The Darkcrypt: This hidden shrine lies somewhere beneath the rocky vale of the Thazarim. The only entrance is a tunnel that emerges in a cave hidden behind a waterfall along the route of the River Thazalhar.

The Darkcrypt is the secret shrine to Ra, constructed hastily to house some of the greatest relics belonging to Ra, which many presume to have been lost in the Orcgate Wars. The Ankh of Life / Staff of Ra is hidden in the centre of the shrine chamber protected by the Incarnation Ramanthanhur who has spent the last 400 years defending the shrine from intruders.

The existence of the shrine is documented in a few historical records in Skuld that details the events of the Orcgate Wars. What the documents do not reveal is why the young god Horus ordered the construction of the shrine in the first place, or why the assembled incarnations and godkings felt compelled to obey a junior godking.