Anhur has always been the most militant of the Laren (godkings) of Mulhorand, he was their general during the invasion of Imaskar and the siege of Inupras, commanding the Mulan forces and training them to fight as a cohesive unit, conquering much of the Raurin territory in a few short years.

Following the founding of Mulhorand, Anhur claimed the Taranoth; Mulhorand’s most northern border at the time, and founded the settlement of Sultim by establishing the Blood Fortress there.

Anhur was frequently called upon by Ra to fight Mulhorand’s enemies and expand the borders of the empire. Anhur loyally marched forth every time and defeated his foe before returning to contemplate the defence of the realms or his next strategy.

The battle strategies of Anhur were bested only once, by the sheer savagery and overwhelming numbers of the orcs released during the Orcgate Wars. To Anhur’s great shame he did not foresee the possibility of betrayal among the ranks of the Mulan armies, this allowed the orcs to regroup as Ra penetrated their lines and they reformed behind him, swallowing the Pharaoh and his elite guard. Ra was slain by the orc Gruumsh and Anhur has felt the dishonor ever since.

Immediately following the Orcgate Wars, the Empire of Mulhorand effectively collapsed into independent city states, each ruled over by one of the Laren. After almost two decades of squabbling, the loosely allied city states broke into open warfare as the Laren each decided to re-establish the empire with themselves as Pharaoh.

Osiris with the support of Keoth Amsetis made an attempt to peacefully settle the issue by obtaining the Rod and Circlet of the Pharaoh (royal regalia lost since the Raurin Empire was disbanded). Anhur supported Osiris’ claim and the civil strife appeared to be ended, but when Osiris sat in the Sun Throne it appeared to reject him and slay him in an instant.

The next 18 months were an incredibly bloody period of open warfare as each of the Laran began to form alliances against others, with two powerful factions forming behind Keoth Amsetis, and Horus Calliant. Anhur remained entirely neutral, although he encouraged his lieutenant; Sharess, to support Keoth Amsetis, as he did not believe the propaganda Horus was declaring about the former Grand Vizier (that he poisoned Ra, and controlled Osiris to make him sit in the Sun Throne, knowing it would kill him), and he found the young Laran to be foolish and impetuous and therefore unsuitable as Pharaoh.

Horus was victorious and became the Pharaoh Horus-Re, and Anhur was shamed once more for not supporting Horus during the civil war (this lack of support has never been forgotten by the Church of Horus-Re and has seen Anhur’s church suffer through the millennia as a result).

With Mulhorand’s empire reformed, Anhur dutifully assumed the position of general of its armies, and helped conquer much of the territories lost following the Orcgate Wars, but his strategies were never as inspired, nor his battle prowess as heroic during Ra’s time as Pharaoh.

Like many of the other Laran of Mulhorand, Anhur retreated from mortal affairs after -148 DR and the Shining Clashes against the demons of Narfell. The constant fighting and bloodshed showed the Laren that their presence attracted far more problems than they could solve and so they entered their towers in Skuld and have not been seen or heard from in over a millennia.



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