Myrkul, the Lord of Bones, Old Lord Skull, Cyruk, The Reaper, The Great Foreclosure


Death Devils: This species of fiend is rumoured to be part of a pact made between the Lord of the Dead and Asmodeus, although these rumours never specify which Lord of the Dead. Sages specialised in planar lore speak of an ancient group of Baatorians that fled the arrival of the Baatezu and ended up in the Plane of Hades, transformed over time into their current form. Others claim that Death Devils form spontaneously from the Planar Domain of deities like Jergal and Myrkul

Death Devils resemble undead angels, with skeletal bodies and wings, covered with a tattered black cloak, and carrying a large scythe. Death Devils are known by many names, tormentors, the angels of death, and in some ancient Faerunian cultures they are known as Jerul.

Denizens: In the Bone Castle in the Plane of Hades the Grey Waste, Myrkul is attended by a number of allied creatures and creations. The “Denizens” are among the oldest of his servitors, former servants of Jergal that still serve as guardians to the dead.

The term Denizens comes from the name these creatures give to themselves De’Nehk’Ziin from an archaic tongue almost unpronouncible to humanoids. These creatures have been altered by their divine masters and planar energies until they little resemble their original forms, but there origins still be discerned if one looks at the insectoid wings, compound eyes, and multiple limbs.

The Denizens shepherd the souls of the dead towards Bone Castle and protect the inhabitants from other fiends of the Grey Waste of Hades.

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