oils and Perfumes):

Talahons Rental Yards:

Tavernant’s Tellings: This printing shop was established by the Lady Tavernant to print invitations for guests to come to her parties. Paper is made by drying out trays of liquid linen fibres until a flat sheet is produced, then metal letters are arranged in wooden frames and inked before being pressed onto the sheets.

Each sheet costs a golden lion to produce a single sheet, plus 5 copper thumbs for each additional sheet, book bindings cost an additional golden lion plus the cost of the binding covers. All printing is done to order, and orders are completed within the tenday.

Tavernant’s Tellings is increasingly popular, with invitations, advertising broadsheets,, menus, and even wanted posters appearing in Tavernant’s identifiable printed lettering.

Teneth’s (Festhall):

Thelmar’s Inn:

Thentias Mansion:

Thousandheads Trading Coster Yards:

Torch Street: The second arc of streets west of Market Hall, situated just east of the Courtyard of Zatchos, that meets Stonebow Street (to the north) and the Street of Staves (to the south) halfway along their lengths.

Ring of Coins: This pawn shops lies Palace-side of Torch Street, and is known for selling a wide variety of oddities and assortments brought in by bailiffs, adventurers, and next of king. The selection is always interesting, and can include anything from unusual furniture, to specialist craft tools, to strange clothing, some of the items are fenced goods and may land the buyer in trouble with the true owner.

Tower of Argul: Argul is a well known wizard in Suzail that has a huge collection of spell scrolls and will sell copies of them at exorbitant prices.

Tower of Baskor (Magic User):

Tower of Laspeera (Female Magic User):

The Towers of Good Fortune (Temple of Tymora): Fourteen priests tend to a flock of 240 lay worshippers, led by Luckmaster Manarech Eskwuin in worship of the goddes Tymora. The Towers of Good Fortune stands on the east end of the Promenade where it meets the Royal Ride

Trueshield Trading Priakos Yards:

Truesilver Palace:

Vangerdahast’s Tower: This slender tower stands at the eastern end of the Royal Court, permanently under guard by 3 war wizards.

The Wailing Wheel (Inn)

The Warm Bed (Inn):

The Weather Eye (Tavern):

The Winking Eye (Tavern):

Wyvernspur House:

Zhaelun’s Stockyard:

Zult’s (Licenced Moneychanger):

Important NPCs

Lord Andur Velantur (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5): Lord Andur is an expert in mundane medicine and surgery, alchemical treatments, and natural remedies. In the current political climate of Cormyr (influenced heavily by Vangerdahast) that seeks to limit the power of religious interference at Court, Andur was the best candidate for the job, and the only candidate not registered with an approved religion.

Lord Andur has a wild talent for bestowing regenerative powers in those he touches with his right hand, this ability is known to the War Wizards (he is registered as per the Royal Word) but no-one else.

Lord Anzser: The Lord Chamberlain of Suzail.

Argul (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Magic User 10): Argul is widely known for having a vast collection of scrolls (magical and mundane).

Ariast (Evil, Elf – Gold, Magic User, 3): A noblewoman who claims to be able to trade her lineage back to the noble houses of Myth Drannor.

Auneth Druin (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Human 0): Auneth “Blackhair” is a cook in the Royal Kitchens in the Palace. She is a secret bastard of Azoun IV.

Bezenttar (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 3): Bezenttar is one of the partners in the Dragoneye Dealing Coster.

Lord Darstan (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 4): Lord Darstan is a former Ornrion in the Purple Dragons. He was second in line to become Patriarch of the noble House of Darstan when his father and brother died suddenly while he was fighting with King Azoun IV to liberate Arabel from the forces of Gondegal (he was 42 at the time).

Lord Darstan has long been wedded to a half elf maiden and adventuring companion from his younger days spent exploring the ruins of the Stonelands (before his father enrolled him in the Purple Dragons), he has a son and heir who has also joined the Society of Stalwart Adventurers, following his father’s tradition.

Lord Darstan enjoys listening to the tales of the younger members of the Society, but in truth he longs to get back into the saddle and to command men on the battlefield, he is hoping for Cormyr to become embroiled in a war before he becomes too old.

Dlara Highshield (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 3): This quiet, polite, diligent woman is devoted to the Royal House of Obarskyr, was born in the same year as King Azoun IV, and bears a resemblance to his now dead sister Suzara. It is widely rumoured that she is one of the bastard children of King Rhigaerd II (deceased). Dlara is the current holder of the office of Royal Overscribe.

Dunstrar Thundersword: The younger brother of Lord Feldrath Thundersword is a gloomy man, experienced in the world of politics and business, who loves to indulge his feuds with traders and merchants in Suzail. Dunstrar lives in Thundersword House and regularly attends the Royal Court to keep a presence for House Thundersword in the politics of Cormyr.

Lady Elynna Darstan (Good, Half Elf – Moon, Half Human – Chondathan, Warrior 3): Lady Elynna is the wife of Lord Darstan and president of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers. A long time adventurer that has spent 50 years exploring the Stormhorns and the Stonelands before joining the current Lord Darstan (then the second son of his house) and his adventuring band. Lady Elynna grew to love Darstan and bore him a son, but he was sent to serve in the Purple Dragons by his father while she was left to raise a son in the Society (a membership Lord Darstan secretly funded so she had a place to stay).

Since Lord Darstan retired from the Purple Dragons and became the Patriarch of House Darstan, the pair have been married and Lord Darstan has used his position and influence (and wealth) to make her the president of the Society. Lady Elynna has returned the favour by making sure everyone understands she is the boss and not Lord Darstan.

During her adventures, Lady Elynna rescued a spotted crag cat from being trapped in a ravine, the cat has accompanied her ever since and the pair seem to have a bond of sorts. The large cat often stalks around the mansion, particularly in the Green Room.

Fallas of Thentia (Neutral, Human – Vaasan, Expert 2): Fallas is a dealer in lace and costume jewellery.

Ilpreslur Mooncloak (Neutral, Elf – Moon, Expert 7): Ilpreslur crafts exquisite and elegant glass bottles.

Jandaren (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Magic User 2): Ambitious, unfriendly, and anti-social, Jandaren serves as an apprentice to ???? evil mage of Suzail.

Luckmaster Manarech Eskwuin (Good, Human – Chondathan, Magic User 8): Manarech is a priest of Tymora and the Luckmaster in charge of the Towers of Good Fortune, she leads 14 priests and a flock of 240 lay worshippers.

Maerun Stoutbold (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 3): Owns a marina and boat dealership.

Malathea Aercauldron: This elderly women is the appointed Maid of the Forechambers at the Royal Palace, she is a kind but matronly woman who organises all the chambermaids that see to the “rooms of state”. Malathea has become romantically involved with Shalesse Caelraven, a cook in the disused Dowager Suite.

Nalthar Thundersword: The younger brother of Lord Feldrath Thundersword is a gloomy man, experienced in the world of politics and business, who loves to indulge his feuds with traders and merchants in Suzail. Nalther lives in Thundersword House and regularly attends the Royal Court to keep a presence for House Thundersword in the politics of Cormyr.

Raien Thundersword: The younger brother of Lord Feldrath Thundersword is a gloomy man, experienced in the world of politics and business, who loves to indulge his feuds with traders and merchants in Suzail. Raien lives in Thundersword House and regularly attends the Royal Court to keep a presence for House Thundersword in the politics of Cormyr.

Raze Halonder (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5): Raze is a weather-beaten man of few word, who often acts like he is of common descent and uneducated but this is a ruse to get people to expose themselves, he is a shrewd judge of character and situation and a skilled diplomat. Raze has wisely invested his time and profits into cultivating a network of investments and contacts (particularly among adventurers) that he is not afraid to use against upstart guild-members that feel they can do a better job of running the guild, and against those that would try and swindle guild members.

Relvarra Lionwinter (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Human 1): Relvarra Lionwinter is the current holder of the title of Royal Gardener (since 1352 DR). She is a kind, homely, and clever woman from a family with a proud history of palace servants.

Saszesk (Evil, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 3): Saszesk is a smuggler of goods and people.

Shalesse Caelraven: Shalesse is a petite, energetic, lithe, blonde woman from northeastern Tethyr who fled the troubles in that region a decade ago, making her way north eventually coming to Iriaerbor.

Shalesse makes excellent soups, pastries, pies, and other savoury dishes, which she spent four seasons selling by the tray at a market in Iriaebor until she was noticed by a travelling envoy from the Court at Suzail. She has since spent the last 5 years working in the Royal Palace with a generous salary of 200 golden lions and a wardrobe of fine garments.

Shalesse works in the long disused “dowager suite” by herself, separate from the other cooks at the Royal Court and Palace. Courtiers and royals alike enjoy her simple but tasty dishes.

Shalesse has chosen to stay out of politics, and avoids the attentions of greedy noblemen eager for an ear in the Royal Palace. She instead has chosen to share a bed with the elderly Malathea Aercauldron, the Maid of the Forechambers.

Lord Sthavar (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 10): Sthavar is the Lord Magister of Suzail, charged with the day to day governance of the city. Sthavar is involved in just about every official event in Suzail. He is often at odds with the more prominent merchants of the city who wish to expand their warehouses at the expense of commoner residences, Sthavar always sides with the common-folk, and has made more than a few enemies as a result. Sthavar is always accompanied and guarded by 5 Telswords of the Purple Dragons, led by a First Sword.

Tarleth Marlenspur (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 1): Tarleth is one of the Tailors of the Royal Wardrobe, he is a shy and effeminate man who is a secret bastard of Azoun IV.

Lady Tavernant (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 2): Last of the House of Tavernant, this homely, middle aged woman is a sycophantic socialite that has held hundreds of parties in the hopes of finding a dashing, young, noble, husband.

Fed up of writing the invitations by hand, or waiting for a servant to do so, she hired a gondsman from Tilverton to construct something to speed up the process, the end result was a custom printing press that Lady Tavernant has turned into a shop that produces printed paper to order. The profits from this increasingly successful enterprise have driven Lady Tavernant to hold even more revels in a desperate need to find a husband and have children to continue the family line.

Thaerevho Londurmaskur (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5): Thaerevho is a tall, bearded, impressive looking man with a grandiose manner. He is a power hungry and ambitious man that holds grudges like a dwarf, however, he is unwilling to take any action that will promote unrest or threaten his beloved Cormyr.

Loremaster Thaun Khelbor (Good, Human – Chondathan): Thaun Khelbor is the priest in charge of The Silent Room, a temple to Deneir. He leads 4 priests tending to a flock of 42 lay worshippers.

Thentias (Evil, Human – Chondathan, Expert 2): A businessman and landlord of few morals that is concerned only with profit.

Theron Silvermace (Good, Human – Tethyrian, Warrior 3): An aged member of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers, Theron has journeyed all across Faerun, from the Savage Frontier to Calimshan, and has had more than a few misadventures. Despite his skill at arms and courage, his mental strength is not quite as well developed and he has a tendency to retreat within himself when his life is in real danger (stemming from 3 years he spent captive to the drow of Menzoberranzan over a decade ago).

Uther (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 1): Uther is the self appointed butler of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers, up until last winter he was a lesser member of the Society and was often teased by his fellow members, then a visiting dandy nobleman from Waterdeep; Danilo Thann, attempted to polymorph Uther as punishment for his refusal to serve him. The spell went awry and Uther was left resembling a cambion of the Abyss (horns, claws, yellow pointed teeth, ash black skin) with a resistance to magic that prevented the spell being undone.

Uther was paid handsomely by House Thann of Waterdeep, he invested his money back into the Society of Stalwart Adventurers (making him a secret senior member) and he took it upon himself to become the official doorman and butler so that he could monitor the membership (ensuring only those nice to him get to keep their membership).

Uther uses his demonic appearance to his advantage, scaring off most trouble makers and frightening new and prospective members to betray their true nature.

Vangerdahast: Royal Magician to the Realm, Chairman Emperius of the College of War Wizards.

Xorn Hackhands (Good, Human – Tethyrian, Warrior 10): Xorn serves as the herald of Lord Master of Suzail Sthavar.

Important Organisations


Guilds in Cormyr are nowhere near as rich or  powerful as they are in places like Waterdeep, as a result they are far more cooperative with the authorities. Guilds are unwelcome in many of the cities of Cormyr (where the nobility control businesses and services), but they have a large presence in Suzail and lesser operations in Arabel and other settlements.

All guilds must agree to provide a roster of members, conform to Crown authorised standards of measurements, provide a monthly fund for retired guild members, pay the relevant licences for guild activities, and ensure all members conform to guild rules, the Royal Word, and Local Law.

Many settlements have smaller groups known as Craft Guilds; such as the Benevolent Muster of Merchants of Eveningstar, and the Loyal Council of Coinfellows of Espar. These “guilds” do not have a Royal Charter, and operate more as a social club that seeks to create a level playing field between businesses in the area.

The Sculptors and Masons Guild: This guild provides stone work, statuary, quarrying, and all plastering, mud-daub, and waterproofing services. It is a polite but no-nonsense guild that treats all customers the same (disliking entitled customers and Crown officials, it will work increasingly slowly for those customers that annoy them). The guild is aware of it usefulness to the Crown and as a result its power, but is steadfastly loyal to the Royal House of Obarskyr and the nation of Cormyr. Many former Purple Dragon soldiers, especially those with engineering expertise, choose to come and work for this guild.

The headquarters of this guild is Highstone Hall, situated on the southern side of the Promenade in Suzail. Its guildmaster is Thaerevho Londurmaskur (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5). The guild symbol is an inverted shield with a grey stone border, of a human clenched fist (palm facing in) made of grey stone rising up from the bottom of the shield on a maroon field.

The Guild of Carpenters and Joiners: This guild is wealthy and always seeking new markets and opportunities, it currently provides wood cutting, curing, staining, furniture-making and fitted carpentry and joinery services. This guild is fractious, with a handful of senior guild-members (including including Rarvor Telbrae, Haldon Mornhand, and Yaskel Daroun) trying to usurp command from the Guildmaster on their perceived path to nobility.

The heaquarters of this guild is Longbeam Hall on the south side of the Promenade in Suzail. Its guildmaster is Ryze Halonder (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 5). The guild symbol is a horizontal scarlet diamond with a horizontal silver axe (blade to the right and pointed down) across it, cross by an iron bar clenched in a human hand.


The Boraunt Family: A rich merchant family of social climbers that desire to achieve noble status and will happily hire third parts (adventurers, criminals, etc) to perform illicit tasks that might further that goal. The family is full of spoiled and haughty children that behave as though they are already nobility.

The Hildremmer Family: A rich merchant family of social climbers that desire to achieve noble status and will happily hire third parts (adventurers, criminals, etc) to perform illicit tasks that might further that goal. The family is full of spoiled and haughty children that behave as though they are already nobility.

The Mauntanstar Family: A rich merchant family of social climbers that desire to achieve noble status and will happily hire third parts (adventurers, criminals, etc) to perform illicit tasks that might further that goal. The family is full of spoiled and haughty children that behave as though they are already nobility.

Local Lore

Netherese Arcanist: There is a survivor of Netheril masquerading as a wealthy dowager widow of one the noble families of Cormyr who has lived in Suzail for the past 40 years. She covertly tries to confuse the investigations of War Wizards, while spreading rumours and suggestions that too much magic use and in particular powerful spells can have very dangerous side effects.

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