The economy of the Alternate Forgotten Realms is as varied as the people. Each continent, region, city, and satellite village or hamlet has it’s own unique economy of goods and services being bought and sold. External (such as war, shortages, drought, etc) and internal factors (such as supply, and demand) can have a positive or negative effect on the economy and it’s prices both locally and beyond. As a result it is impossible to quantify the state of any economy in a realistic fashion.

Below are some suggested concepts for trading in the pseudo medieval fantasy world of the Alternate Forgotten Realms.

Currency: In the enlightened Modern Age of Faerun, most nations and cultures have adopted a form of decimalisation similar to the real world. As the Faerunian Pantheon came to dominate almost every corner of the continent, the ideas and concepts of that pantheon spread as well. Fledgling inter-nation trade blossomed as a common tongue and common exchange rates facilitated this effort.

Most nations and city states retain their own names and forms of currency, but in the end all these coins approximate to copper pieces (cp), silver pieces (sp), and gold pieces (gp). 100 cp equals 1 sp, 100 sp equals 1 gp.

Most items tend to be priced in silver pieces.

Buying and Selling: Unless one is in a city or major trade town, the vast majority of manufactured items are made to order. Village blacksmiths, carpenters, millers, etc know their customers personally and have a regular order which they endeavour to fulfil. If they have spare time and materials they may make additional items just in case, but it is rare that any item beyond a few silver pieces will be made on a just in case basis.

As a result if an adventurer wanders into a town or village, then most items they might desire (armour and weaponry) will be second hand goods that were traded for other goods.

All items below are for the cost price to produce that item new. Second hand items are bought and sold at a base price of 50% of the cost value (because the quality is not expected to be as good).

The following factors should be added to the cost price of all items being bought or sold. The result is then the guide retail price the item is available for. It is expected in the Alternate Forgotten Realms that all prices are subject to haggling, anyone not haggling over the price is often considered an untrustworthy individual or immensely rich (in either situation the prices of any future sales are often increased dramatically).

Factor Cost Multiplier
Village or rural setting +100% of cost

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