Island Kingdoms


  • c. -9800 DR: Illefarni elves from the Llewyrr Wood escape the ghettos of Aryvandaar, steal a flotilla of ships (known later as the Lost Fleet of Illefarn) and sail west searching for the fabled Green Isle of the Fair Folk.
  • The Eternal Maelstrom: Aryvandaar High Mages call forth a great storm in the Trackless Sea filled with cyclones and monsters of the deep to sink the fleeing Illefarni fleet.
  • More than half the Lost Fleet of Illefarn is wrecked in the storm (mostly the ships held by the sunrise elves), and the remnants are scattered for hundreds of miles across the Trackless Sea. Surviving sunrise elves clinging to debris wash up on the shores of the Isle of Gwynneth.
  • c. -9000 DR: Homeless survivors of Aryvandaar fleeing revenge from their conquerors land on the northeastern shores of Gwynneth and establish the realm of Loresstlar (Winter’s Garden).
  • c. -5000 DR: The dwarves and firbolg empires of the Moonshae Isles war with each other for over a century. The final battle sees Grond Peaksmasher battling the great bear Darvyr atop Icepeak before the mountain top collapses and Grond is never seen again.
  • c. -2000 DR: Kazgoroth the Beast first appears on the Isle of Oman, gathering an army of ffomorean to his side and waging war against the entire Moonshae Isles before being defeated by an alliance of dwarves, elves, firbolg, halflings, and LeShay.
  • 140 DR: Year of the Executioner: The Shyffolk tribe of talfir flee mainland Faerun and persecution at the hands of the Empire of Ebenfar, they land on the Isle of Gwynneth on the shore of Kingsbay.
  • 144 DR: Year of the Fear and Flame: The Shyffolk of Gwynneth war with elves from the forest of Loresstlar, Chief Thailyr is slain in the hostilities.
  • 146 DR: Year of the Risen Towers: The Talffolk tribe fleeing the forces of Ebenfar arrive on the isles of Alaron and Snowdown.
  • 149 DR: Year of the Dwarf: Deric pen Thailyr is voted Chief of the Shyffolk.
  • 153 DR: Year of the Wolfstone: Cwyn Deric pen Thailyr finally defeats the pirates that infest the southern coast of Gwynneth.
  • 154 DR: Year of the Jealous Hag: Laranlor Kaminas of Synnoria and Chief Deric of the Shyffolk establish a peace agreement at the capital of Chysalis.
  • 161 DR: Year of the Hangman’s Noose: Laranlor Kaminas closes Synnoria by crafting the Veil of Synnoria.
  • 171 DR: Year of Unkind Weapons: Chief Deric dies, his chosen heir is disputed by the clans and civil war erupts among the Shyffolk.
  • 175 DR: Year of the Black Boats: Chieftain Alaron Ryugh dies from poison. The clans elect Callidyrr Hugh; a distant cousin of Alaron who lives on the Isle of Gwynneth, as Chieftain of the Talffolk.
  • 176 DR: Year of the Wyrmclaws: Kazgoroth secretly escapes his imprisonment on the Isle of Oman.
  • 177 DR: Year of the Troublesome Vixen: Callidyrr pen Corlden of the MacHugh and Chief of the Talffolk is voted Chief of the Shyffolk by the clans. Callidyrr Hugh declares himself King of the Ffolk.
  • 191 DR: Year of the Broken Lands: The Kingdom of Moray is founded on the island of Moray by the Moray Dynasty of the Royal House of Kimball.
  • 193 DR: Year of the Raised Brow: Callidyrr Hugh, King of the Ffolk, Chief of the Shyffolk and Talffolk is slain by trolls while exploring the lands beyond the Fairheight Mountains. Cymrych Hugh is crowned King of the Ffolk and voted Chief of the Talffolk and Shyffolk by the clans.
  • 201 DR: Year of the Student: The War of Moon and Shadow: Kazgoroth and his drathak hordes launch coordinated assaults against Synnoria, High Home, and the Kingdom of Callidyrr.
  • Kazgoroth is defeated, slain by King Cymrych Hugh. The High Kingdom of the Moonshae Isles is declared and Cymrych Hugh is crowned High King.
  • Krystofir MacKorart is declared Chief of the Shyffolk by the clans.
  • High Queen Allisynn dies from wounds inflicted by Kazgoroth, she is interred in an elven tower on the floating island that now bears her name.
  • 203 DR: Year of Scattered Sands: High King Cymrych Hugh tasks a number of clans with settling the Isle of Oman to protect it from being exploited by Kazgoroth and other evils.
  • 217 DR: Year of the Giant Skulls: The Kingdom of Cambryn is established on the east coast of Gwynneth.
  • 218 DR: Year of the Dancing Lights: Cantrev Horst (Moray) is attacked by a fomorian. The creature slays 50 warriors and carries off a dozen captives including the sister of the King.
  • 250 DR: Year of the Storm Crown: High King Cymrych Hugh dies and is entombed within a barrow mound in the wild lands north of Cantrev Blackstone.
  • 256 DR: Year of the Thousand Snows: Norl sailors from Gundarlun and Tuern make landfall on the Moonshae Isles of Gorettir (Modern: Norland) and Gogettir (Modern: Norheim).
  • 272 DR: Year of the Weeping Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Cambryn falls to attacks by savage firbolg and other former allies of Kazgoroth.
  • 275 DR: Year of the Wrath Sword: High King Carrig I grants the power of appointment to the Shyffolk of Gwynneth. Chorden Ryker is elected the first King of the Shyffolk and declares the Kingdom of the Shyffolk.
  • 285 DR: Year of Wasteful Pride: Lac Moray is polluted by the slaying of a ffomorean in its waters.
  • 289 DR: Year of the Walking Dreams: Construction of Caer Cymrych (the Castle of Skulls) is completed in Llyrath Forest. High King Gwylloch declares Caer Cymrych the new capital of the High Kingdom of the Moonshae Isles.
  • 295 DR: Year of the Wrathful Revenant: Crown Prince Ketheryll Cymrych hunts and captures King Durnal and Queen Morgan Ryker of the Kingdom of the Shyffolk.
  • 299 DR: Year of the Vaasan Knot: Caer Cyrmrych vanishes along with the entire court of the High Kingdom of the Moonshaes, including High King Gwylloch and Crown Prince Ketheryll.
  • The capital of the High Kingdom of the Moonshaes is returned to Caer Callidyrr.
  • Flamsterd is exiled from the High Kingdom of the Moonshae Isles by High King Gorham I.
  • Norl marauders conquer the last ffolk settlements of Gorettir and rename their island Norland.
  • 302 DR: Year of the Deep Bay: The Kingdom of Corwell is officially founded along with Caer Corwell atop Corwyss’ Tor.
  • 467 DR: Year of the Four Winds: A large number of tethyrians migrate to the Moonshae Isles and settle among the ffolk. The migrants bring with them new religions, customs, and knowledge of modern advancements such as engineering.
  • 475 DR: Year of the Maiden’s Tears: Herene, princess of Synnoria is forced to marry Ridinlahr.
  • 500 DR: Year of the Flame Tongue: King Edmynn Kincaid of Snowdown named Regent of the Kingdom of Callidyrr.
  • 535 DR: Year of the Upright Man: The stone fortresses of Caer Windlaur and Caer Airaun are completed on the Isle of Oman. These twin fortresses protect the only viable beachheads on the island.
  • 548 DR: Year of the Eloene Bridge: Laranla Herene of Synnoria vanishes in the Myrloch Vale and is finally pronounced dead after a decade of searching and scrying.
  • 561 DR: Year of the Three Setting Suns: Laranlor Kaminas of Synnoria departs for Evermeet. Ridinlahr is pronounced lord of Synnoria.
  • 576 DR: Year of the Sunless Passage: The western arm of the Jotunspine Mountains collapse and create “the hole in the wall” (known as Canthrelloch). Fish populations in the Sea of Moonshae decline rapidly and remain low for many decades causing starvation among the norl and ffolk of the Moonshae Isles. The nations of Norland and Norheim are isolated from the former sovereign nations of Tuern, Gundarlun, and Ruathym for decades and become independent.
  • 582 DR: Year of the Deep Wound: Increased norl raids over the past few years climax in the capture of King Manays Kimball of Moray.
  • 620 DR: Year of the Mountain Crypts: Stromm Breggson unites the 14 Jarls of Norland behind his banner and is crowned Kunngr of Norland. Diplomatic envoys from the nations of Callidyrr, Gwynneth, Moray, Oman, and Snowdown are sent to establish peace with this new kingdom.
  • Manays Kimball is returned to Moray as part of a diplomatic exchange resulting in the betrothal of Princess Bridget of Callidyrr to Scothgar Breggson of Rogarsheim.
  • 621 DR: Year of Nineteen Swords: Princess Bridget of Callidyrr disappears en-route to her wedding with Scothgar Strommson, the heir of Norland.
  • 621 to 643 DR: The War of Prows: This war saw a peak in the conflict between the norl and the ffolk. The norl from Norland and Norheim send raids against the ffolk kingdoms for years, to slay rather than steal. Hostilities continued for many decades after this war, which officially lasted only as long as the reign of Kunngr Stromm Breggson.
  • 639 DR: Year of Ire’s Immolation: The ffolk nation of Shaina in south western Gwynneth is rocked by a violent earthquake that severs the land bridge that connects the Isle of Dywyll to Gwynneth. The ecology of south western Gwynneth changes dramatically over the next few centuries.
  • 761 DR: Year of Laughter: The fortress of Caer Windlaur completely vanishes during a norl invasion of the island, allowing the norl raiders to land and ultimately conquer the island.
  • 764 DR: Year of Mistmaidens: Battle of Four Prows: The navies of Moray, Callidyrr, and Corwell battle the longships of Norland, Norheim, and Oman. The battle ends in defeat for the ffolk.
  • 804 DR: Year of the Spreading Scourge: Jarl Sigard “the Seawolf” begins his renowned and terrifying campaign of raids along the south-eastern cantrevs of Gwynneth.
  • 852 DR: Year of the Lost Smile: A massive fleet of illuskan longships from the Sword Coast arrive in the Moonshae Islands, ready for conquest. High King Dolan Cymrych is drowned when his coracle flotilla is destroyed crossing Whitefish Bay in a futile attempt to turn back the illuskan fleet. The Crown of the High King is lost to the watery depths. Dolan’s son Conn assumes the High Throne, but the loss of the crown becomes a severe blow to his position.
  • 885 DR: Year of the Thistle: Oleanne Moonsinger (grandmother of Genna Moonsinger) becomes Great Druid of Gwynneth.
  • 924 DR: Year of the Cracked Turtle: Sahuagin begin raiding the western shore of Alaron.
  • 935 DR: Year of the Roaring Lion: Aeroth Silverhelm arrives in Callidyrr with his six sons seeking the patronage of High King Tanner.
  • 937 DR: Year of the Turning Wheel: King Torgred Helmudsson of Gnarhelm conquers the Isle of Oman.
  • 938 DR: Year of the Unhanged Man: Angus MacOdrum flees Callidyrr and makes his way to the undersea realm of Nindrol.
  • 941 DR: Year of Sudden Sorrows: Kunngr Skarle Tokasson is devoured by a great black wolf in his bed. His skaldren disturb the wolf and are attacked as it escapes.
  • King Torgred Helmudsson of Gnarhelm and Oman vassalises the Jarls of Norland and Norheim.
  • 944 DR: Year of the Animated Armour: Firbolg overrun large portions of the Kingdom of Corwell.
  • High King Tanner Cymrych lands an army on Corwell, battling the firbolg invaders all the way back to the Myrloch Vale. High King Tanner is slain in an ambush and the Sword of Cymrych Hugh is lost, though the ffolk win the day and the firbolg menace is ended for a time.
  • The Treaty of Lillemaron: Following the death of High King Tanner, King Torgred Helmudson forces the ffolk kings of Callidyrr, Corwell, Moray, and Snowdown to relinquish any claim to territory on the northern Moonshae Isles.
  • 947 DR: Year of the Advancing Wind: King Torgred Helmudsson is lost when his dragonship sinks during a storm. The islands of Gnarhelm, Norland, Norheim, and Oman break from the Lillemaron Alliance and each become self governing once again.
  • Aeroth Silverhelm leads an army of survivors from the High King’s army north to Gnarhelm where they establish the city of Vlan on its western shore.
  • 948 DR: Year of the Clarion Trumpet: Prince Yaleth of Vlan is slain by illuskan warriors, he is buried at sea in the bay now known as Prince’s Sound.
  • 956 DR: Year of the Crooked Finger: The Dress Mirror of Cymrych Hugh is given to King Eadwain Kincaid as a gift.
  • 964 DR: Year of the Pickled Privateer: Belshareen; a maiden of the ffolk, marries Ridinlahr; a lord of the llewyrr. Lord Ridinlahr crafts a harp for his new bride, which in time becomes known as the Lost Harp of Belshareen.
  • 970 DR: Year of the Child’s Trinket: Angus MacOdrum arrives in Cantrev Horstall with 12 infant children of unusual appearance (pointed ears and greenish-grey tinged skin).
  • 986 DR: Year of the Dusken Ride: Belshareen, Lady of Synnoria dies of a wasting disease. Lord Ridinlahr of Synnoria journeys to Evermeet. Rule of Synnoria passes to the high priest of Corellon Larethian.
  • 1028 DR: Year of the Wistful Nymph: Bryn Kernwyld pens the text Earthmother’s Weapons
  • 1052 DR: Year of the Frozen Kingdoms: King Bayle Carrathal of the Kingdom of Callidyrr seeks to annex the islands of Jannath’s Tears.
  • Baldur’s Gate defends Jannath’s Tears and sinks the fleet of King Bayle.
  • 1087 DR: Year of Forgotten Anger: A landslide in the Orcskull Mountains causes the northwestern mountainside to collapse, levelling the settlement of Desoir. The druids begin growing trees atop the rubble which within a century is known as Screewood.
  • 1108 DR: Year of the Open Chest: The Witches of Wynders Moor locate the Castle of Skulls and discover the Cauldron of Dhuum in its dungeons. Drathak are seen wandering the wilds of Corwell in ever greater numbers.
  • 1109 DR: Year of the Lover’s Eyes: King Serdilln Kendrick hires a band of wandering mages now known as the Corwell Cabal to combat the Witches of Wynder’s Moor. The Corwell Cabal enter the Castle of Skulls and are never heard from again.
  • 1116 DR: Year of the Empty Scabbard: The drathak are destroyed as the Llyrath Forest comes alive and wipes out most of the horde.
  • 1137 DR: Year of the Falling Menhir: The elves of Loresstlar abandon the forest of Winter’s Glen and its settlements, including the port of Kadish.
  • 1156 DR: Year of the Winged Gift: The Kingdom of Corwell expands its borders to cover Wynder’s Moor (and make sure the witches cabal is destroyed), in doing so it absorbs the greatly weakened ffolk of Shaina. King Kendrick claims the title King of Shaina.
  • 1211 DR: Year of the Crimson Crag: Callegh Blackstone and the mercenary band the Moray Leviathan’s conquer the northern end of Dolan’s Pass (renamed to Blackstone Pass).
  • 1239 DR: Year of the Bloodied Sword: Over two hundred firbolg overrun Cantrev Koart and Cantrev O’Maillie before being slaughtered by the warriors of Corwell.
  • 1240 DR: Year of the Bright Sun: King Cedric Carrathal grants the priests of Chauntea licence to establish the Church of the Great Mother.
  • 1243 DR: Year of the Blue Dragons: King Smedar reclaims the ruins of Caer Airaun from the firbolg that seem drawn to the area.
  • 1266 DR: Year of the Leaping Frog: Flamsterd buys the largely deserted Isle of Dywyll from King Cerestann Kendrick of Corwell and renames it the Isle of Flamsterd. King Cerestan renounces all claim to the Isle of Dywyll (now Flamsterd) and the title King of Shaina, but absorbs the Tredorl lands into the Kingdom of Corwell.
  • 1278 DR: Year of Many Bones: The Cult of the Bloodied Horn slaughters half the Circle of Snowdown including the Great Druid Marath Haldewn.
  • 1290 DR: Year of the Whelm: Thelgaar Rolgarrson declares himself King of Oman.
  • 1291 DR: Year of the Hooded Falcon: Flamsterd Tower explodes in a great cacophony, dropping it and half the island (of the same name) into the sea.
  • 1304 DR: Year of the Stag: Cantrev Greystone is resettled by Martoil Moray, of the House of Kimball, with permission from the King of Corwell.
  • 1309 DR: Year of the Sunset Winds: The Cult of the Deathstalkers arrives on Alaron from Amn
  • 1310 DR: Year of Storms: King Alec IV Carrathal of Callidyrr invites magic users from Waterdeep to establish the Council Sorcere, a group of magical advisers to help protect the king from his enemies.
  • 1312 DR: Year of the Griffon: Rogar Folggson claims the title Kunngr of Norland by uniting the Jarls beneath his banner.
  • 1324 DR: Year of the Grimoire: This year signals the start of a decade of exceptionally cold winters and short growing seasons.
  • Raiding parties from Oman occupy large parts of the Isle of Moray.
  • Thalantede MacHorsyr, royal weaponsmith and his pregnant wife Maerana are taken captive by norl raiders and sold as slaves to a Calishite trader in service to Pasha Darkyn.
  • 1330 DR: Year of the Marching Moon: Kunngr Rogar Folggson and his raiding party disappear in the Sea of Moonshae. Norland is divided by civil war.
  • 1332 DR: Year of the Sword and Stars: Grunnarch Rogarrson claims the title Kunngr of Norland with aid from his kin Kunngr Raag Hammerrson of Norheim.
  • 1335 DR: Year of the Snow Winds: The Bleak Winter strikes the North in the early months of this year, the harshest and coldest winter from a decade of freezing winters.
  • King Dagdar of Moray leads an assault against the norl settlement of Trondheim and is slain. King Dynnegahl is crowned King of Moray.
  • 1336 DR: Year of the Dark Dragon: Reprisal raids from Norland lead to large swathes of Moray being occupied by Northmen raiders. King Bryon Kendrick sends warriors from Corwell to help Moray fight back the invaders.
  • 1341 DR: Year of the Gate: King Sigurd Helmudsson “the Wise” of Gnarhelm and Sunderstaad dies and the crown passes to his named heir King Rolf Olafsson of Olafstaad, uniting the lands of Gnarhelm once more.
  • 1346 DR: Year of the Bloodbird: The Moonshae Chronicles is presented to King Carrathal of Callidyrr.
  • The current year

The Moonshae Isles

The Moonshae Isles are a series of islands out in the Sea of Swords that have remained mostly isolated from the rest of mainland Faerun for thousands of years. Even today the island cultures are cut off from the trade, politics, technology, and people of the city states of the Sword Coast.

The Moonshae Isles are regarded as a backwater region where Illuskan raiders still plunder the farmers and sheep herders that live on the other islands. These people live in the spaces between dark forests, fetid marshland, high mountains and many other natural wonders filled with dangerous and magical creatures.

The Moonshae Isles are unlike all other regions of Faerun in that the islands themselves are alive, and every animal on them is part of a delicate balance that needs to be maintained. The humans call this concept the Earthmother, the elves called it the Balance, but those who disturb the natural order of the Moonshae Isles beware, even islands have teeth.

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