Thard Harr

Thard Harr, the Lord of the Jungle Deeps, the Disentangler

Thard Harr is the singular deity of the wild dwarves of the Jungles of Chult, who guides and protects them in the wilds of the dangerous jungles.


Thard Harr is thought of as a guardian deity, aiding the wild dwarves as they attempt to survive in the hostile Jungles of Chult.

The myths of the wild dwarves show him helping the wild dwarves hide from Sseth and his yuan-ti in the jungles, and aiding the dur Authalar in battle against Khurgorbaeyeg and his batiri, while helping the beleaguered wild dwarves escape from Eshowdow who lurks in the shadows.

Thard Harr is completely unknown to the shield and gold dwarves of other lands (except for the shield dwarves of Hrakhamar in the Kobold Mountains in Chult), and the churches of the Morndinsamman make no mention of Thard Harr anywhere in the histories of the dwarves and their gods. Similarly the wild dwarves do not recount Thard Harr associating with any of the more traditional dwarven deities, although they do recognise that they exist, but that they care nothing for the dur Authalar.


Thard Harr is likely some derivation for the ancient dwarven words for hammer (modern dwarvish uses hardorth) and clan chieftain (modern dwarvish uses “haraxlorl” meaning axelord). The words used were probably a title used to refer to a clan chief of some import (perhaps from a clan with ties to smithing) who performed some achievement of renown that his memory is now enshrined in wild dwarf culture.

Thard Harr could have been the leader of the migration that led the dwarves to the Jungles of Chult, he could have been the ruler of one of the early dwarf holds in Chult, or perhaps he was a great war leader during the battle with Kyuss in -483 DR.

Whatever the truth, the name Thard Harr has become deified, and is worshipped by every single wild dwarf in Faerun. Sages of divine lore equate him to a lesser power, and there is a definable Outer Planar presence in the Beastlands that corresponds to Thard Harr


The mythology of the wild dwarves depicts Thard Harr as the only deity they worship, believing the Mordinsamman abandoned them, and only Thard Harr was able to prepare and guide them in the jungles.

The churches of the Morndinsamman among the gold dwarves of the Great Rift and the shield dwarves of Faerun make no mention of Thard Harr ever being among their number. The sole exception is among the shield dwarves of Hrakhamar whose priests preach that Thard Harr is a forgotten deity of the Morndinsamman.

The wild dwarves of Chult and the Chultans have good but infrequent relations, the wild dwarves often rescue those who become lost in the jungle, and have in the past joined forces with the Chultans against threats such as the yuan-ti and Kyuss. The wild dwarves believe that Thard Harr and Ubtao are allies against the evils that threaten life in the jungle.

An alliance with Jazirian; lord of the couatl, is also believed to exist because of the wild dwarves’ ancient cooperation with such beings against Kyuss, but at the time the wild dwarves believed Ts’ikil to be a manifestation of Thard Harr due to his appearance as an emerald coloured serpent (something that was later reinforced by the exploitation of Esmerandanna).

Green Hunters: The wild dwarves have no formal organisation or church that worships Thard Harr. The beliefs of the wild dwarves are fairly uniform, probably due to the constantly shifting membership of wild dwarf groups and their nomadic nature.

Despite the lack of a clergy, there is a group among the wild dwarves that more closely follows the belief that Thard Harr guides and guards the dwarves from the perils of the jungle. These dwarves live in smaller subgroups among the hunter gatherer nomadic units. These Green Hunters work together to rescue individuals lost or in peril while in the jungles. They are the closest thing to mortal representatives of Thard Harr’s divine will.


The wild dwarves have a long standing animosity towards the scalykind creatures that infest the jungles, as well as the batiri goblins that attack everybody. This conflict is mirrored in the belief that Thard Harr constantly battles Sseth and Khurgorbaeyag as he travels through the jungles.

The wild dwarves also believe that the shadows they hide in can come alive to claim victims for an evil entity that has been approximated with the being that the Chultans call Eshowdow (possibly influenced by the association between wild dwarves and Chultans), thus they believe Thard Harr protects the dwarves from the depredations of Eshowdow.

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