Sharess was; a millennia ago, the Mulhorandi goddess known as Bast (Bastet Unkaria). She left that land after suffering much dishonor for allying with Set during the War of the Gods, and for later evils blamed upon her clergy.

Sharess is now a demi goddess that roams Faerun seeking out life’s pleasures and battling evil wherever she may find it.



The mythology of Mulhorand paints Bast as the wife, daughter, or sister of Anhur (depending upon the region), she is depicted as lithe and graceful, skilled with all manner of weapons, a defender of Mulhorand, and an implacable foe of Set.

Many of the legends claim that Bast was a lieutenant of Anhur, and thus had a role to play in the defence of Mulhorand, from evil monster, warring nations, and evil creatures like rats and serpents.

Legends claim Bast was always the foe of Set, those legends likewise claim Set was always the hidden enemy of Mulhorand, but history shows Set was at one time a loyal servant of Mulhorand, and so Bast’s enmity must have arisen from past events. Sages believe that the civil war in Mulhorand, when Bast allied with Set and Osiris to help stabilize the realm, and then later when Bast abandoned Set, is probably the root cause of the myths that depict Bast as Set’s implacable foe. Because of her choice of ally she suffered much shame and was stripped of the office of Divine Precept.

Later myths mention Bast as merging with the likes of Felidae and Zandilar and leaving Mulhorand forever, giving in to her feline wanderlust to roam Faerun. The root of this myth may lie with the beast cults that arrived in Mulhorand beginning in -151 DR. These beast cultists were often adopted into the churches of Mulhorand and gave rise to the animal symbolism with the Laren. Felidae was the beast totem venerated by one of the cults and many of its number did join the Church of Bast.



Bast was one of the Laren of the Mulan, she was a warrior of unparalleled skill and grace, the master of many different fighting styles, and a genius (if disorganized, military strategist). These qualities made her a natural ally of Anhur, and the two Laren were often depicted together.

During the Orcgate Wars, Bast suggested using the natives north of the Netarand to keep the qabasen (orcs) confined to the plateau. Following the death of Ra, Bast was eager to see order restored to Mulhorand, and after Osiris failed to unite the Empire she joined forces with the next strongest leader; Set, although she later abandoned Set because of the brutal actions of his other allies (notably Sebek).

After Horus defeated Set, Bast was left shamed and dishonored for her foolish decision, her Divine Precepture was removed and she retreated within herself for a long time.

The Great Conflagration brought a great period of change that saw beast cultists migrate into Mulhorand from the Hordelands region. The worship of beasts resonated with the Mulan; and in an effort to integrate these migrants, saw the Laran and their religions adopt animal motifs as part of their worship.

The migrants claimed much of the Taranoth between Sultim and Murghom, but the integration efforts did not go smoothly. After a century of tense relations, a large number of elders and shaman were slain during a moot, the hostilities that subsequently erupted resulted in much bloodshed between the cultists and Mulhorandi. Evidence and witnesses implicated Bast’s clergy and there were many high profile trials.

Bast left Mulhorand, although her church survived in a much diminished fashion. She took to wandering Faerun; ranging from the Yuirwood to the Lake of Steam, plundering ancient ruins and fighting great evils.

It is believed that during her time in the Yuirwood, she tapped into the remaining power of a trapped fey being known as Zandilar (who had been largely drained by drow who were assailing the elves of the Yuirwood to try and steal the power of the other fey creatures trapped there).

She also travelled to what is known today as the Border Kingdoms, and became trapped in a ruined keep for a time while she slowly succumbed to madness and the drow tainted influence of Zandilar’s power.

Centuries later she emerged from stasis and travelled to Cormanthyr. Her the madness continued to consume her mind. She became darker and more sadistic, indulging in the physical pleasures of life. Many cultists from the Cult of Shadows infiltrated her following and she became known as Sharess.


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