Sunset Isle


The most westerly island of the Moonshae Isles is also one of the smallest. It is at the mercy of the weather from the Trackless Sea and is mist covered, wind swept, and cold.


Wyrm Peak: This flattened rocky outcropping is the tallest point of Sunset Isle, it is so named for the most famous visitor to the island that likes to perch atop the rock (presumably sunbathing). On clear days Arveiaturace rests here after hunting large whales when the breach the surface (freezing them solid and carrying the carcass to her lair). Arveiaturace is said to be approachable during these rest stops, and quietly watches nearby inhabitants with interest.

Alamtine Gate: On the most western point of the island is a half ring of stones bordering the cliff edge. Those stepping off the cliff at this point (while carrying one of the Fey Alamtine triangles), will be transported to one of the islands off Evermeet.