The city of Karador; if that is what it can be called, is home to the largest concentration of LeShay in the Multiverse. It is a 10 mile wide island that sits in the Feywild portion of the Plane of Faeree in the middle of the lake known as the Myrloch.

The city is little more than a gathering of LeShay and their attendant eladrin and fey followers around a point of interest; the High Lady Ordalf, without her the LeShay would be scattered individuals across the spheres and planes.

Life and Society


Leshay: The LeShay are the lords of the fey, more powerful than most archwizards, they command inherent magical abilities that dwarf the spells of most magic users, they are blessed with immortality, immunity to poison and disease, and most forms of injury.

They have ruled over Karador for millennia, since High Lady Ordalf gathered the remaining LeShay to her side and led them to the Moonshae Isles and its connection to the Plane of Faeree. However, the LeShay do not desire power or control, they never give commands, only taking action to enforce the natural Order. Each LeShay is a powerful individual that acts according to his own agenda, the only thing that links them is their respect for High Lady Ordalf.

Eladrin: The Elah-Drine are kin to the LeShay, distantly separated by many hundreds of thousands of years. They are native to the Plane of Faeree and are themselves the distant ancestors of the elves of Faerun.

The Eladrin are split into castes that specialise in different aspects of nature, fire, wind, earth, water, ice, summer, spring, autumn, winter, etc. These aspects are grouped into tribal collectives (Bralani, Ghaele, Tulani, Firre, etc) that often coexist with one another performing specialised tasks in society, but also selling their services to other powerful lords on the outer planes, particularly those of Selah-Drine origin.


Karador is home to nearly 200 LeShay, each of them rivalling their distant kin; the Seldarine (before their ascent to godhood), in knowledge and power. Over a thousand other fey creatures (including a few ancient elves sustained by the energy of the Plane of Faeree) dwell within the borders of Karador, making that city one of the best defended in all of Faerun.

Muubsidhe: The fey are magical creatures with unusual powers, but they are not as physically adept or resilient as other creatures. When it comes to martial combat, the fey prefer to use other beings to fight their battles for them; allies, confused enemies, and even slaves.

In ages past, the LeShay used the norl in their war against Kazgoroth the Ravager, arming them with silver and iron weapons enhanced by the powers of the fey. Where the norl were unwilling, they were magically coerced into cooperating, but after many decades of war, the LeShay found that children were far easier to manipulate, and once fully grown they proved excellent combatants.

In recent years, as Ordalf’s fears over Kazgoroth’s return grew, she confided in Prince Araithe (who already knew of his return) and together the pair have been preparing to return to the Moonshae Isles and destroy the Beast once and for all. Prince Araithe has been sending agents to kidnap ffolk and norl children so they can be raised within Karador (where time flows differently) to become the ultimate soldiers, fiercely loyal to Karador (and Prince Araithe).

The Muubsidhe (Muub meaning slave) are trained in all aspects of martial combat for 20 hours a day. The Faeree Plane makes these children age slower, require less sleep and sustenance, become stronger, faster, smarter, all augmented by the positive energies of the Plane of Faeree. By the time they are fully grown, these soldiers are fanatical warriors with nearly 40 years of training, they are then equipped in plate armour, with silver and cold iron swords. 

There are nearly 1,000 Muubsidhe, fully trained and ready to fight, with another 3,000 children in various stages of training and development. Prince Araithe has considered abducting entire cantrevs if required, using the Muubsidhe against their own kin to swell the ranks of the LeShay army..

The Spirit Ward: Karador is protected by an immensely powerful magical field that rivals the strongest mythals ever constructed by elves or humans.

This ward is not a woven web of spells and magical threads that augment or donate powers to attuned individuals within it, instead it is an amalgamation of the life force of every individual within the borders of Karador, each adding their own force into the Spirit Ward which is focused on a giant totem at the centre of the city.

Each individual wishing to live within Karador must craft a runeic fetish of themselves that forges a link between that individual and the Spirit Ward. The fetish is placed within the totem and from that point on anyone within the city’s borders may call upon the powers of any individual tied to the totem.

The totem itself also has a sentience of sorts, from the fused essence of over 2,000 powerfully magical beings. It strives to make Karador a place of paradise for all individuals within.

Important Organisations

Silver’s Blades: This group of eladrin act on behalf of the orders of Prince Araithe, abducting young and infant humans and bringing them to Karador in the Feywild. Here the children undergo years of training and education to transform them into the Muubsidhe warriors that guard Karador and that are being prepared to invade the Material Plane.

Silver’s Blades are commanded by Silver Silwyrt, an eladrin of the Ghaele tribe. He is loyal to Prince Araithe, and shares his commander’s loathing of humans, but recognises they are useful as tools in the coming war with Kazgoroth.

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