Life and Society


House of Buckfast: The noble House of Buckfast work large farm along the banks of the Thunderflow and run a brewery and distillery on the premises. They indulge their habits of drinking their produce and siring a large number of bastards on the local lasses, which leaves them impoverished as a result. The House of Buckfast owns a number of homes in Thunderstone that they rent at reduced rates to their many bastard children.

A score or more of Buckfast bastards have enrolled in the Purple Dragons as militia in Thunderstone, and their blind eyes to the activities of their kin have encouraged the noble Buckfasts to become rowdy rakes and drunkards.

House of Haelbroke: The noble House of Haelbroke work a farm west of Thunderstone. The Lord Larandyr and Lady Mirljarla Haelbroke live in Brokehall with their daughters Tasharra and Raedaera. The daughters are learning to ride and fight and rule with their father, while their mother entertains noble ladies from other households and Nightowl Roost.

The noble House of Haelbroke owns a number of homes that they rent out to tenants in Thunderstone.

House of Hawklin: The Hawklins are a prominent noble family in Thunderstone, they own a number of properties (both shops and residences) along the Rise as well as a dozen ranches and farms in the surrounding area. The Hawklins rent out their farms to tenants at respectable rates, they also rent out other resources such as wagons and coaches to the locals. Their views are respected and heeded by the local citizens and they are well regarded in Thunderstone.

House of Huntsilver: The House of Huntsilver maintains a low profile in Thunderstone, remaining in Hunting Castle and moving about in closed coaches or on fast horses, however they are significant land owners in the region, owning about thirty tenant farms south and southwest of Thunderstone. Due to their isolation from the locals, they are mistrusted and spoken about in whispers, which attribute all kinds of illicit and immoral activities to the Huntsilvers, including the worship of dark cults, and extensive pleasure and torture dungeons beneath the castle.

House of Illance: The House of Illance maintain a minor presence in Thunderstone in the way of a single “nightearth” house, a walled stone building used as an overnight waystop by members travelling abroad, or as a secluded meeting place, or as a secret retreat for trysts and other activities.

House of Immerdusk: The House Immerdusk owns four solid stone homes in Thunderstone, and six farms just south of the settlement, all the homes and farms are rented by tenants. The Immerdusks are so rarely seen in Thuderstone that the inhabitants believe them extinct despite all evidence to the contrary (they attribute the rent collectors to agents sent by the Crown).

House of Indesm: The House of Indesm owns sixteen tenant ranches and farms to the east of Thunderstone, which they visit and inspect regularly, but otherwise House Indesm keeps mainly to Hawkhar.

House of Naerinth: The House of Naerinth maintain a minor presence in Thunderstone in the way of a single “nightearth” house, a walled stone building used as an overnight waystop by members travelling abroad, or as a secluded meeting place, or as a secret retreat for trysts and other activities.

House of Summerstar: The House of Summerstar maintain a minor presence in Thunderstone in the way of a single “nightearth” house, a walled stone building used as an overnight waystop by members travelling abroad, or as a secluded meeting place, or as a secret retreat for trysts and other activities.

House of Yellander: The noble House of Yellander owns a number of homes that they rent out to tenants in Thunderstone.

House of Wyvernspur: The House of Wyvernspur maintain a minor presence in Thunderstone in the way of a single “nightearth” house, a walled stone building used as an overnight waystop by members travelling abroad, or as a secluded meeting place, or as a secret retreat for trysts and other activities.


Important Sites

Bonehondur’s House: This multistoried house is home to Pharvukh Bonehondur, who runs a a knife and tool sharpening shop out of the ground floor. The upper floor is kept as Pharvukh’s home, while the basement houses Pharvukh’s spare equipment and stock. The attic and various spaces in his cluttered basement are used as a Harper Safehold by Pharvukh for Harpers in need.

Brokehall: West of Thunderstone lies this spartan walled keep and surrounding farm that is the seat of the noble House of Haelbroke.

Buckhaven Hall: Just east of Thunderstone stands a walled manor and surrounding farm that is the ancestral home of the noble House of Buckfast. The Buckfasts run a brewery and distillery out of Buckhaven Hall, but they drink most of the produce themselves.

Malaeva’s Carvings: This cluttered shop is home to one Malaeva Irlingbreak, who also uses it for her wood carving business, where she turns doors, coffers, and shutters into highly ornamental works of art for the local nobility and wealthy local merchants. Her shop is deceptively large, with many hidden panels and secret rooms amid the labyrinthine corridors and box rooms of her home. Running underneath the house towards the Thunderflow is a secret passageway (and adjoining rooms) used as a Harper Safehold.

The Rise: The main street of Thunderstone runs parallel to the Thunderflow river for the length of the town. Buildings cover either side of the street, including a variety of shops and houses as well as a few mansions. Many of the buildings on the Rise are owned by the noble House of Hawklin.

Chandler to the High and Low: This oil, candle, and soap merchant on the south side of the Rise is run by Maerikho Hayhondlow. Two rooms above the shop are rented by the noble House of Buckfast.

Hawklinforce: This walled estate lies on the edge of Thunderstone; where the Nightcloak Ride meets the Rise, and encompasses a mansion, stables, wagonsheds, and brewhouse, the estate grounds stretch north to the Thunderflow where a private dock and boathouse descend into the Thunderflow. From Hawklinforce, the House of Hawklin administer to a dozen local farms and ranches that they own as well as renting out coaches and wagons to locals.

Thundershaws: This modest house has a walled orchard and garden and its own small stables. It is owned by House Hawklin and is used to houses guests and business clients as well as for more private entertainments away from prying eyes.

Nightcloak Ride: Situated on the west side of town, this street is the most impressive in Thunderstone, with most of the oldest stone buildings on either side. Nightcloak Ride runs north and west of the Rise towards the Thunderflow, but turns sharply south to join the Rise just south of the Stag Skull’s Bridge.

Nightowl Roost: This luxurious house is run by the estate manager Maland Orlstand, originally of Suzail. He is a secret Harper and runs the estate (secretly) on behalf of Storm Silverhand herself), renting out the house to anybody for any purpose, and then listening in on conversations and searching belongings (while their owners sleep off copious amounts of alcohol) to find information of use for Those Who Harp.

The Lady Mirljarla Haelbroke often rents this building to entertain guests.

Hunting Castle: Outside of Thunderstone lies the castle of the Royal House of Huntsilver. The castle walls are impressively tall and thick, with stout oaken gates, but no moat or other fortifications. The castle grounds are crowded with large, old trees, whose boughs hang close to castle windows on the other floors, the castle walls reach up to the banks of the Thunderflow where a private dock and boathouse lies just outside.

There are at least two secret passages known to the Huntsilvers that were used as escape routes or secret entry points in older times for family members wishing to avoid rival houses (or sometimes their own kin), each tunnel is guarded by a Helmed Horror at the entrance to the castle. The locals whisper about altars to Loviatar and dungeons used for all manner of perversions, but in truth nothing of the sort exists in Hunting Castle, except for the normal castle gaol.

Hunting Castle is used by the Huntsilvers as a place of solitude and relaxation where they can indulge their hobbies and interests, like riding, archery, garment making, harping, and wenching.

Important NPCs

Baerglan Dunstag: The House Wizard of the Noble House of Haelbroke is a lean and homely mage and a not so secret War Wizard (as is normal practice in Cormyr for every House Wizard to be a War Wizard or to pass information to the War Wizards). He spends much of his time acting as diplomat between Lord Larandyr and his uncle Galragar and sons.

Bannermere: The Herald for the east of Cormyr, including all the lands and nobles around the Hullack Forest is known by the title of Bannermere. The current Bannermere is a novice in the Heralds, a young, polite, retiring, slender, brown haired man from Berdusk who makes most of his income from designing sings and writing letters for locals. He also pens “hotbottom” (soft porn) chapbooks, such as “Rorel the Conquering Blade” which is populare in Scornubel and Waterdeep, he has been accused of writing “Filfaeril Bound and Willing” but fervently denies such claims.

Borlingar Haelbroke: The son of Galragar Haelbroke, and cousin to Lord Larandyr, is a dark haired duplicate of his father who loves revels, and adventures.

Drustigo Parltath: A merchant from Selgaunt that travels each month on the Thunderway and the Way of the Manticore in a circular route that takes him between Selgaunt and Cormyr making sure to pass through as many Cormyrean settlements as possible and meet with his contacts on route. Drustigo is a “manywares” merchant, he will buy and sell anything on his circuit between Selgaunt and Cormyr. 

Drustigo is secretly a Zhentarim agent that regularly meets with his contacts in settlements in Cormyr, paying them for information and to run errands or deliver parcels (including money). He has long been suspected by the Crown of Cormyr and is under observation wherever he goes. The Zhentarim are aware that his cover has been blown and he is continuing his operations as normal to divert attention from important and well placed Zhent spies in Cormyr (Drustigo never organises deliveries to these important agents, instead sending packages to minor spies that are expendable or even rivals in other organisations).

Galragar Haelbroke: The uncle of Lord Larandyr Haelbroke is a large, fair haired, solid man, full of vigour and energy, and typically loud and jovial as well. He enjoys wenching and thrill-seeking with his two sons Mresper and Borlingar.

Last year he crashed a feast that the newly attained Lord Larandyr Haelbroke was hosting for a number of Suzailian lords, Galragar, his sons, and a host of local noblemen rode through the Great Hall of Brokehall on horseback and dressed as noble ladies before dancing with the astonished visiting lords. Lord Larandyr has never forgiven Galragar for destroying his chance at currying favour and power among those in influence at the Royal.

Lord Larandyr Haelbroke: This haughty, humourless man was formerly an Ornrion (Major) in the Purple Dragons, who left to become the Patriarch of the House of Haelbroke last year following the death of his father Lord Uskarr Haelbroke. Lord Larandyr has an ongoing feud with his uncle Galragar (after he crashed a feast he was hosting for Lords from Suzail), and will now only speak to his uncle and cousins through intermediaries (often shouting opinions about them to servants while they are in earshot).

Malaeva Irlingbreak: This white-haired, stooped old woman walks with a cane and is known for her sharp tongue and even sharper mind. In her youth she was the tall and imposing raven haired Constal (Colonel) who led many an expedition out of High Horn into the Tunlands and along the High Road. Nowadays Malaeva works as a wood carver out of her home in Thunderstone, but is secretly running a Harper Safehold for novice agents in training in the region.

Melhard Buckfast: Melhard Buckfast is an obese, blustering rake that has a legendary capacity for drink and has almost single-handedly drunk most of the annual profits of Buckhaven Hall.

Lady Mirljarla Haelbroke: This stunningly beautiful woman with raven black hair, smoky eyes and enticing curves, is the wife of Lord Larandyr Haelbroke. Before her marriage she was Mirljarla Truesilver.

Mresper Haelbroke: The son of Galragar Haelbroke is sly, witty, agile, and slender. He loves attending revels and having adventures like his father and brother, but is equally as fond of trysting with men as with women.

Naerilda Jackalane: This bone thin, long nosed, homely woman is a local herbalist that specialises in making ointments, potions, and unctures that alleviate sexual dysfunctions, she often makes trips to the outskirts of the Hullack Forest to gather herbs, and makes nighttime deliveries to her clients (many of whom are local nobility and Purple Dragons).

Naerilda is secretly the Zhentarim spy known by the codename of Thunderblade (although any agents in the area not speaking to her directly or who believe they may be under surveillance or being overheard are to use the codename Thunderflow. Naerilda provides herbal healing potions to stricken Zhentarim agents that are to meet her in a secluded glade in the Hullack Forest, otherwise she gathers information (from her clients) and delivers that to her Zhentarim master who leaves messages and packages in a different location within the Hullack Forest every month (the message includes the location of the next meeting point).

Pharvukh Bonehondur: This grizzled old Purple Dragon with a prominent jutting lower jaw is originally from Teziir, he was once an Ornrion (Major) in the Dragons, and led many expeditions against bandits and monsters in the Stonelands before age and injury (an orc axe tore open his leg and left him with a pronounced limp) ended his career. Pharvukh is now a Harper Agent, and uses his house as a Safehold for Harper Agents in need.

Raedaera Haelbroke: The youngest daughter of Lord Larandyr and Lady Mirljarla Haelbroke is a mirror of her mother in looks, but their father is teaching them to ride, fight, rule, and hunt with the best noblemen, despite their longing to move to Suzail and partake of the latest fashions and trends.

Lord Rothtil Buckfast: The Patriarch of the noble House of Buckfast.

Sargram Buckfast: This ageing nobleman is a renowned and deadly duellist that has a taste for seducing noble-women (particularly married ones), and any other women within reach. He is an outrageous flirt, but many seem to fall for his charm.

Lady Suvreene Buckfast: The hardy, lusty, fun loving wife of Lord Rothtil Buckfast.

Tasharra Haelbroke: The eldest daughter of Lord Larandyr and Lady Mirljarla Haelbroke is a mirror of her mother in looks, but their father is teaching them to ride, fight, rule, and hunt with the best noblemen, despite their longing to move to Suzail and partake of the latest fashions and trends.

Tunstal Draeger: A shopkeep that sells rope, cord, and wire from Marsember. He regularly meets with a friendly caravan merchant named Drustigo Parltath who passes through Thunderstone once a month and pays him for information and gives him letters and parcels to deliver to those in and around the Hullack Forest. 

Important Organisations

The Harpers: The Harpers have two Harper Agents operating within Thunderstone and maintaining Safeholds for more active Harper Agents within the area. Thunderstone is seen as a good training ground for Harper novices, as it is a route travelled by a known Zhentarim Agent and is home to a known Zhent Paymaster and Spy

The Heralds: The Heralds have a minor presence in Thunderstone in the form of a novice Herald with the title of Bannermere. Bannermere is responsible for maintaining the geneology and heraldry of nobles in Thunderstone and settlements surrounding the Hullack Forest.

The Zhentarim: The Zhentarim have two spies in Thunderstone. The first spy is an unwitting dupe named Tunstal Draeger, a shopkeep who provides information and delivers packages on behalf of his Zhentarim master Drustigo Parltath (a travelling merchant from Selgaunt). Tunstal is a false and expendable spy that the Zhentarim know is under surveillance by the Crown, Drustigo (whose cover is also blown) maintains the pretence of visiting this contact in order to take the heat away from the true Zhentarim spy Naerilda Jackalane. There are on average, 6 to 8 Zhentarim Agent operating in and around the Thunderstone region, they are rotated regularly to reduce suspicion.

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