Bahamut known as the Lawbringer, the Platinum Dragon, the Master of the North Wind, Bahmat the Grandfather of Dragons, Xymor the King of Good Dragons, Xymor the Justicemaker, Marduk the Justice Bringer.

Bahamut is the god of metallic dragons and good dragons, a stern and fierce opponent of Tiamat and evil doers, whilst also a kind and merciful defender of good.

Bahamut is worshipped in some guise in many other crystal spheres, and dragons are present on all of them, leading many sages and scholars to speculate that Bahamut the Platinum Dragon and Tiamat the Dragon Queen are archtypes that exist on every world and that their existence results in the creation of metallic and chromatic dragons. In Toril Bahamut has a long history but also huge absences where his name has all but been forgotten.

Without belief there can be no divine, and without worshippers there can be no belief. Can Bahamut today the same as that worshipped at the dawning of dragonkind.


The mythology of Bahamut is that he created metallic dragons, forming them from his own body using the blood of Asgorath and a shard of the Crystal Sun of Zotha. At the same time Tiamat and the chromatic dragons were born from the body of Asgorath. Tiamat and Bahamut were in opposition from the start and their hatred fuelled a holy war and eternal feud between metallic and chromatic dragons that has lasted for over 30,000 years.

The damage caused by the wars between metallic and chromatic dragons resulted in near extinction for the dragons and the abandonment of worship of Bahamut (and Tiamat). For over 20,000 years barely a soul worshipped Bahamut until the arrival of a people from another world reinvigorated his presence on Toril once again.

The Mulan people were led by their godkings, including one known as Marduk who it is claimed was an aspect of Bahamut in another guise. With his return, worship of Bahamut was revived and survived the destruction of Marduk by a three headed form of Tiamat.

Today Bahamut’s name is once again on the lips of all metallic dragonkind, and the Dragonfall War begun long ago is nearing a new peak.


Many are the sages that question the mythology of Bahamut. Why is he known to different names; Bahamut, Marduk, Xymor, how did he survive over 20 millennia without any measurable worship, if Marduk was indeed Bahamut then how did Bahamut survive when Marduk was destroyed. Some have attempted to explain such questions with complex theories regarding Outer Planar divine essences, aspects, avatars or by waving such problems away as the unknowable ways of the gods.

The Church of Bahamut preaches that there is only one Platinum Dragon and that he is Bahamut, and yet at the same time Bahamut has multiple different names, and the history of dragonkind notes at least two other platinum dragons; Lendys and Tamara.

The truth of the matter may well lie in the mythology of Bahamut himself. Bahamut is acknowledged as being an archetype of dragons, and the Church of Bahamut has numerous instances of a devout follower sacrificing himself to be transformed into an aspect of the Platinum Dragon and that aspect is independent of Bahamut and yet represents the deity. These occurrences point to Bahamut perhaps being multiple beings that all represent the same form and ideology, this may explain the survival of the Platinum Dragon despite his complete loss of worship on Toril. It also means that the Dragon Queen and the Platinum Dragon may not have created chromatic and metallic dragons across the Multiverse, but instead worthy dragons from these races may have become the archetypes themselves.

Xymor is acknowledged as the first and most ancient representation of Bahamut. If the Platinum Dragon is indeed an archetype, then it is possible one can become that archetype through some form of transformation. The sacrifice of worthy dragons to become the Platinum Dragon in times of need does indicate that a magical process exists through which one may transform. Xymor may well have been among the first to achieve this transformation and become the Platinum Dragon (although given the mythology of Lendys and Tamara as parents of Xymor it is possible they achieved a similar transformation first).

The Dragonfall War led to a fall in worship of the deities of the Draconic Pantheon, with Tiamat and Xymor suffering the most for the never-ending feud they caused or promoted between chromatic and metallic dragons. It is entirely possible that worship of Xymor and Tiamat entirely collapsed to the point that one or both deities became forgotten and therefore dead gods. The only evidence of Xymor’s existence in the realms today is a spell known as the Light of Xymor, and an order of silver dragons known as the Talons of Justice which were once dedicated to Xymor long ago but today they worship Bahamut.

There is a recent discovery (some say rediscovery) known as the Rite of Rebirth, a sacred ritual of the Church of Bahamut that is known to transform a devout humanoid follower into a draconic creature known as dragonborn. The sacrificial transformation into the Platinum Dragon may well involve a variant of the Rite of Rebirth (although such a ritual would be an even more closely guarded secret of Bahamut’s Church).

The arrival of Marduk is said to have reinvigorated the Platinum Dragon’s presence on Toril, with the Church of Bahamut claiming that Marduk was but an aspect of the Platinum Dragon. It is known that since the arrival of the Mulan, a great many dragons were slain in the Dragon Purges when Marduk and Assuran led the forces of the godkings against the chromatic dragons around Unther and Mulhorand in response to an increase in dragon attacks and a resurgence of the Cults of Tiamat.

In -1071 DR, during the Orcgate Wars, Marduk and Tiamat slew each other in combat as war between orc and mulan raged around them. Marduk was, like many of the godkings, described as humanoid and not a dragon, it is possible Marduk was able to cloak himself in illusion or change his shape to almost permanently resemble a human. Another possibility is that Marduk may not have been completely dragon. It may be that in order to achieve transformation into the Platinum Dragon one need only be draconic in nature so a half dragon should be able to achieve such a transformation as well as a true dragon.

Marduk, like all the godkings of the Mulan, was bound to Toril by the Imaskari Planar Barrier, and so as the sole representative of the Platinum Dragon in Toril, his destruction should have spelled the death of the deity once more, however worship of the Platinum Dragon persisted and in more recent times has expanded and is now known as Bahamut the Platinum Dragon.

The next greatest focal point of worship of the Platinum Dragon is centred in the Bloodstone Lands, with Bahamut being said to have appeared to heroes to aid them in their battles against Zhengyi the Witch-King, whose Castle Perilous was sat atop a portal nexus that opened into the lair of Tiamat on the Plane of Baator. Few have been able to satisfactorily explain the Platinum Dragon’s presence or interest in the region and what follows is just one of many theories.

The Church of Bahamut tells that Bahamut spends much of his time wandering Toril in the guise of an old man accompanied by 7 gold canaries that are transformed gold dragons. The Church of Ilmater recognises a minor saint in Damara known as St. Bahmat a defender of the weak and enlightened justice maker who is all but unknown outside of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.

Ancient texts of the Order of Saint Sollars depict the arrival of the Ilmateri priests at the Citadel of the White Worm and their encounter with an elderly monk known as Bahmat the Grandfather. It was in the Citadel of the White Worm that the monastic Order of Saint Sollars was born, with some speculating that the teachings of the order are based upon the teachings of Bahmat. Supporting this speculation is the existence of such titles as Master of Dragons, Master of the North Wind, Master of the East Wind, Master of the South Wind, Master of the West Wind, all of which are related to the mythology of Bahamut himself (who is said to be Master of the North Wind, Grandfather of Dragons, and who lives in a fortified palace behind the east wind).

If Bahmat was indeed the most recent being to transform into the Platinum Dragon then that would explain his association and interest with Damara as well as the hierarchy and teachings in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. It could also explain the depiction of Bahamut as an old man that wanders Toril. How then does a human become the Platinum Dragon, the Rite of Rebirth could have allowed just such a transformation and may also have resulted in Bahmat’s transformation into the Platinum Dragon.



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