Annam, known as the All Father, is credited with being the progenitor of the every true giant race, and the creator of Ostoria. He is depicted as a wise and aloof being as well as consumed by emotions and excesses, making accounts of him confusing and at times conflicting. Annam is worshipped directly by very few among the giants because he has never answered any prayers or shown any interest in the giants of Toril since the time of Ostoria.


Annam is credited as the creator of the Giant Pantheon and the giant races on Toril. As the creator of the Giant Pantheon, it is said that he dallied with some ancient sky goddess (not on Toril), and together they made Stronmaus, and possibly Memnor, Surtr, and Thrym. Later dalliances with other deities produced Hiatea, Iallanis, and Diancastra.

These trysts are often said to have occurred out of time because the worship of these deities does not appear to have taken place in Ostoria until after its fall and the scattering of the giants.

Annam is also said to have fathered all the giant races on Toril, by creating the progenitors of the various subraces with a mountain demigoddess known as Othea. Together they sired Lanaxis, Masud, Nicias, Obadai, Ottar, Ruk, Vilmos, Dunmore, and his two-headed son, Arno and Julian, who in turn created the various subraces themselves.

In honour of his sons, Annam created the empire of Ostoria and gifted individual kingdoms to each of them.

Annam is said to have abandoned Toril after slaying Ulutiu, the lover of Othea, and in return for his absence Othea would bear him one more son, Annam could only return if this son asked him to.

Annam has not been seen or heard from since, he is never known to have interacted with his worshippers in any way, and his high priests can only claim to have had a single vision of great worth to the giant races (thus designating them as the high priest).

Annam is a confusing mix of depictions. He is the father of the giant race, proud of his sons enough to create an empire in their honour. He is also aloof and uncaring, not depicted as having had any part in the war between dragons and giants, and ultimately abandoned his people never to have any contact with them again. He is said to embody all the passions of the giants, with his gluttony and rage rivalling even the greatest examples, said to have slain Ulutiu out of jealousy, and yet he otherwise remained entirely passive during the rule of his empire taking little or no part in the running. 


Annam is described as being over 100 ft tall, an enormous humanoid specimen of indistinct features, leading to conflicting carvings of him. These physical features are important in determining the possible true history of Annam for few creatures in the whole history of creation have ever reached or even exceeded 100 ft, with the giants themselves rarely larger than 30 ft in height.

The clue to Annam’s true origins lie with a single entry in the annals of history depiction the death of Zhoukoudien at the hands of the titan thane Omo, which many historians have incorrectly concluded that Omo was of the jotunbrud (a millennia before Annam created the giants), while others conclude that another race of primordial beings known as Dawn Titans may have warred with the batrachi.

The truth is that Annam, Omu, and many other “Titans” were in fact enormous golem like defenders in service to the spellweavers that controlled isolated pockets of great magical significance, they were towering well over 100 ft and vaguely humanoid in shape but their individual features were indistinct and unformed (because it was unnecessary for them to have such features). The sarrukh of Okoth vied with the spellweavers near modern day Mulhorand, and the legacies of this conflict remain behind in the form of the Statues That Walk (lesser creations used to maintain spellweaver constructions). The batrachi ultimately sought to destroy the “Titans” by releasing ancient primordial creatures from their slumber, an act that caused the Tearfall and the near destruction of Toril.

Annam and a handful of these “Titans” survived the Tearfall due to their geographic location, and a curious by-product was that they escaped their servitor and became sentient. Annam journeyed across the northern lands searching for a means to create offspring, and in this journey came across one of the many fabled mountainous vales where life is in abundance and full of creatures extinct everywhere else (Gallad’s Garden, the Myrloch Vale, Bhalla, etc).

At this time Annam was still learning about freewill and intelligence, most times he was impassive, prone to thoughts that could last a century, uncaring or unaware about the feelings of others, yet often overwhelmed by his own growing emotions.

Using the magics inherent in the Vale of Othea, Annam influence the creation of life such that it was in his own image, a number of powerful titans; Lanaxis, Masud, Nicias, Obadai, Ottar, Ruk, Vilmos, Dunmore, and his two-headed son, Arno and Julian. Each of them immortal, but each one less powerful and more different (less like Annam) than before.

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