Important Sites

Brimstone: Brimstone is a cluster of buildings that make up the home of the Dulea family, led by the couple Trathren and Jilarra. Brimstone was unknowingly built atop a large vein of very pure sulphur over a century ago, later excavations of the cellars opened up the vein and the family has been mining it and enlarging their cellars considerably.

Trathren and Jilarra live at Brimstone with their 6 sons and 3 daughters; who work on the Dulea farm (south of Brimstone), while their parents are practising apothecaries that use the sulphur in their concoctions that they sell.

Jeerlak’s Warehouse: A warehouse owned by Heldrak Jeerahlamakh “Jeerlak”, who rents it out to interested parties, and ensures it is guarded by ex-Purple Dragons (usually those kicked out for brutality and taking bribes) and retired adventurers, the warehouse is not much more than an old farm shed, but it has a live-in loft for the guards, and attached jakes. The guards are well known for running a side business of sharpening weapons and in reselling stolen weapons with no questions asked.

Jerlaks Oil and Sacks: This office is own by the brothers Honstabul and Rhaemarr Jerlak, who buy and sell lamp oil and hemp sacks before shipping them to the Moonsea or the Sword Coast.

The Saucy Shop: This shop is owned and run by Heldrak Jeerahlamakh “Jeerlak”, who sells sauces, dyes, and marinades to merchants and cooks in Waymoot and to passing caravans from Sembia. This shop is a front for drugged wines and spirits, as well as potions of dubious quality.

Important NPCs

Heldrak Jeerahlamakh “Jeerlak” (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Human 1): Jeerlak is merchant from the southern Vilhon Reach who has travelled all over Faerun but eventually decided to settle in Cormyr, setting up shop in Waymoot in 1343 DR.

Heldrak owns a warehouse that he rents to other parties (and for his own stock), and owns a shop selling sauces and marinades, he also allows his guards to sharpen swords on the side and run a black market affair in reselling stolen swords (Jeerlak takes a small percentage to ignore this).

Jeerlak makes his real fortune by selling drugged wines and spirits to interested parties posing as travelling merchants (the liquid is hidden in marinade bottles), and alchemical potions of unproven quality to unsuspecting adventurers, for a true fortune he will even provide the ingredients for a mild poison (the buyer must do the mixing himself). Jeerlak doesn’t inquire about his black market customers, he does not sell to locals or people he knows personally, and his guards act as spies to ensure his customers are not disguised Purple Dragons.

Jeerlak is a true entrepreneur, looking for opportunities wherever he can.

Important Organisations

Jerlak Shipping: This family run business is run by the Jerlak brothers; Honstabul and Rhaemarr Jerlak, who inherited it from their father Graemurk “Old Gurk”. The brothers run the business amicably and cooperatively, with assistance from their large families, shipping and storing lamp oil and hempen sacks.

Anthrelle, Chantharla, and Jessarra Jerlak (the daughters of Rhaemarr) are currently trying to romance their way to forming an adventuring band, while Honstabul’s sons; Lorandur and Harlaen, are shaping up to be trustworthy and stalwart (if a bit unimaginative) envoys for the business.

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