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Laird Aaron MacFeargus

Aaron MacFeargus, Laird of Cantrev Kingsbay

Laird Aaron MacFeargus (Good, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1):

Aaron MacFeargus is the Laird of Cantrev Kingsbay, a good and honest lord of average height and build, with a long, brown, handlebar moustache. 

Laird MacFeargus is fair in judgement and trusting of others (although he is no fool), and believes in the inherent goodness of people, he is temperate and considerate and can be swayed by an intelligent argument. He lives inland of the Kingsbay in a modest lodge when he is not attending court in Caer Corwell.

Laird MacFeargus’ trusting nature has allowed his cousins, nephews, and more distant relatives to take advantage. He has granted many of these relations minor posts within his court as Shyrrifs of the cantrev allowing them to collect taxes, resolve minor disputes, and in this case sell land to foreign merchants and take bribes to ignore criminal activities while intercepting and preventing all attempts by the locals to inform the Laird.


Alexei, Apprentice Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere

Alexei (Evil, Human – Rashemmi, Magic User 4):

Alexei is the apprentice of the former Red Wizard Cyndre, who travelled with him from Thay to the shores of the Isle of Alaron hoping to escape the pathetically mediocre existence that he was destined for in Thay because of his parentage.

Alexei is one of the few individuals with almost complete knowledge of Cyndre’s plans. He is complicit in Cyndre’s plot to supplant Curmanvyss and take over the Council Sorcere, and is identifying and converting ambitious apprentices of the Council to their cause (in return for a position of power when Cyndre is leader).

Alexei is loyal to Cyndre, happy to support his master in return for the knowledge and training he receives as well as future power when Cyndre is the Sorcerer Majir. Alexei prizes loyalty as a virtue and cannot abide betrayal in his associates.

Allian of Lowhill

Allian of Lowhill

Allian (Good, Halfling – Lightfoot, Expert 1): CHA 12

Allian is a young and sprightly (for a halfling) 51 years of age, with a doll like face and flawless skin she is very comely compared to the doughty ffolk and halflings that live around Corwell.

Allian makes a living any way she can, mostly relying upon her good looks to take up with anyone that has a spare room in overcrowded Lowhill (to avoid moving further away or working the fields).

Amarok, the Dire Wolf

Amarok the Dire Wolf

Amarok the dire wolf is the enormous wolf lord of the Pack; one of the manifestations of the Earthmother’s power known as the Children. It has been seen many times in the history of the Moonshae Isles, always bringing with it death and destruction, particularly to the ffolk settlements (although their appearance far predates the ffolk’s arrival).

Amarok stands 5 ft tall at the shoulder with shaggy brown fur all over his body, great bony ridges around his face and neck, with large fangs and claws capable of tearing armour and flesh. When Amarok appears he quickly roams the nearby regions challenging the leader of other wolf packs and subsuming them into his pack.

Sages among the llewyrr noted his first appearance in the Moonshae Isles sometime after their own arrival, coinciding with the time that halflings first arrived on the island chain. This means that either Amarok is incredibly long lived like Leviathan and Kamerynn, or that there have been multiple creatures that resemble or grow to resemble Amarok (possibly through some bloodline connection), gather the Pack to their side and perish sometime later causing the Pack to dissolve.

Andabbar Meihklann

Andabbar Meihklann, Bard of the Snows

Andabbar Meihklann (Good, Human – Ffolk, Expert 3): WIS 13

The resident bard of Corwell is known to all as the Bard of the Snows for his penchant to write songs and portents of doom (although always with the caveat that heroes will arise to defeat evil once more).

In the year of Crown Prince Tristan Kendrick’s birth the Bard of the Snows penned a ballad warning of a great evil arising even as the Earthmother and the ffolk prosper like never before, but heroes would arise once more to defeat evil for a time. There were some who believed Tristan to be the hero foretold in the ballad, but thus far the prince seems to be a wastrel, interested only in hawking, hunting, drinking, and wenching.

Andabbar Meihklann is a favoured bard by the King of Corwell, and is entitled after one of the seasons according to the fashion of the Kingdom of Corwell. He is not one of the Prynmar (Great Bards), but is well known among the ffolk kingdoms and welcome at the table of clan and king alike.

Iyorl Angus Blackstone

Angus Blackstone, Iyorl of Fareighshyr of the Kingdom of Callidyrr

Iyorl Angus Blackstone (Evil, Human – Tethyrian, Warrior 3):

Angus Blackstone is the sixth Iyorl (Earl) of Fareighshyr, a powerfully built man with dark hair and well trimmed beard, possessed of an intense stare and iron self control when in public.

His subjects believed Angus Blackstone to be a stern but benevolent lord, he taxes them fairly and provides strong defences to keep the raiders of Gnarhelm away, he punishes criminals harshly but obeys the laws himself (more than many of the new nobility in Callidyrr). There are whispers that strangers who break laws often disappear never to be seen again, and that when Angus does get angry his rage is uncontrollable and terrible.

Angus Blackstone has three sons, all brawny young men to be proud of with a strong martial bent. His first and second son; Currag and Gwyeth, are both dark haired and outgoing like their father, but his youngest son; Hanrald, is fair haired and reserved (and rumoured to be the result of an illicit liaison his former wife had with an illuskan musician from Gnarhelm). Angus is widowed, his wife having died of an illness when Hanrald was younger (although some whisper she disappeared like the strangers who visit Cantrev Blackstone).

Angus Blackstone is secretly the leader of a cell of the Cult of the Raging One, like his father and grandfather, dating back to the first Blackstone who fled fallen Vlan. There are secret chambers and tunnels hidden beneath Blackstone Manor and extending under the Fairheight Mountains, including torture chambers and a labyrinth that Angus Blackstone uses to imprison and torture those he wishes to sacrifice to his god Talas.

Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr

Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr, the Bansidhe Rider

Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr (Neutral, Elf – Wood, Warrior 8):

Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr is a native of the forest of Winterglen of the now lost elven realm of Loresstlar. Along with her twin sister, she moved to Synnoria to cement a marriage alliance between the two elven realms and bring new and fertile blood to the failing llewyrr.

Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr is a warrior of legend among the llewyrr of Synnoria, the first captain of the Sisters of Synnoria, who lost her sister the Queen of Synnoria, was present at the reforging of the legendary Sword of Cymrych Hugh, and who fought Kazgoroth the Beast in single combat and survived.

Anhaern continued as leader of the Sisters of Synnoria for seven centuries before the numbers of savage firbolg rose to dangerous levels in the 6th century Dalereckoning. Anhaern Rhyllgallohyr led the Sisters of Synnoria against the firbolg and slaughtered hundreds of the monsters but she was slain along with 50 of her sisters.

Anhaern was not ended that day in 562 DR, her slayers dumped Anhaern’s body in the Darkwell along with the other slain llewyrr only to watch a number of them rise again and set about attacking the firbolg with renewed vigour.

Anhaern now leads the Bansidhe of Elyssyrr, organising regular sorties into the Myrloch Vale to fight the savage firbolg, and riding the length and breadth of Gwynneth rooting out the forces of evil, her keening shriek bringing terror to her enemies.

Anhaern wears her ancient elven armour and carries the sister blade to the Sword of Cymrych Hugh, it is without the sentience or enchantment of its famous counterpart, but is still a powerful blade in the hands of a skilled user. Anhaern also possess the ability to produce a piercing shriek that can instil fear in those who hear it, she uses this ability to weaken her foes before charging in on her Bansidhe horse (the Avalorne steed she rode in life)

In recent years the numbers of savage firbolg on Gwynneth have grown to dangerous levels once more and Anhaern can sense the presence of Kazgoroth has returned to Gwynneth, but more importantly she can feel the Beast inside her head turning her thoughts to battle and slaughter, thus far Anhaern has resisted his influence but she does not know for how long she can continue to ignore the bloodlust threatening to overtake her mind.

Antola Pilark

Antola Pilark, Great Druid of the Ring of Alaron

Antola Pilark (Neutral, Halfling – Lightfoot, Magic User 5):

Antola Pilark is the Great Druid for the Ring of Alaron. He has seen the Ring of Alaron continually diminish as it is infiltrated by priests from the Church of the Great Mother, causing him to secrete and guard much of the knowledge of the Fidouyr away from its membership.

More recently within the last 30 years there have been a series of disappearances and accidents that have befallen the Druid of the Ring of Alaron, Antola made the decision to completely withdraw with a handful of trusted colleagues into the depths of the Fairheight Mountains where they safeguard the legacies of the Ring of Alaron.


Arlen of Caer Corwell, Fierlar (Captain of the Guard)

Arlen (Good, Human – Ffolk, Warrior 3)

Arlen is the Captain of the Guard at Caer Corwell, a position he has held for over 12 years. He is a skilled weapons master, strict disciplinarian, and able commander, in his twilight years however his primary duties are training the wastrel Crown Prince Tristan in the military arts.

Arlen is a true and loyal servant of the Royal House of Kendrick, and is devoted to Crown Prince Tristan whom he views as a son and is determined to prepare him for combat and war as befitting a future King of the Shyffolk.

Brianna Moonsinger (Deceased)

Brianna Moonsinger, Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Brianna Moonsinger (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 9): INT 15, WIS 16

Brianna Moonsinger was the eldest of the Moonsinger twins, a family line (despite the Fidouyr vow of chastity) known for producing powerful and long lived druids, and twins. She held the title of Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth longer than any other druid in the history of the Fidouyr, and even the reigning Grand Druid would bow to her counsel no matter the date or season.

During her life Brianna Moonsinger penned a tome known as the Moonsinger Tree, a detailed volume of the history of the Moonsingers, and was the last known holder of the Staff of the White Well (an artefact forged in the beginnings of the Fidouyr). 

Brianna Moonsinger was a trusted friend and adviser to King Bryon and Queen Addee of Corwell. When Queen Addee died in the early days of 1330 DR, Brianna Moonsinger took up residence in Caer Corwell to console Bryon Kendrick. Before the year was over great portents indicated an evil was stirring in the Fens of the Fallon and Brianna Moonsinger prepared to leave to combat that evil, waiting only for the birth of her daughter before beginning her journey.

Brianna Moonsinger was known to be 113 years old when she left Caer Corwell (and her daughter in the care of Bryon Kendrick), she was never heard from again and is presumed dead, the mantle of Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth having passed to her twin sister Genna Moonsinger. Like all the Moonsingers, Brianna had bright green eyes.

Brigitha Cu’Lyrran

Brigitha Cu’Lyrran of Synnoria, Captain of the Sisters of Synnoria

Brigitha Cu’Lyrran (Good, Elf – Wood, Expert 5): STR 12

Brigit is the leader of the Sisters of Synnoria; the mounted warriors dedicated to defending the elven realm. Brigit has led the Sisters for close to 400 years, and is an expert warrior and veteran of 20 campaigns against marauding firbolgs in the Myrloch Vale.

Brigitha is tall and comely, like many of the maids of Synnoria, with bronze skin and golden hair. When on patrol (which is most of the time), she rides a tall Avalorne horse named Talloth, is often dressed in plated armour, and wields the enchanted blade Loresstael (Winter’s Blade), created a thousand years ago by the elder Amanoor of Winter’s Glen for the coronation of Queen Cyrisyne and her marriage to Laran Kaminas.

Brigitha is a dedicated warrior and leader, ever prepared for the possibility of war with the firbolg or an even greater enemy. She regularly organises patrols into the northern and western portions of the Myrloch Vale, leading many excursions herself.

Ceirmac, the Stone Stag

Ceirmac the Stone Stag

The great skeletal stag of the Moonshae Isles is one of the lesser known of the Earthmother’s Children, for it is rarely seen in the isles except when the humanoid population grows out of control.

Ceirmac is an enormous stag nearly 10 ft tall at the shoulder, he is gaunt, almost starved, with thin skin stretched over his bones, giving him an almost skeletal appearance. His eyes glow red and any who meet that gaze suffer the “Dance of the Shadowhunt”, where they are impelled to follow Ceirmac and his coterie of ghostly animals, dancing along the way (attacking any who try to prevent them from following).

Ceirmac’s skin has been reported as being brown, or red, or white, it is possible he may be able to change his skin colour to blend into the environment, or that his skin is white (making him look like a skeleton) that is tinged by the red glow of his eyes.

Ceirmac and the Shadow Hunt are first documented as appearing in 190 DR on the Isle of Gwynneth by both the ffolk and the llewyrr following the disappearance of a number of humans from settlements on the eastern shore of Gwynneth.

Queen Connomae

Queen Connomae

Queen Connomae (Evil, Giant – Fomorian, Expert 5):

This huge ffomorean giant is a legend among the humans and giants of Oman. She is said to be ancient beyond measure, larger than almost any other ffomorean in Moonshae history (with the possible exception of the Scaerandaga of Moray), and crucially possessed of all her intelligence and cunning.

During the War of Raging Waters around -2000 DR, an ancient firbolg civilisation was destroyed as many of its citizens were twisted into raging ffomoreans by the Touch of Kazgoroth. Queen Connomae was the queen of this empire, and one of the Paramount of Grond Peaksmasher, meaning she possessed a measure of the power of Grond himself.

The Touch of Kazgoroth consumed Queen Connomae and her fellow Paramount (and king), twisting them into enormous ffomorean. Queen Connomae was not consumed by the rage that filled her (which lead to the death of many lesser creatures and the insanity of most ffomorean).

She has survived as a leader among the other ffomorean, able to control and command them when she desires. She was banished to the Shadowfell by the LeShay, but was able to return to Isle of Oman through a Moonwell corrupted by the norl. Queen Connomae now works to destroy the norl on Oman and inadvertently obeys the compulsions of another force that drives her to corrupt other Moonwells.

Laird Corryn pen Dinsmore

Corryn pen Dinsmore, Laird of Cantrev Corwell

Laird Corryn pen Dinsmore (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1):

Laird Dinsmore is the lord of Cantrev Corwell. He is a shrewd negotiator and able administrator and in any other cantrev he would be incredibly rich and powerful, unfortunately as the Laird of Corwell he holds very little true power and administers to the cantrev on behalf of the King.

Laird Dinsmore is happy with his lot, he has no desire to be king, happy instead to hide in the shadow of the king while playing the role of a lord and enjoying the benefits of the position. Laird Dinsmore is unaffiliated with any clan, as is traditional for the Laird of Cantrev Corwell, a necessary tradition to prevent any one clan having too much access to the king.


Coss-Axell-Sinioth, The Storm Knight

Coss-Axell-Sinoth (Evil, Various, Magic User 20): INT 18

Coss-Axell-Sinioth is known to most today as the mysterious and enigmatic Storm Knight; the leader of the Cult of the Raging One, who commands his followers to spread chaos and destruction across the Moonshae Isles, while his cultists work in secret to call up great storms that disrupt the ecosystem of the Moonshae Isles for many years. His true face is said to be unknown, as is his name, although some of his followers whisper Malawar when they refer to him.

Sinioth commands innumerable powers, and knowledge of magic long since lost to even the most powerful wizards today. He is said to be able to command storms that last for years at a time, constantly sending wind and rain and snow against the Moonshae Isles through the use of his cultists performing rituals at secret locations on each island. These cults have been smashed many times over the centuries but are always reformed later by the seemingly immortal Sinioth.

Sinioth has been known to appear as male or female of any age and any race, even assuming the form of non-humanoid creatures of varying size from enormous squids to small snakes.

The truth about Sinioth is hinted by his name and his powers. Originally Coss-Axell-Sinioth was the beings Malawar Cossadark of House Ilvishaan, Felshiin Axellaerth of House Marstarym, and Datharaer Sinioth of House Vyshaan, each a separate individual in his own right and each a powerful High Magic of Aryvandaar (except for Malawar who was of the llewyrrwood).

The flight of the llewyrr and illefarni elves from Aryvandaar involved them seizing a fleet that House Vyshaan meant to use to find Evermeet. The fleeing rebels succeeded in commandeering the fleet and sailing out into the Trackless Sea, but they were betrayed by Malawar (who believed their flight to mythical Evermeet would fail and wanted to return home with his people to safety).

Malawar contacted the Coronal and his High Mages, and together a plan was formed to call down a great storm (similar to the one used to annihilate Miyeritar) to cause the fleet to turn back home. Malawar would form part of his casting from the lead ship, Felshiin performed his casting from the modern day site of Neverwinter, and Datharaer would cast the spell from the modern day island of Snowdown.

Together the three casters formed a triangle, and within that triangle the Eternal Maelstrom was conjured; a storm so ferocious that caused so much turmoil within the oceans that it awoke ancient monsters from the depths. The great storm smashed almost the entire Lost Fleet of Illefarn, scattering its sailors for hundreds of miles.

Malawar, driven insane by the betrayal of the Vyshaan and what his own betrayal had wrought, lost his mind to the Eternal Maelstrom (the storm persists to this day, called upon to defend Evermeet from intruders). The bodies of Felshiin, Malawar, and Datharaer merged into a single being now known as Coss-Axell-Sinioth.

Coss-Axell-Sinioth’s personality embodies the Eternal Maelstrom, for he wishes to bring storm and chaos to everything (starting with the Moonshae Isles and the llewyrr, and those who have aided them – the ffolk) out of some spite over what happened to him millennia ago. He appears bound to the Moonshae Isles as part of the ritual, and believes that he will not be able to leave until the Earthmother is destroyed, he has observed the drain of the Earthmother’s power and that it coincides with the activities of the Druid, so has formulated a plan to assault the ffolk kingdoms, wipe out the Moonwells, and force the Druid to call upon the Earthmother.

He uses his knowledge of the Eternal Maelstrom ritual performed so long ago, and has hundreds of cultists perform a lesser ritual to cause storms to wrack the islands to destabilise the ecology and society of the ffolk and the llewyrr so that he and others can sow chaos and destruction with ease. Heroes and adventurers eliminate his cultists when they become too powerful and the storms cause too much damage (and are seen for the artificial menace they are), but Coss-Axell-Sinioth always persists to recreate the Cult of the Raging One in another guise.

Coss-Axell-Sinioth believes that the death of the Earthmother is nearing, every century more and more islands collapse into the sea, volcanic activity is on the rise in the region, and something dark stirs in the Myrloch Vale. Coss-Axell-Sinioth intends to take advantage of the Earthmother at her weakest, and is preparing to call down storms that will last a decade.


Crughth, Last of the Dervynddur

Crughth (Evil, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 4): INT 12, CON 16

Crughth is a diminutive, hunched humanoid creature with cracked, calcified skin that resembles a small orc or troll. He is often found wandering the Old Stone Wood and is a foil to the norl of Oman, calling upon the powers of nature to bedevil the warlike despoilers.

Crughth is the last survivor of a group of ffolk that had spent decades learning in the realm of Synnoria, they were known as the Dervynddur, and their teachings and students would go on to form the Fidouyr.

During the War of Moon and Shadow, the Dervynddur returned to the ffolk to try and gather allies to fight Kazgoroth and his evil. At the darkest times a number of Dervynddur sought to awaken the power of the Earthmother herself and call upon her Children to defeat Kazgoroth. During their ritual the Moonwell on Oman erupted and petrified them all except for Crughth, whose skin was partially petrified by the spray.

Crughth has survived all these years, presumably through the latent magic of the Moonwell. His name has become the only sound his partially frozen lips can make. His purpose remains the same as it did long ago, to maintain the Balance, but he has divined that humanity is actually upsetting this Balance and needs to be extinguished. Crughth is attempting to make contact with the firbolg in Oman (thus far he has been attacked whenever he approaches their camp), he hopes to use them to pollute the Moonwells with the bodies of the norl (he has thus far been unable to approach beyond the ring of trilithon surrounding the Stone Grove, it is protected by some magical force).


Curmanvyss of Caer Callidyrr, Sorcerer Majir of the Council Sorcere

Curmanvyss (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Magic User 10): INT 14

Curmanvyss is an accomplished magic user from the city of Waterdeep (hired through the recently formed Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors) who emigrated  with many of his colleagues at the request of King Alec IV of Callidyrr to build a council of magically skilled advisers with Curmanvyss at its head.

Curmanvyss is ageing but still maintains his sharp mind. He has greying hair and a twisted back, causing him to walk with a stoop using a staff for support. He is highly suspicious of threats to the crown and his own security, and has established the Council Sorcere in such a way that all the members report to him alone while working independently on their assigned projects.

Curmanvyss dislikes the weak willed kings of the Carrathal Dynasty, noting a mental instability in the line that makes them predisposed to paranoia and delusions of grandeur. He maintains the illusion that the king is in control of the council by obeying his commands, but he has become a master at persuading kings to change their ridiculous ideas (using magic for particularly stubborn members).

Curmanvyss does not want to rule the Kingdom of Callidyrr, he only wishes to be allowed to continue his research into the many wondrous artefacts of the Moonshae Isles, the magical creatures and the history of the llewyrr.

Curmanvyss spends most of his time in the Sorcerers Towers, a linked complex of towers in the eastern wing of Caer Callidyrr kept exclusively for the Council Sorcere. When not in the Sorcerers Towers, he can also be found attending the king during his council meetings.

Sorcerer Cyndre

Cyndre of Thay, Second Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere

Cyndre (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 8): INT 15

Cyndre is a wizard of middling ability from the far off land of Thay, where he achieved the dizzying heights of researcher for the Zulkir of Enchantment. Two years ago Cyndre made a mistake experimenting with an elixir formula to enhance the battle skills of the imbiber (several recipients went berserk and slew a number of apprentices), and as a result had to quickly flee his former life.

Moving as far from Thay as possible, he arrived in the far off Moonshae Isles in Callidyrr 3 years ago, immediately seeking an audience with the most powerful magic users in the land. Curmanvyss quickly offered Cyndre and his apprentice a position on the Council Sorcere (presumably to keep a closer eye on the powerful Cyndre).

In 3 years since his appointment to the Council Sorcere, Cyndre has become the Second Sorcerer, with access to the king in Curmanvyss’ absence. Cyndre has used this access to influence the king into becoming more forceful with his dissident subjects, and reinforcing the king’s paranoid tendencies.

Cyndre desires to become the next Sorcerer Majir, and has already finished cursing a magical artefact of Callidyrr’s history that he knows Curmanvyss has been searching for years. He has persuaded one of the more ambitious apprentices of another Sorcerer to present it to the Sorcerer Majir.

Once he is head of the Council Sorcere, Cyndre will eliminate those Sorcerers who refuse to acknowledge him and promote those apprentices who assisted him (and believe in his vision of the future), he will then set about the next stage of his plan to remove the king and establish his own magocracy to rival that of Thay.


Dai’Dak, Laird of Clan Norghun

Dai’Dak (Neutral, Dwarf – Duergar, Expert 3):

Dai’Dak is the leader of the minor mercenary Clan Norghun from far off Dunspeirrin, seeking to discover the fate of colonies lost during the Rockfire Disaster

Dai’Dak has rediscovered an ancient and long lost tunnel leading from beneath the Troll Hills to the caverns of Dimmeverin. He is busy scouting out Kalarengem in preparation to attack and seize this prime piece of Underdark real estate.

Ultimately Dai’Dak hopes to establish his own kingdom in the seemingly unclaimed region of the Deep Earth. If he finds any dwarves he will surely eliminate them, but he will make no attempt to return to Dunspeirrin, and any reports he provides will be enough to satisfy his employers but otherwise make out the Deep Earth to be unworthy of attention.

Deirdre of Dynnatt Grove

Deirdre of Dynnatt Grove, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Deirdre (Good, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 1):

Deirdre is an idealistic young (relatively; for a druid, at 30 years of age) druid who tends to one of the Lesser Moonwells in the settlement of Dynnatt (such Moonwells were created by the Fidouyr). Deirdre longs to do something useful and prove herself against a great challenge like the heroes of ages past, however she fears the time of such heroism is long over.

Deirdre is new to the title of Druid, having achieved her first animal form only 2 summers past. She has yet to learn the art of enchanting runesticks but is keen to study all the secrets of the druids and the Moonwells.


Devin of Cantrev Wyndgrove, Fierlar of Tusk Keep

Devin (Good, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1): INT 13

Devin is the Fierlar (Captain of the Guard) of Tusk Keep. Devin’s family has been in service to the O’Roarke family for 3 generations, and Devin and his daughter are eternally grateful to the loyalty Hugh has shown them, they make sure to return it at every opportunity.

Despite Cantrev Wyndgrove being prosperous compared to other western cantrevs, it is poor and backward compared to the rest of Callidyrr. As a result, Devin fulfils the role of Captain of the Guard, and Hunt and Hawk Master, as well as whatever other task Laird O’Roarke might ask of him.

Ever adaptable for his master, Devin has mastered the martial arts, as well as the finer points of court etiquette, and even some of the more infamous arts (such as how to pick a lock, set or disable a trap, disguise.


Dornthwait of Luskan, Commander of the Scarlet Guard

Dornthwait (Evil, Human – Illuskan, Warrior 3):

Dornthwait is the commander of the Scarlet Guard, a former pirate captain who found luck when approached by Jalboun who was in need of a large number of obedient warriors to fulfil a long term contract.

Pirates without a ship are often found making trouble in the taverns and festhalls of Luskan. Dornthwait lost his ship to Waterdeep privateers and was just about to divide the plunder among his surviving crew when Jalboun approached. Dornthwait and his crew formed the largest group within the newly formed Scarlet Guard and that allowed him to leverage his position as commander, that and his skill with a blade and his reputation as a ruthless pirate captain.

Dornthwait has obediently commanded his Scarlet Guard to quietly imprison innocent individuals, brutally assault large groups of citizens, even kill defenceless people, and he has enjoyed every minute of it. Dornthwait fully expects to be ordered to wage war against the king’s own subjects at some point in the future (when they rebel against him), and he relishes the possibilities that such warfare will bring.


Doryc, Apprentice Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere

Doryc (Evil, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 1):

Doryc is an apprentice in the Council Sorcere. Skeletally thin, she has a fascination with fire and a wild talent to conjure flames from nowhere. Doryc was brought to Callidyrr from Stagfordshyr and given to the Council Sorcere after she burned down several buildings.

Doryc has a lust for pleasure in all its forms, this includes acquiring more knowledge, engaging in carnal acts, and even burning defenceless creatures. Thus far she has not indulged her desire to watch another human being burn, but that is only because she fears being imprisoned if caught.

Doryc has already been ensnared by Alexei’s charms, and he is slowly bringing her into Cyndre’s plot with the promise of more power and freedom to indulge her fascinations.

Dwi Merrickson

Dwi Merrickson, The Bansidhe Cwyn

Dwi Merrickson (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Expert 5)

Dwi Merrickson is a leader of sorts among the Bansidhe of Fenton, he has used his commanding presence (a special ability granted by his Bansidhe transformation) and the experience of his former life to earn the respect and loyalty of a majority of the inhabitants.

Dwi, along with Anhaern, recognises the threat of Kazgoroth to the future of humanoid life on Gwynneth, he also feels the presence of Kazgoroth growing in his mind and has noticed a lethargy grip many of the Bansidhe. Dwi is using contacts from his former life to try and find agents of Kazgoroth and to locate firbolg strongholds so that the Bansidhe can destroy them.

Dwi appears as a tall of regal bearing in his late fifties, he joined the Bansidhe at Fenton in the mid 10th century Dalereckoning and quickly used his abilities and experience to organise and command the disparate Bansidhe. He has tried to ensure the Bansidhe maintain ties to their former lives such as farming, mining, crafting, and pursuing interests they held in life, by doing so he hopes to preserve their humanity and now hopes it will hold off Kazgoroth’s influence for a time.

Dwi maintains the ruse that he was a minor lordling among the ffolk, slain during the expedition of High King Tanner I into the Myrloch Vale to deal with firbolg uprisings. In truth Dwi is none other than High King Tanner himself, he still possesses the dwarven crafted chain shirt he wore under his ceremonial plate armour when he was slain (the plate armour was smashed and scattered over the Vale), and on his right hand he wears the Seal of the High King (a signet ring and part of the High Kingdom’s regalia).

Dwi was the last person known to possess the Sword of Cymrych Hugh, and although he no longer has it in his possession he will struggle to conceal a knowing smile if asked about its location.

King Dynnegahl Caracas

King Dynnegahl Caracas, King of Moray

King Dynnegahl Caracas (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Warrior 3): STR 14

King Dynnegahl is every bit the son of King Dagdar the Bear; broad of chest and arm, with great appetites for food, ale, and women.

King Dynnegahl loves being King of Moray, he loves travelling the island and visiting its cantrevs, he loves drinking with his subjects in the taverns and clan halls, listening to their problems and besting them in shows of strength.

The Caracas Dynasty is relatively new (having seized the throne in 1303 DR), and King Dynnegahl is currently the only adult member of that royal line, but he has done his royal duty and is father to his son and heir; the infant Eberard Caracas, and his teenage daughter Mayleve Caracas, as well as a rumoured host of bastard children.

Edric of Stockwell

Edric of Stockwell, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Edric (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 2):

Edric is a stout man of middling years who tends to a Moonwell on the north eastern border of Llyrath Forest, but in reality spends much of his time in the settlements of Kingsbay and Horstall. Edric rather enjoys the luxuries of urban living, despite the toll these luxuries are taking on his now ample frame.

Edric is a fan of fire based magic, much to the horror of his fellow druids, claiming that even fire has a place in nature, clearing away the old and dead growth to make way for new growth.


Erian of Caer Corwell, Erian of the Castle Guard

Erian (Evil, Human – Ffolk, Warrior 1): STR 12

Erian is a member of the castle guard at Caer Corwell, spending much of his time on duty atop the walls or patrolling the surrounding countryside of Cantrev Corwell. When not on duty Erian is often seen frequenting the Black Salmon; the seediest inn in Baillen Corwell. On or off duty, Erian exhibits his cruelty and masochistic streak while fighting, wenching, or drinking (which form the majority of his hobbies and interests).

Erian claims descent from Clan Horsyr (one of the most widespread ffolk clans in the Moonshae Isles, but now extinct on the Isle of Gwynneth), and even more unusually descent from one of the elders of 202 DR (and thus a survivor of the War of Moon and Shadow), as told to him by his father and forefathers.

Few believe Erian’s unsubstantiated claim, but it is true, and Erian has some dormant lycanthropic traits inherited from his ancestor that survived personal combat with the shapeshifting Kazgoroth (making Erian a pseudo lycanthrope). Any encounter with a shapeshifter has the potential to awaken these lycanthropic traits and turn Erian into a part man, mostly wolf creature. The only clues to Erian’s true ancestry and inheritance are slightly enlarged incisors and excessive body hair.

Jarl Eric Greybeard

Jarl Eric Greybeard of Norland, Jarl of Bolgstaad

Jarl Eric Greybeard (Good, Human – Illuskan, Warrior 4):

Eric Greybeard is unusual among norl society, an older lord who is stable in his position. Eric was once a famed warrior of Oman who had fought countless campaigns against the firbolg of Oman the fey creatures of northern Gwynneth.

Later in life Eric joined the Shield Bearers of Jarl Hammer Rottesson, and continued to serve through to the reign of his son; Jarl Raag Hammerrson. Eric was one of the Skeldren that accompanied Grunnarch on his raid of Rottesheim, and stayed on to serve the new Jarl. As a reward for his service, Eric Greybeard was made Jarl of Bolgstaad; a settlement 20 miles north of the now renamed Rogarsheim.

Eric Greybeard, is as his name suggests, getting a little too old in the tooth, and passed his 40th year some time ago. His hair has long turned from yellow to a silvery grey, and his hands are losing some of their strength (although his skill with axe and shield remains solid). Eric steadfastly supports Kunngr Grunnarch no matter the odds, and in return Kunngr Grunnarch allows none to challenge Eric despite his advancing years.

Gauwwin MacMyrllan

Gauwwin MacMyrllan, Gauwwin of Myrrdale

Gauwwin MacMyrllan (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1): STR 14

Gauwwin is a great bear of a man, with huge rolling shoulders and thick neck and arms. He is one of the better smiths in Cantrev Myrrdale, and has earned himself a place among the MacMyrllan for his skills.

Gauwwin operates a shop in Myrrdale, mostly making tools, nails, horseshoes and plough blades for his clan or for sale in Kingsbay and Horstall, however he will undertake orders from passersby at a reasonable commission.

Genna Moonsinger

Genna Moonsinger, Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Genna Moonsinger (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 7): INT 14, WIS 14

The Great Druid Genna Moonsinger is the younger of the Moonsinger twins (by several minutes), the latest in the long line of the Moonsinger family (flagrantly ignoring the vow of chastity all Druid of the Fidouyr must take). At 128 years old she is one of the eldest Druid ever to serve the Fidouyr, and certainly the oldest Druid currently serving

Genna Moonsinger loyally served her sister Brianna when she was Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth, together they kept the Ring of Gwynneth strong while all the other Rings of the Fidouyr were in decline. Fifteen years ago Brianna Moonsinger vanished in the Fens of the Fallon, and Genna Moonsinger has been the Great Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth ever since.

Genna Moonsinger is wise and powerful, and is well respected by all her peers, however, she recognises that her sister was always the greater in every respect and that a great evil is stirring once more that Genna may not be strong enough to defeat. Genna Moonsinger, like her sister, has emerald green eyes.


Tamarrgotha the Undying, Gotha Spawn of TiaMa’at

Gotha (Evil, Dragon – Red Dragon, Dragon 20):

Tamarrgotha (known to history as Gotha) is an ancient dragon believed to have been born around -500 DR amid the Orsraun Mountains to the infamous Rauthstokh Redbones.

Fleeing south from his voracious parent, Gotha established himself as one of the last dragon overlords of the south of Faerun, terrorising the lands of the Shaar until the arrival of the Shoon Imperium in that region.

With the coming of the Dracorage of 1018 DR, Gotha realised the fragility of his existence and sought a means to prolong his life (eternally so) and escape future rages when the King Killer Star returns to the crystal sphere of Toril. Heading north for isolation and hunting for the location of the Dracorage Mythal amid the Great Glacier region, he became trapped in a cave for many centuries and as his body perished he slowly underwent a transformation into undeath.

Despite his eternal death, Gotha’s search has not been entirely fruitless, he has discovered that the real Dracorage Mythal was not located in the false location of the Great Glacier and is instead somewhere near the Sword Coast, furthermore he has discovered (from passing wyrms he has devoured) that there is a place called the Moonshae Isles where dragons have congregated for millennia and seem able to resist the effects of the Dracorage.

Gotha is not aware of his current state of undeath, his skin is slowly decaying and his body is wracked with pain that is only relieved by battling and slaughtering other creatures. He intends to fly south and west as soon as temperatures cool enough to thaw his wings and engage in flight without them snapping off.


Groth of Blackhoof Totem, Groth War Leader of the Blackhoof Tribe

Groth (Evil, Giant – Firbolg, Firbolg 3):

Groth is one of Klatnaught’s rivals, almost as big and as mean as the chief himself. He is fairly intelligent for a savage firbolg (meaning he can almost speak an entire sentence), and has gathered a group of loyal warriors about him.

Klatnaught recognises the threat Groth and his allies pose and has made Groth a War Chief and sent him to secure the Big Cave in the Fens of the Fallon. Groth intends to build a fortress in the Big Cave, and from there attack Klatnaught and seize control of the Blackhoof Tribe, however, whispers in his head are compelling Groth to spend time polluting the Darkwell with ore from the Whispering Pit, among other things.

Kunngr Grunnarch Rogarrson

Kunngr Grunnarch Rogarrson of Norland, Grunnarch the Red, Jarl of Rogarsheim

Kunngr Grunnarch Rogarrson (Neutral, Human – Norl, Warrior 4): STR 16

The Kunngr of Norland and Jarl of Rogarsheim is known as Grunnarch the Red for his battle-lust, for the almost imperceptible red hue to his skin, and for his flaming red hair that is a sign of favour among the norl. He stands 5 and a half feet in height, with a wide barrel chest and arms as thick as a horse’s flanks, but he has an undefinable quality that makes him seem much larger and gives him a noticeable presence.

Grunnarch is the adopted son of Rogar Folggson; the previous king of Norand, he returned as a babe with Rogar from one of the king’s raids on the monstrous islands of the Korinn Archipelago. By the age of 10 Grunnarch was being fostered upon the isle of Norheim with Kunngr Rogar’s brother, where he spent his youth hunting the whales of the Trackless Sea.

After the untimely disappearance of Kunngr Rogar, his true-born sons warred over their inheritance which erupted into a civil war  that claimed the lives of all but one. Grunnarch meanwhile used his influence with his cousin and ally to launch a raid upon Rottesheim (Modern: Rogarsheim) with many of the Skeldren of Kunngr Raag Hammerrson aboard his longship.

Grunnarch Rogarrson slew his brother and rival and claimed the title of Jarl of Rottesheim. Within a year, with the aid of his cousin (and the fact he appears to have the strength of ten men in battle), Jarl Grunnarch became Kunngr Grunnarch and has ruled the kingdom of Norland ever since.

Grunnarch the Red always carries with him a spear of bone as long as the tallest man and fashioned into a harpoon. This harpoon has been used by Grunnarch to personally slay more than 10 giant whales and squid, making Grunnarch one of the most successful hunters in the northern isles. After hurling the spear at an enemy (with unerring accuracy), Grunnarch draws his father’s axe (which is rumoured to have once belonged to a giant) and a heavy iron shield.

Kunngr Grunnarch the Red is known as a strong king, for he has the unquestioned loyalty of several strong Jarls (Urk Bearstooth and Eric Greybeard), as well as his continued raiding prowess; Grunnarch often raids late into the season, heading into storms that other norl would baulk at, and he always brings back chests full of treasure and goods. Currently Grunnarch’s favourite targets are along the coast of Amn and northern Calimshan (targets traditionally ignored because of strong defences), but Grunnarch is well practiced at picking holes in defences and is not afraid of a fight.

Gwendolyn of Dynloch Pass

Gwendolyn of Dynloch Pass, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Gwendolyn (Good, Human – Ffolk, Expert 2): WIS 14, INT 12, DEX 6, STR 8

Gwendolyn of Dynloch Pass is the eldest druid in the Ring of Gwynneth (except for the unnaturally long lived Moonsingers). At 86 years of age she is content to sit in her cave and watch travellers who pass through one of the secret ways of Synnoria, providing advanced warning to the llewyrr of those who make it through the first layer of Synnoria’s defences.

Gwendolyn is advanced in years, hunched over and wizened, she is limited in mobility except when she takes to the skies as an arthritic eagle. Gwendolyn has a natural affinity for birds of prey and a flock of 30 eagles and several other birds nest in her cave.

Laird Hawlen MacDynnatt

Hawlen MacDynnatt, Laird of Cantrev Dynnatt

Laird Hawlen MacDynnatt (Evil, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1):

Hawlen MacDynnatt is a burly man with shaggy brown hair and a bushy beard. He is ruthless in his pursuit of wealth, and always commands a more than fair price for his crops at Corwell Market (he can often be found at Corwell attending the King’s Court).

Laird Hawlen fancies himself a warrior and commander worthy of his ancestors who fought in the War of Moon and Shadow. He uses his wealth to field a large clan Fiern and make them among the best equipped in Corwell. The Fiern of the MacDynnatt have earned him much respect and power with the clans and he hopes to use them in battle to gain a great victory and more prestige, but should the battle turn against him he will not hesitate to abandon his men to save himself.


Hobarth, Primate of the Deathstalkers, Primate of Bhaal

Hobarth (Evil, Human – Calishite, Magic User 6, Expert 2):

Hobarth is a monstrously fat, flabby man, with rolls of dusky, wart covered skin, and dark piggy eyes who originally hails from mainland Faerun.

Hobarth was a Primate in the Cult of the Deathstalkers back in Amn when the Shadow Thieves insinuated themselves into the upper echelons of Amn’s government. Hobarth refused to bow to the new order, and following a bloody civil war among the two shadow organisation, he was forced to leave with his loyal assassins.

Unwilling to return to Calimshan in shame and dishonour (and face the severe punishment of his superiors), he instead fled to the isolated Moonshae Isles and hoped to redeem his prospects somewhat by murdering his way to the top of these tiny backwater islands.

Hobarth suffers from frequent, vivid dreams that he believes are visions from his god and depict shattered white towers and a great lake filled with dead bodies. A few of his followers believe that these may be hallucinations brought on by his poor physical state, but none would utter these suspicions in case Hobarth were to hear them.

Hobarth is thoroughly evil, incredibly cruel, and obsessed with death and dying. He will happily murder any creature of any age in the most painful way possible and is steadily learning ways to reanimate corpses to serve his desires.

Laird Hugh O’Roarke

Hugh O’Roark, Laird of Cantrev Wyndgrove

Hugh O’Roarke (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Warrior 4): STR 14

Hugh O’Roarke is Laird of Cantrev Wyndgrove, a small fishing and trading cantrev that lies along the Salmon Trail nearest to the border of Stagfordshyr and Stirgewycshyr, acting as a trade hub between the two regions.

Hugh is one of the last ffolk lairds in Callidyrr, and as the most powerful, he tries to champion the cause of his fellow traditionalist nobles. Aware that the old ffolk nobility are dwindling fast, Hugh has tried to ingratiate himself with the king at court in Caer Callidyrr, and by inviting him to hunt boar in the southern boughs of the Dernall Forest, but he is fighting against the plots and intrigues of a hundred other tethyrian lairds that seek to carve up his land and titles. Hugh O’Roarke is his own worst enemy however, and he has often voiced his opinions out loud whenever the king acted unjustly or against ffolk traditions.

Secretly Hugh is a member of the Sons of Alaron, an organisation that plots against the Carrathal Dynasty and seeks to expel non-natives from the island (despite many of their own membership being of significant Tethyrian blood) by spreading rumour among the local population (and occasionally desperate acts of murder and rebellion).


Ilimalaaros, “Errant”, Keestake Groom of Viledal

Ilimalaaros (Neutral, Dragon – Bronze, Dragon 10)

Ilimalaaros is a very old bronze dragon, who; like most of his kind, has secretly sponsored and assisted honourable individuals in their quest to spread goodness and law in the world (or in this case in the Moonshae Isles).

Ilimalaaros has lived among the islanders of the Korinn Archipelago for centuries, helping them to survive the harsh conditions and the depredations of pirates and monsters alike. In the 13th century Dale Reckoning, Ilimalaaros and his sire Nymmurh were about to free a number of slaves from their pirate captors, when a scion of Aeroth Silverhelm chanced upon the group (by being captured himself) and organised their liberation.

Ilimalaaros and Nymmurh secretly assisted Viledal over the years, helping him fight off pirate fleets and assassins as he sought to bring peace and prosperity to the Korinn Archipelago. The two dragons worked in pairs, one acting as Viledal’s bodyguard in the guise of Keestake; Personal Groom to Viledal, while the other would sink pirates ships in dragon form from beneath the waves or devoured Viledal’s enemies in their hideouts.

Eventually the glimpse of huge serpent like creatures, and the rumours of such creatures devouring his enemies drove Viledal into paranoid delusions and when the pirates returned seeking a magical sword that Viledal was rumoured to possess (a rumour spread by Urphania the Hagshee) caused him to oppress and persecute his own people. Nymmurh abandoned Viledal’s cause and Ilimalaaros was left to protect his secret love alone.

One week; while Ilimalaaros was away foraging for food, the pirate fleet descended upon Viledals secret island (which he had retreated too in his delusional state) and slew the Sea King and his Queen. Ilimalaaros returned as the pirates were plundering Viledal’s Isle, he slaughtered the pirates and broke their power (they have yet to recover), and then went mad upon discovering Viledal dead.

Ilimalaaros still haunts Viledal’s Isle in his guise as Keestake, who now resembles a haggard old man. He has turned Viledal’s Isle into a tomb dedicated to the Sea King, and he keeps it safe from those who would plunder its treasures (he has spent years trying to recover the items the pirates managed to steal and sell across the Sword Coast).

Ilimalaaros is known as Errant for his century long habit of flying the length and breadth of the Sword Coast in search of Viledal’s treasures. He is quite insane and will alternate between hours of seemingly lucid eccentricity before exploding into a murderous rage for a mere slight at Viledal or Errant’s work.

Isolde of Winterglen

Isolde of Winterglen, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Isolde (Good, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 3):

Isolde of Winterglen is among the more powerful druids of the Ring of Gwynneth. She is a stern woman who is used to dealing with the dangerous and capricious fey creatures of Winterglen.

Isolde is tall, with a mop of bushy, bright red hair, and is often seen abroad in her favoured form of a red hawk. Isolde administers to the wild forest of Winterglen with the help of a pack of wolves whose alpha she has a favoured relationship with (often she can be found resting in the wolf den amid the pack.

A staunch ally of the Moonsingers, Isolde will always answer the call of the Great Druid of Gwynneth, and she is one of the few individuals trusted with the parentage of Robyn, the ward of King Bryon. Isolde carries a stout tree branch with her at all times, imbued with powers like the druid runesticks for extra defence.


Keegan of Dynnwall

Keegan (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1):

Keegan of Dynnwall is a woodsman from Baillen Dynnwall; the largest settlement in Cantrev Dynnatt that sits on the northern border of Llyrath Forest to the south of Corwell.

Like most woodsmen of Llyrath, Keegan is an accomplished hunter and an expert bowman, and because of his archery skill, is regularly called upon by the crown for military service (for which he receives a modest yearly stipend).

Keegan is not affiliated with a clan, choosing to live on the borders of one of the most dangerous woodlands in Corwell, and using his royal stipend to pay for a modest living with many others who share a like mindset.

Keren Donnell

Keren pen Donnell, Great Bard of the Ffolk

Keren pen Donnell (Good, Human – Tethyrian, Expert 2): CHA 13

Keren is one of the Prynmar; the Great Bards of the Ffolk, his skill with music and the folklore of the Moonshae Isles has earned him a place at every hearth in the land, including and especially the kings of the ffolk.

Keren is also one of the few ffolk that extensively travels the Moonshae Isles, utilising his entitled benefits to gather and spread news across the islands, as well as delivering messages and performing boons for the nobles and royals whose patronage he accepts.

Keren’s extensive travel experience and place among the various courts of the ffolk has made him a favoured tool of all the kings of the ffolk, each asking him to deliver messages and packages to further their own agendas, King Reginald Carrathal is especially keen to have Keren deliver gifts to the other kings and sway their opinion of the Carrathal dynasty in preparation for his bid to claim the title of High King.

Keren serves all the kings equally but is mastered by none, for his true loyalties lie with Bran the Raven and his growing band of Harpers. As one of the Prynmar, Keren hears news from every corner of the Moonshae Isles and is quick to relay that news to his friends. Keren is not a Harper Agent yet, but is a true friend to Those Who Harp.

Keren is seen everywhere with his favourite companion; a hawk named Sable. Sable seems uncommonly intelligent for a hawk, and is able to perform complicated tasks at Keren’s command, it is almost as though Keren and Sable share some form of linked mind that allows them to understand one another and share a bond far beyond that of a normal pet and his master.

Chief Klatnaught

Klatnaught of Blackhoof Totem, Chief of the Blackhoof Tribe

Chief Klatnaught (Evil, Giant – Firbolg, Firbolg 4):

Klatnaught is the largest firbolg in Blackhoof Totem, and that makes him the leader. As the leader he gets the best choice of food and plunder, sending out his warriors to gather both for him, he also gets the best choice of mates and has chosen for himself the mysterious and manipulative Garisa.

Klatnaught, like most savage firbolg, feels an instinctive pull towards the Fens of the Fallon. His mate Garisa has visions that she believes show the true master of their kind to be in the Darkwell, and that he will lead them to glory once more.

Klatnaught is big, ugly, and lacking in intelligence that requires him to do more than eat and smash things, a typical savage firbolg. He has gathered to him as large a band of firbolgs as he can control, and intends to march on the Fens of the Fallon as soon as winter’s frosts have thawed.


Kryphon, Apprentice Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere

Kryphon (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Magic User 1): CHA 13

Kryphon is an apprentice in the Council Sorcere, possessed of middling skill in the Art but with much ambition, he is growing increasingly angry at his lack of progress which he attributes to his master withholding crucial information from his training.

Kryphon is particularly fond of his appearance and spends almost as much time on his hair, clothes, and accessories, as he does on his magical training. When the opportunity arises, Kryphon has been known to acquire rings and jewellery or particularly fine pieces of clothing that belong to other people. Kryphon is not reckless with his acquisitions, and never wears them while the original owner is still around.


Laric the Bloorider, Laric of Gnarhelm

Laric (Evil, Human – Illuskan, Warrior 3):

Laric is distantly related to a bastard son of the Trichar family some 3 generations passed. His grandfather was shrewd enough to maintain close ties to the Trichar family and found some use as a mercenary for hire in the endless feuds between the noble houses.

Laric has continued the family business and now commands the Bloodriders mercenary company, inherited from his forebears and greatly expanded due to Laric’s impressive skill and bloodthirsty nature.

Laric is a vicious warrior that gives no quarter, and will happily slaughter the innocent if there is profit in it. He often take dangerous contracts that involves raids against settlements along the Sword Coast, or reprisal raids against norl kings.

Currently Laric has just such a contract with Grunnarch the Red who intends to use the Bloodriders to attack Olafstaad (Laric does not care about the target and will happily murder his own countrymen for money).


Newateroon, Faeree Lord, Guardian of the Darkwell

Newateroon (Neutral, Faerie Dragon, Faerie Dragon 10):

Newt was first encountered by the Fidouyr in 561 DR, frolicking amid the ever expanding Fens of the Fallon. Apparently fascinated by the diverse wildlife in the region, he was persuaded to act as Guardian for the corrupt Moonwell known as the Darkwell, to replace the great bear now horribly twisted by the corruption of Kazgoroth.

Newt is a paragon of his kind, possessing powers and intellect far in excess of his talented kin. He claims to have been born into Toril around 800 years ago, but his knowledge of past events suggests he may be even older, and Faerie Dragons are not known for telling the truth.

Newateroon is one of the Nymphea, his true form is on the Plane of Faeree and resembles that of an enormous elongated dragon (like a gold dragon) with his scales cascading in a rainbow of different colours. He is able to partially enter the Material Plane (called manifesting), where he appears as a small, winged, sea-horse like creature, and while being physically diminutive he loses none of his magical potency.

Newateroon is a lord among others of his kind, the oldest and most powerful dragon in the Feywild region of the Plane of Faeree, he claims a large and ever changing territory for his own. His first manifestation into the Material Plane was almost a millennia ago when he came to see his friend Laranlor Kaminas of Synnoria depart for Evermeet.

Since that time Newt has taken it upon himself to help defend the Myrloch Vale from the growing evil present in the Fens of the Fallon. The Fidouyr have struck a tentative bargain with the faerie dragon to act as Guardian for the Darkwell, as he appears to be completely unaffected by the corruption that infects the area (a testament to his inner power).


Frewwrd Nolan, Watchful Brother of the Church of the Great Mother

Nolan (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Magic User 3): INT 14

Frewwrd (from the ffolk word for brother, in reference to his priestly title of Watchful Brother) Nolan is a recent arrival in Corwell, having been sent on a mission to establish the presence of the Church of the Great Mother in Corwell.

In the 3 years since his arrival, Nolan has made himself indispensable to the Crown and the inhabitants of Corwell, offering his extensive skills as a healer (augmented by his magical capability) to anyone for a very modest fee (easily affordable by most ffolk of Baillen Corwell. He has spent much of his time studying the laws of Corwell and is considered an expert on the intricacies of the Natural Law, King’s Law and the High King’s Law.

Nolan was really tasked with a secret mission by the High Harvestmaster of the Church (on behalf of Reginald Carrathal himself). Nolan is under orders to improve relations between Corwell and Callidyrr, which he is attempting by speaking well of Reginald Carrathal’s beneficent rule. If the opportunity arises then Nolan is to persuade the King and the Crown Prince to journey to Caer Callidyrr and meet with King Carrathal, more importantly they should be persuaded to swear allegiance to the Carrathals.

Nolan believes there may be an opportunity to fulfil his mission when King Bryon of Corwell dies, as according to Clan Law, the Lairds Council must appoint each King and if no consensus can be found then the High King must decide.

Quinn Moonwane

Quinn Moonwane of Llyrath Forest, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Quinn Moonwane (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 5): WIS 15

Quinn Moonwane of Llyrath Forest is one of the most respected and powerful members of the Ring of Gwynneth, who would have held the title of Great Druid if not for the Moonsinger family’s power and unnatural longevity.

Quinn Moonwane tends to Llyrath Forest, operating out of the ridge known as Dafyd Heights. He is a wise man with a gruff manner that is entering his twilight years (48 years old) but still retains the vigour and muscle of youth. He is among the most wild of the druids, sleeping outside, eschewing a home, and often forgetting to wear clothes of any sort. He spends many hours in his favoured animal form of an eagle owl, but he has mastered 6 other animal forms including the bear and the badger.

Like many of the elder and accomplished druids, Quinn has crafted his own runestick and carries it with him wherever he goes. The power stored inside it is usually devoted to shaping and warping wood, a useful power among the densely packed Llyrath Forest. Quinn is one of the few druids to have mastered the enchantment ability of the Moonwell, and he has devised a way to store that power within himself (augmenting his physical attributes when desired).

Kunngr Raag Hammerrson

Kunngr Raag Hammerrson of Norheim, Raag of Hammerstaad

Kunngr Raag Hammerrson (Good, Human – Norl, Warrior 3):

Raag Hammerrson is a traditional norl ruler, strong, fierce, daring, and independent. He was raised with Grunnarch the Red in their youth (Grunnarch being a ward of Raag’s father), and this formed a friendship that has allowed both men to secure their kingdoms with the aid of the other.

Raag is a tall, burly man; just shy of 6 ft tall, with a mop of blonde hair, a long moustache and braided beard. Raag spends much of his time at sea, raiding the coast of Tethyr, and hunting the great horned whales of the Sea of Swords.

Raag is not a terribly rich ruler, his kingdom barely sustains itself from the stock that the sea provides. Norheim does have a larger proportion of berserkers among its population than other norl lands, Raag himself is said to be a powerful berserker, although many norl of Norheim fake such abilities to gain prestige.


Randolph of Caer Corwell, Fierddog (Officer of the Guard)

Randolph (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Warrior 1): DEX 12, INT 13

Randolph is one of the officers on salary at Caer Corwell, employed to defend the castle and the Royal House of Kendrick. He is considered by most to be Arlen’s second in command and future replacement as Fierlar (Captain of the Guard).

Randolph is an unusually intelligent warrior, making him more than capable of efficiently organising the castle guard and ensuring it is adequately provisioned and reinforced with well trained replacements.

Rodgyr pen Rodhri

Rodgyr pen Rodhri of Cantrev Kingsbay

Rodgyr pen Rodhri (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Expert 1):

Rodger is a simple fisherman, the latest in a long line of fishermen who lives in southbay of Kingfish in Cantrev Kingsbay, and exploits the huge numbers of salmon that come to the Sea of Moonshae to spawn in the shallow straits between each island (and their sheltered gravel beds).

Rodger is old, toothless, and a widower whose children are all grown and have left to start their own lives. In his twilight years his health is beginning to fail and he does not wish to burden his sons or daughters so he has taken extra work that involves running messages for unknown parties between Kingfish and a tiny village on Snowdown called Dhunrune.

Rodgyr receives a number of packages every tenday which he repackages among old nets and sails that he transports to Dhunrune for a local fisherman to fix in return for fish. Rodgyr knows never to open the packages, and in return he is given a number of gold pieces for his troubles as well as other packages to leave in specific places around Kingfish upon his return. Although he is not aware of it, Rodgyr is a Rumour of the Broken Ring.


Taggar the Skald, Taggar of Norland

Taggar (Neutral, Human – Norl, Magic User 2):

As a skald, Tagger is responsible for interpreting the signs of the norl gods; Tempos, Talos, Umberlee, and Valkur. Taggar is supposed to represent all the gods equally, but favours Tempos more as he believes in the warlike destiny of the norl.

Taggar was blessed with “storm shimmers” (visions) from an early age. The earliest vision he can recall is that of a great horned beast drenched in the blood of the ffolk and standing atop a mountain of bodies. Taggar believes that vision was sent by Tempos, and that he has chosen Taggar to restore his faith among the norl.

Taggar has been wandering the settlements of Norland, sharing his visions of coming events with the Jarls, Landr, and anyone else who will offer shelter and payment to a skald. Taggar’s visions are becoming increasingly frequent and more vivid as time passes, most visions involve the same images of a horned monster drenched in blood, standing atop the bodies of the ffolk. Taggar has been trying to persuade the Jarls of Norland that they should begin a war of conquest against the ffolk kingdoms and that Tempos will reward their bravery and bloodlust with victory.


Talraw, Apprentice Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere.

Talraw (Evil, Human – Illuskan, Expert 2): WIS 7

This tall, lean, bookish man is one of the apprentices of the Council Sorcere, he is immature and unworldly, prone to making rash decisions. Talraw’s skill with magic is unexceptional, he prefers study tomes and magical theory than performing actual, practical magic.

Tavish ap Gweylor, the Great Bard

Tavish ap Gweylor, Tavish the Great Bard

Tavish (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Expert 3): CHA 15

Tavish is one of the Prynmar, the Great Bards of the ffolk, patronised by the King of Callidyrr and charged with immortalising the histories of the ffolk through song. Tavish is middle-aged, with a taste for food and drink (and an expanding waistline to match), a love of adventure, and a good nature that makes everyone her friend.

Tavish is unusually well travelled, even for one of the Prynmar, moreso for originally hailing from the Isle of Snowdown, having stayed at almost every major settlement in Alaron, Moray, and Gwynneth. over her 13 year tenure as Great Bard. She has spent the last decade touring Moray after becoming trapped on the island during the norl invasion of 1336 DR, and falling in love with that brutally beautiful island.

Tavish tours the islands using a special magical item known as the High Boat; a shallow draft boat about 30 feet long that upon command (the command word is Garanday) collapses into a model boat small enough to fit into a human hand. Tavish uses the boat (a gift from King Reginald Carrathal) to sail wherever the wind (and her whim) takes her.

King Thelgaar Rolgarson

Thelgaar Rolgarson, Thelgaar Ironhand, Thelgaar the Invincible, King of Oman

King Thelgaar Rolgarson (Neutral, Human – Illuskan, Warrior 4): STR 18, CON 14

King Thelgaar Rolgarson is the undisputed ruler of the Isle of Oman, regarded as the greatest warrior on the island, and the greatest king since Torgred Helmudsson.

Thelgaar stands at 6 ft 2 inches tall, and as broad in the chest as a bear. His arms are thick and sinewy, with the strength to wrestle a firbolg (as he proved in his youth). Thelgaar wields a large two handed sword known as “Ironhands Reckoning”, and apart from his chainmail shirt, he wears only a pair of steel gauntlets for strength.

Thelgaar Rolgarson was the middle son of a minor Ljord, at 14 years of age he stood over 6 ft tall, and had the strength and endurance of a veteran warrior twice his age. By 15 he had the loyalty of every warrior in his father’s court, by 16 he slew a firbolg giant in single combat and later that year led a campaign into the mountains that killed 13 firbolgs and a ffomorean.

In 1290 DR, at 17 years old, Thelgaar the Invincible had claimed the title King of Oman. He has ruled the kingdom unchallenged for 55 years, and expanded its borders to cover the northern shores of Gwynneth, with no signs that he is slowing down despite his advancing years (72 years old with only a few wrinkles and a speckled grey beard, but all the muscles and vigour of youth), there are rumours that Thelgaar is secretly building his military might once again in preparation for his next conquest.

Thelgaar is unusually long lived and incredibly tall and strong (even for a northman). His early years were relatively undocumented until he ventured out into the wilderness and slew the firbolg single handed. Those who do not approve of his rule whisper that he has made a dark bargain for his power, and that one day a price must be paid.

Laird Tolmyn MacPontys

Tolmyn MacPontys, Laird of Cantrev Pontswain

Laird Tolmyn MacPontys (Neutral, Human – Expert 2): INT 12, CHA 14

Tolmyn MacPontys is the Laird of Cantrev Pontswain, a tall, handsome man with chestnut brown hair, and an athletic physique.

Tolmyn had trained for nobility all his life, focusing on etiquette as much as his martial skills. Good at everything, he is a capable administrator, orator, warrior, rider, and hunter, making sure he appears in every way to be the perfect ffolk laird.

Tolmyn is fully aware of the current political situation regarding King Bryon Kendrick and his heir Tristan. If Bryon dies within the year then Tristan will likely be deemed unworthy to be King because of his age and his indulgent behaviour. Tolmyn has been encouraging Tristan to partake in feasting, festivities, and wenching (as well as smoking ginyak weed – a drug imported from Calimshan), by influencing Tristan’s supposed friends to test him with such temptations (he has thus far failed to resist).

Tolmyn believes Tristan to be unworthy of the title of King, and fully intends to press his own claim to the crown (inherited through his descent from the Ryker Dynasty) at the next potential Mac Arddot (Gathering of Clans). He has been building relationships with other trustworthy and honest lairds of Cantrev Thorndyke, Kingsbay, and Sheehan (avoiding the scheming lairds of Cantrev Dynnatt and Korart). 

Despite Tolmyn’s seeming honesty and noble qualities, he is at heart a man of unlimited ambition that wants the throne, but understands he must seem of good character to keep it. He is a miser with his money and invests little into his cantrev, but imposes harsh taxes upon any luxuries brought into the region.

Trahern of Oakvale

Trahern of Oakvale, Druid of the Ring of Gwynneth

Trahern (Neutral, Human – Ffolk, Magic User 2):

Trahern of Oakvale tends to one of the southern woodlands of the Myrloch Vale that border (and are gradually losing ground to) the Fens of the Fallon. He is of middling ability and no ambition, desiring freedom from his life of endlessly serving nature.

Trahern has in recent years fallen under a malaise that has caused him to question his faith in the Earthmother and the whole concept of the Balance. He has stopped tending his woodland charge, seeing little point in fighting a losing battle against whatever fell enchantment supports the Fens.

Given the opportunity it is likely that Trahern will abandon the Ring of Gwynneth, growing increasingly lonely and isolated in the Myrloch Vale, he desires to travel the Moonshae Isles and experience the wonders and excesses of life.

Jarl Urk Bearstooth

Jarl Urk Bearstooth of Norland, Jarl of Skarlsheim

Jarl Urk Bearstooth (Neutral, Human – Norl, Warrior 2): STR 14

Urk Bearstooth is the childhood friend of Grunnarch the Red (until Grunnarch was fostered on Norheim). When Grunnarch returned to Norland to claim his inheritance, Urk helped Grunnarch and his raiders to defeat Jarl Rurik Rogarrson and his Skeldren before the Shield Wall could be mustered.

In reward for his efforts, Urk Bearstooth was allowed to challenge the Jarl of Skarlsheim under the Right of Arms and the Right of Vengeance, he slew the Jarl in single combat using a knife fashioned from the tooth of one of the bjornyrr (the great bears of Norland) and in so doing acquired his name.

Urk Bearstooth is fiercely loyal to Kunngr Grunnarch the Red, and together with Jarl Eric Greybeard, they have helped keep Norland stable under the rule of Grunnarch. Urk Bearstooth is able to muster 30 in his Shield Wall, and commands his own longship known as Redfin (painted red in honour of his friend and king).

Laird Weltyn MacKorart

Weltyn MacKorart, Laird of Cantrev Koart

Laird Weltyn MacKorart (Evil, Human – Ffolk, Expert 2): INT 12

Weltyn MacKorart is the Laird of Cantrev Koart, a small, slightly pudgy man with a gruff demeanour and fierce intellect. As the leader of one of the richest clans in Corwell, Weltyn enjoys the finer things in life, and understands how to use his wealth to generate more by attracting businesses into the area.

Weltyn has a friendly rivalry with Laird Hawlen MacDynnart of Cantrev Dynnatt, and the friends are always plotting together to gain more power and wealth while simultaneously attempting to outdo the other and earn the most prestige.

Weltyn is a clever man, and quickly tires of the inadequacy of others caused by their lack of intelligence. His smarts have made his rich and powerful but also make him a coward, despite his desire to appear the perfect warrior, leader, merchant, and elder in every respect.


Wertam, Apprentice Sorcerer of the Council Sorcere

Wertam (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Expert 1):

Wertam is a dusky skinned wizard from Waterdeep, apprenticed to one of the many sorcerers of the Council Sorcere. His magical skills have been woefully overestimated and he knows it is only a matter of time before he is left without home or work. Wertam is easily led and will happily follow and obey anyone of sufficient authority, no matter the orders.


Zahailleen Sister of Synnoria, Zahailleen Princess of Evermeet

Zahailleen (Good, Elf – Moon, Warrior 3): STR 14, DEX 13, CHA 16

Zahailleen; Aileen for short, is one of the youngest members of the Sisters of Synnoria, taking up the position of an outrider in the mounted defenders of that realm.

Zahailleen is unusual among the llewyrr, having silvery white hair compared to brown, bronze, and gold hues of her kin. This belies her true origin and power as one of the children of Amlauril and Zaor Moonflower; Lazziar Moonflower. Part of this legacy from her powerful parents is exceptional strength, agility and presence of mind, as well as a wild talent that allows her to move with unnatural haste for short periods.

Zahailleen was secretly fostered in Synnoria for her protection, her raw physical abilities and martial tendencies have ensured her a position among the Sisters of Synnoria since she arrived (Synnoria having been at peace for over a millennia it is believed to be a safe position). Only Ate’Niah and Brigit are aware of her true origin, and are sworn to secrecy and her protection.

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