The Cult of the Dragon

The Cult of the Dragon is a criminal organization composed of isolated cult cells that all pursue the same goal, to achieve power using their greatest weapon; the dracolich.

The Cult of the Dragon is spread throughout Faerun and has helped many dragons achieve immortal undeath in the process.



The Cult of the Dragon was founded around 900 DR by the insane, genius Sammaster, aided by the scheming Algashon Nathaire, in the fledgling state of Sembia.


Cult Cells

The Bone Wyrm Cell: This cell was originally founded by Tuelhalva Drakewings in 1001 DR, after he was dispatched from Sembia to the far southern regions of Faerun to investigate rumours of a powerful undead dragon in the Eastern Shaar. Tuelhalva Drakewings took with him a large proportion of the cults strength (the true motive for his dispatch was to prevent a rising civil war between Drakewing’s faction and Algashon’s banites), landing in Chessenta while the expedition searched for a route south to the Shaar.

Upon hearing of the number of dragons, the cultist diverted many of their number towards Threskel and in so doing encountered Alasklerbanbastos. The Bone Wyrm Cell was born, as it’s members attempted to sway the dragon into becoming a dracolich, and once successful they have served him ever since.

The Bone Wyrm Cell was all but annihilated in Threskel and Chessenta following an outbreak of hostilities between itself and the Cult of the Nemesis (a former incarnation of cultists of TiaMa’at) in 1024-1025 DR. It has slowly been rebuilt over the past few centuries by the few survivors hiding beneath the Riders to the Sky Mountains, and is now at the peak of its power, with agents in Messemprar, and throughout Chessenta and Threskel.


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