The planet Toril is rich in magical energies, moreso than most other crystal spheres. In millennias past, the magical energies were so strong that most lesser beings were spontaneously consumed by the invisible vortices of magic that swirled around them, and those beings who tried to harness the magical energies for themselves were often severely injured as a result.

Eventually the powerful races of the time were compelled to find a safer way of harnessing magic and it’s power, the result of this search was the creation of huge magical field known today as The Weave.

The Weave served as a protective blanket that covered large areas of the planet and insulated everything from the raw magic that suffused the environment. This allowed lesser flora and fauna; such as the trees, animals, and humanoids that dominate the planet today, to flourish. It also allowed intelligent beings that wished to do so, to tap into The Weave and access magic stored within it in the form of spells.

Raw magic is still plentiful on Toril today; although much lower in volume than 30 millennia ago, and The Weave still protects everyone within its confines from exposure to raw magic, but those with the knowledge of how, can bypass The Weave and directly harness raw magical energies to mould into effects of their own design (and suffer the consequences of doing so).

The Weave

The Weave has not always existed, it was created by and for the Creator Races, to allow them a safer and easier way to harness magical energies (It also allowed the true creators to provide a simpler and less powerful means of producing magical effects while at the same time accelerating the speed of magical advancement beyond their ability to cope, with the intention of their rapid magical advancement destroying the organised empires the races were creating).

The Weave is in essence the largest and most complex magical item every crafted, and is made up of a series of magical items that extend its area and functionality.

Like most magical items or energies, The Weave is not static, it is mutable, can be changed through design or evolution, and after such a lengthy existence, has acquired a sentience composed of multiple sentiences.

Weave Anchors: The Weave exist as a result of a series of Weave Anchors that extend the area that The Weave covers. Originally these Weave Anchors were sparse and usually mobile (an example of which is known today as The Nether Scrolls), but in ages past The Weave would have centred on the land controlled by the empires of the Creator Races.

As time passed, and more Weave Anchors were created, The Weave has extended to cover almost the entire surface of Toril, including Faerun, Kara-Tur, and Maztica.

Weave Ghosts: It is possible for sentient beings to merge with The Weave, giving up their material form to become one with what they believe to be Magic itself (and by extension, whatever deity of magic they believe in).

For most this merging is a religious ritual performed as a boon for devotion to the deity of magic. These merged sentiences have been called many names over the millennia, the most recent of which is the Weave Ghost. However, to those few that understand The Weave, it’s nature, and it’s purpose (although it’s true purpose is hidden from all but the Spellweavers), merging with The Weave allows them to become guardians of the magical knowledge stored within, and even gain control over some of it.

Almost every Weave Anchor was created alongside a Weave Ghost which became the guardian and protector of that anchor, and added their own sentience to the multitude of ghosts in The Weave.

These Weave Ghosts are often the insp

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