Slave’s Escape Portal: Located in the depths of the chambers beneath Gheldaneth is an ancient portal created by an Imaskari artificer to assist in the gathering of resources for his experiments.

When the Mulhorand erected Gheldaneth atop the ruins of the artificer’s tower, Thoth discovered the portal in the basement of the ruins and ordered the Arcanum of Magic constructed above to protect it.

The portal was lost and forgotten as the millennia passed until rediscovered by two separate groups decades apart. The first was in 1280 DR when a group of desperate priests of Thoth who sought to escape what they believed was certain death during Thay’s invasion of Mulhorand. These priests activated the portal’s defence mechanisms and were plunged into a communal dream vision, upon awaking from the dream they formed the Order of the Ibis and have dedicated themselves to the vision they believe was sent by Thoth himself.

The second was the Halfling rogue Mather Esseylnn, a slave who escaped his bonds and discovered an ancient tunnel that led into the deep cellars of the Arcanum of Magic. Passing through the portal (it’s defences now expended) Mather emerged in the land known as Tethyr where he spent some sixty years adventuring and earning his fortune. A harper friend, Mather has volunteered to return to his former home, where he has purchased his freedom using the spoils of his adventuring and is now looking to help other slaves escape from Mulhorand.

The Greenhouse: The Greenhouse is a large temple shared by the churches of Osiris and Isis. The presence of a temple to Osiris in such a large and disorganized city is well understood, however the Greenhouse is as it’s name implies a centre for the all manner of plant life, and it is one of the few green areas left in the city, with all manner of flowers, trees, and shrubs growing all over the temple.

The secret to the existence of the Greenhouse in this filth choked, squalid, urban sprawl, is a portal secreted away within inner chambers of the temple that leads to a demiplane that appears to be designed specifically for growing huge numbers and varieties of plants.

The Greenhouse Portal: This portal is believed to have been constructed by an Imaskari artificer, possibly the same artificer who constructed the Slave’s Escape Portal given their close proximity.

The portal leads to a large demiplane bathed in an odd purple glow that resembles perpetual twilight. Within the demiplane are numerous islands linked by other portals (although some portals no longer function and a few islands are unreachable), each island contains different varieties of plants from different regions of Toril (and a few not from Toril).

Priests of Isis tend to these islands and the plants that grow on them, using the fruits of their labour to restock the city of Gheldaneth with greenery. More recently, strangely formless creatures have been seen in the demiplane and more than a few priests of Isis have gone missing. Worse still is that a few of the waifs and strays have reported seeing clouds that suck the life out of people.