Lord of Nature, Judge of the Dead, the White Crown, Reaper of the Harvest

Osiris is the Mulhorandi god of the dead and keeper of the laws of Mulhorand. Osiris is among the oldest, wisest, and most respected of the Laren of Mulhorand. It is believed Osiris helped draft the codified set of laws still in use today in Mulhorand, and for the efforts made limit the excesses of the nobility, the common folk have long made Osiris one of the most popular gods.

Osiris as seen as the shepherd and keeper of the law; the laws of nature, the laws of civilization, even the laws of life and death. This perception determined his role as one of balance between the expansion of civilization and the preservation of nature, between the power of the nobility and the needs of the poor, between the excesses of life and the eternity of death. Osiris’ tempering influence has greatly shaped Mulhorandi society into its current form.



Osiris Osriant is depicted in the creation myth of the Mulan as being the child of Geb and Nut in the form of the earth and the sky. These myths claim that Osiris, Set, Isis, and Nephthys were born to Geb and Nut (the natives in Raurin and some Mulan in Semphar claim that Horus was also a child to Geb and Nut). Osiris is then said to have married his sister Isis and sired Horus.

Osiris and Isis brought civilization to the Mulan and helped establish Mulhorand’s society as it exists today. Then Ra was killed during the Orcgate Wars and Osiris claimed the throne to bring stability to the Mulan, however, Set tricked Osiris into lying down in a magic coffin and he died.

Osiris was restored to life by Isis and Nepthys, who mummified his remains. Horus, however, had been chosen by Ra to succeed him and the two deities merged to become Horus-Re. Osiris gladly accepted the rule of his son (or brother depending upon where the myth is related) and Mulhorand has been preserved in its current state ever since.

These myths are loosely based upon the facts, which through whispers and rumours have reached the common folk of Mulhorand and become an origin story and mythology for the Mulan of Mulhorand.



The Book of Law details the following events as penned by Osiris in his code of the laws of Mulhorand, and the natural order.

Osiris arrived with the other Laren in the Teyla Shan (the Godswatch Mountains) aboard the ship Matet. His part in the siege of Inupras was as always one of temperance, controlling the bloodthirsty vengeance of the slaves against their former masters, and preventing the committal of horrific atrocities as much as he could. His fury in battle against the excesses of the artificers of Imaskar was terrible to behold, and his skill with magic saw him personally slay such masters as Megorarl the Torturer, Shiingraw the Devouring Mist.

Following the overthrow of Imaskar, Osiris was crucial in creating the laws for a new society in which the two tribes of Mulan could co-exist and rule. When the Raurin Empire collapsed due to pressures from the expanding desert, and due to magical corruption from the legacies of Imaskari, Osiris fled west with the other Mulan to a land safe from the desert and the evils of Imaskar.

This new land would be called Mulhorand, founded on the site of an old ruin, and Osiris again set to work on a set of laws that would preserve this new empire forever (or so he hoped). Rather than the Mulan governing themselves with the assistance of the Laren, and a land split among the two tribes, Osiris determined that a single Laran should command the empire forever as god and king.

Ra was determined to be best suited to rule and forevermore the body of Ra would rule Mulhorand, but the decision caused a rift that split the two tribes of Mulan. Mulhorand was founded, and Osiris ensured that the laws he created would apply to mortal and Laren equally. The other tribe of Mulan moved south and west and would found the nations of Unther and Akanu.

Ra’s death and the loss of the Netarand shook the empire of Mulhorand to its core. With the empire threatening to tear itself apart, Osiris did his duty and claimed the Sun Throne for himself, with the aid of Set, Nephthys, Bast, Horus, and many others of the Laren, Osiris was able to convince the others that stability was needed to save the Mulan and that his rule would be fair and just.

As soon as he sat upon the Sun Throne, Osiris felt himself weaken, and within moments he passed from the living. Instead of the eternity of death, Osiris found himself awakening inside a stone coffin, wrapped in bandages that were now fused to his preserved skin, and Mulhorand in the final throes of a civil war.