Life and Society

The Drenched Elders: This group of powerful business owners and important citizens is known just as “the Elders” to most people. Every month these people meet in secret to make deals and decisions together, the meeting location and time is different each month and guests are invited at the whim of the core members. There are many rumours and suspicions as to the membership of the Drenched Elders, but none know for certain.


Bailiff of the Coin Rolls: The Bailiff of the Coin Rolls keeps a record of all tax payments and licence payments made to the Crown (past payments, and outstanding payments and expected payments) in Marsember and sends those records to the Royal Overscribe in Suzail. The current holder of the Bailiff of the Coin Rolls is Orlgarl Hardiman, and he is assisted by a number of Underbailiffs who collect the taxes and licence payments owed to the Crown (assisted by a full Watch patrol).

Important Sites

The King’s Tower: Abode of the Lord of Marsember, the Herald, and the garrison.

Morningmist Hall: Temple of Lathander

Starwater Keep: Purple Dragon dry-dock and fortress

The Roaring Griffon: Inn and tavern (formerly the Drowning Fish festhall).

The Cloven Shield: Inn and tavern

The Old Oak: Inn and tavern

The Barrelstone Inn:

The Drowning Flagon: Inn

The Net of Pearls: Curio shop

Swordspires: City villa of the Thundersword noble family, comes with its own private dock. Previously owned by the now extinct noble House of Aurubaen 

Iyrinthorn: City villa of the Illance noble family

Stormwinds Towers: Fortified mansion of Szwentil Illeon, founder of the Six Coffers Market Priakos

Sharmran Isle: Local nickname “Fishgut Rock”

Antanmaran’s Isle: Local nickname “The Prow”

 The Drowned Sailors Society: Club 16.

The Masked Merfolk: Nightclub

The Wight On A Weredragon: Dining-house and restaurant

The Platter of Plenty: Dining-house and restaurant

The Tankard of Eels: Tavern

Luckfist Hall: Shrine to Tymora

Faircoins Moneychanger: Shrine to Waukeen

Deepgreen House: Shrine to Umberlee

Indur’s Warehouses: Overlying the Maranthar Undercellars (subterranean warehouse chambers, 120 feet below; constructed by the extinct wealthy Marsemban shipping family of Maranthar: contains hidden portal linking with a dead-end alley in the Trades Ward of Waterdeep)

Bracegauntlet Gard: Fortified mansion of the Bracegauntlet noble family

Dagohnlar House: Tallhouse of the Dagohnlar noble family

Mistwind Towers: Mansion of the Mistwind noble family

Monthorhall: Mansion of the Monthor noble family

Ravensgar House: Mansion of the Ravensgar noble family

Wavegallant Spires: Mansion of the Wavegallant noble family 

Haelithtorntowers: Walled estate home of Lady Joysil Ambrur

Thundaerlyn Hall: Meeting-hall and rental market- and revel-moot

Felgontar’s Firehelm: Large, popular, respectable dining-house and restaurant

The Leaping Eel: Rowdy sailors’ tavern

The Amorous Anchor: Festhall and smuggling den; connected via secret passages to many shop and warehouse cellars

The Harbortower:

Blackpillars: Fortified tallhouse of Delthrin the Deadmaster, reclusive necromancer

Stormhold: Home of Filfaeril Stormbillow, sorceress and seller of magic items and potions

Home of Vindala Chalanther: Illusionist, tutor and spellhurler-for-hire

Assander Street:

Calathanter Street:

Chancever Street:

Daunsul Street:

Fendrol’s Way:

Gelguld Lane:

Hammarhantus Lane:

Tarnsar Lane:

Thelvarspike Lane:

The Lightless Lamp: Meeting-place; broken street-lamp on Thelvarspike

Important NPCs

Beldran Velhikho (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 3): Beldran Velhikho is the streetwise Swordcaptain (Lieutenant) of the Purple Dragons that serves in the Watch of Marsember and supports Saraera Delhand (although he secretly desires to replace her and believes he could do a better job). He has been given the “Short Sword” term of service.

Beldran is a brawler, who says little and lets his fists respond. He is slow to anger, and finds attempts to fight him amusing, but loves the thrill of battle and will gladly indulge it if pressed or he can find a legal reason to do so. Beldran is known locally as the “snapper” for his propensity for breaking fingers (lawbreakers receive a warning about his punishment for repeat offences). Beldran often calms angry subordinates and is apt to play good cop to get a confession or some cooperation from citizens.

Beldran has served 5 years in the Purple Dragons and believes that he will be receiving his “Long Sword” soon, but Saraera has not recommended his service be extended.

Brornar Elnauth (Neutral, Human – Tethyrian, Warrior 1): Brornar Elnauth is a Blade (Private) in the Purple Dragons given the “Long Sword” term of service. He is currently assigned to the militia of Marsember to assist the Watch because of his drinking habit (which caused him to be demoted several ranks).

Brornar is grim and close-mouthed, but is a good soldier that follows orders, he is fed up with his current assignment but has good instincts when it comes to investigation, especially regarding the perpetrator’s identity. Brornar is a natural street fighter, having grown up on the streets of Arabel.

Brornar is torn between his unrequited  love for Taera Hahlor and his desire for Saramistra Dunwynd, and this has exacerbated his drinking habit (a pattern that has repeated throughout his life), thankfully his body is so inured to the substance that it no longer has any detrimental effect upon his judgement or reactions. Brornar has been wisely investing his wealth in buildings all over Marsember, he has a large number of tenants and is using his influence as a landlord to accrue more wealth and power, his financial and political means far outweighs his superiors.

Dornan Tarszil (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 1): Dornan is a Telsword (Corporal) in the Purple Dragons who has been given the “Short Sword” term of service. Dornan is a tall, awkward, loping man who can run faster than anyone else in the militia. He has a feminine face, long brown hair, and blue eyes.

Dornan is nervous, insecure, and restless, always checking and double checking his work constantly, but is improving quickly because of that cross checking and corroboration. Dornan is constantly on the go, looking in all directions and investigating everything, this allows him to notice and discover far more than others in the Watch, and he is almost never caught off guard. Dornan is a perfectionist who gets stressed when he makes even the smallest mistake, this prevents him from even considering breaking the rules in any way.

Dornan dreams of gaining the “Long Sword” of service and slowly rising in rank and power, and one day gaining a place at court, he would love to become a magistrate and help draft new laws. 

Dorskar Haundar (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 1): Dorskar is a Blade (Private) in the Purple Dragons, given the “Short Sword” term of service. Dorskar is tall, strong, silent, with a big nose and moustache. Dorskar is slow of thought (not stupid, but not as quick witted as others), so he prefers others to make the decisions for him, he is very well trained at following orders almost immediately.

Dorskar is like a stone statue when on duty, he stands completely still until given orders and then nothing will stop him from completing those orders. Those that hit Dorskar find him as unyielding as stone, and his grip is said to be unbreakable once he lays a hand on a criminal.

Garlth Breakstag (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 2): Garlth Breakstag is a Telsword (Corporal) in the Purple Dragons that has the “Wooden Sword” term of service and spends a tenday each month in the Watch. Garlth is nearing retirement, going bald, and his former physique is slowly going to seed.

Garlth is a flirt, a braggart, a poser, and a joker. He draws attention to his battle scars, wears oversized codpieces, strikes poses, and regales those that will listen about his former victories. Despite Garlth’s boastful ways, he is a good watchman, never takes life too seriously, and never betrays the trust of another (even criminals prefer to surrender to Garlth than other watchmen)

Garlth dreams of opening a brothel in his retirement so that he can idly flirt away his remaining years, surrounded by girls that will confide in him and indulge his tales and boasting while he looks after them.

Harsakh Jorlarn (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 1): Harsakh is a Blade (Private) in the Purple Dragons, given the “Short Sword” term of service and assigned to the militia and the Watch. Harsakh is nondescript and utterly forgettable but is blessed with incredible self control and presence of mind.

Harsakh is a poor warrior, physically unimposing, remains distant from his colleagues, and finds violence distasteful. He began life as a poor orphan on the streets of Marsember, and has worked his way into the Purple Dragons and a better life by working hard, obeying orders, and doing the right thing. Harsakh will do anything to preserve and protect his current way of life and the nation that made that possible (including murder, but only when there is no other choice).

Kurlarra Stornsword (Good, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 2): Kurlarra is a First Sword (sergeant) in the Purple Dragons, that has been given her Short Sword term of service. Kurlarra is a fat, homely lass with large limbs and hands, big thighs and shoulders, and a round, red face.

As a member of the militia, Kurlarra supervises the Watch in Marsember. She is not particularly bright, but is very organised, never forgets a face, and keeps notes on everything she observes. Kurlarra is very patient and polite (at her most angry she becomes sarcastic or uncooperative), who is always happy to help and encourage others with her silent presence, and she genuinely cares about her colleagues in the Watch. In short, her fellow militia love her.

Kurlarra longs for the attention and romance depicted in novels, but is settling for a torrid (and secret) affair with a halfling fence (who also owns a sizeable amount of Ruskran’s debt) because he is the only person that has ever showed her any kindness or attention.

Norskel Saerntavor (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 1): Norskel is a new recruit into the Purple Dragons and has been given the rank of Blade (Private) and the “Short Sword” term of service. Norskel is eager and dedicated, always looking for ways to please his superiors and fulfil his orders.

Norskel is tall, broad, chinless, with black hair and blue eyes. He has a taste for sweet confections and small animals, collecting litters of kittens and caring for them until they are adults (whereupon he releases them into the wild on Jester’s Green). Norskel aspires to become an office and get married one day, he finds commanding women particularly attractive and likes to be dominated.

Raskran Telstone (Neutral, Half Elf – Moon, Half Human – Chondathan, Warrior 2): Raskran is a First Sword (sergeant) in the Purple Dragons, that has been given his Short Sword term of service. He is stony faced with chiselled features, a slender build and blessed with a natural agility. Raskran wears uniforms tailored by one of the best independent Crown approved tailors (licensed to make Purple Dragon uniforms), and hides a variety of daggers and throwing knives on his person (at his wrists, back, ankle, etc).

Raskran is uncompromising, sticking to the letter of the law at all times. He disguises his contempt for the poor and opportunistic criminals of Marsember (calling them “thieving weasels”), but is careful not to let others become aware of his opinions. Raskran has worked hard to become very familiar with Marsember and its people, becoming a very shrewd member of the militia, but is despised by those that work with him for his obsequiousness to authority.

Raskran secretly enjoys dressing in women’s clothing, and has eagerly volunteered for assignments requiring he be disguised as a woman. He spends his evening watching and betting on cockfights and female mud wrestling that is often staged in the dockside taverns and cellars of Marsember. Gambling isn’t against the rules for a Purple Dragon, but he is accruing mounting debts with several criminal gangs.

Saraera Delhand (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 3): Sarera Delhand is a Lionar (Captain) in the Purple Dragons (she has been given the “Long Sword term of service), who commands the Watch in Marsember. She is short, thin, and bony, but is never seen outside of her uniform and leather armour (which is cleaned every night). 

Saraera sees it as her job to maintain order in Marsember, she sticks to the rules and likes to ensure everyone adheres to the law, but believes in second chances and will almost always educate citizens for a first offence rather than fine or detain them (severe offences are dealt with harshly however).

Saraera is lonely and keeps to herself in private, indulging her tastes for chocolate, bathing in warm milk, and reading “hot bottom” romance novels (which are purchased at night and concealed in a hooded robe). She takes her tenday annual vacation in Suzail which she times to attend official and court revels and wheres expensive dresses and dances the night away hoping to meet a soul mate.

Saramistra Dunwynd (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Expert 1): This petite, beautiful woman has emerald green eyes, raven black hair, and an exquisite body shape. Saramistra is a Blade (Private) in the Purple Dragons, given the “Short Sword” term of service, currently serving in the militia in Marsember and assisting the Watch.

Saramistra is possibly the prettiest Purple Dragon in Cormyr, a fact that she is fully aware of. Saramistra is an accomplished actress, able to play the part of helpless woman, domineering seductress, a lust filled wanton, etc. Saramistra is acutely aware of the effect she has on other people, and is able to read a man’s body language and behaviour with near perfect accuracy.

Saramistra has suffered the unwanted attentions of men in the past and is careful to make sure she does not suffer such situations again (one of the reasons for joining the Purple Dragons). She regularly volunteers for undercover assignments and dreams of impressing her superiors enough to be made a High Knight

Taera Hahlor (Good, Human – Chondathan, Expert 1): Taera Hahlor is a middle aged woman who was once beautiful and slim but is now plump (although still with a lush figure). Taera works a tenday a month in the Watch as a Blade (Private) who has been given the “Wooden Sword” in the Purple Dragons.

Taera watches people, noticing their behaviour and mannerisms. She can often be found on the sidelines standing quietly and unnoticed. She has cultivated a lazy, cynical manner that she uses to lull people into thinking she is uninterested in everything (accentuated by her constant tobacco chewing). Taera is the kind motherly figure to everyone, noting when people are tired, pained, grieving, sickened, or otherwise behaving abnormally, and she is always ready to help her friends and fellow watchmen (who she cares deeply about).

Taera spent her youth sleeping her way through the ranks of the Watch, and has cultivated a network of friends and ex-lovers over the years. Few would dare reprimand Taera for her faux-lazy behaviour, and they are usually newly arriving Watch officers who are unaware of the support she has from her fellows. When it comes to combat, Taera is unpractised with the sword, and with any other weapon she is a danger to herself and her colleagues.

Bailiff of the Rolls: Orgarl Hardiman (LG hm F3/Exp3): Gruff, sarcastic, and cynical, fat old Hardiman is well-known in Marsember, and grudgingly respected for how he does his job about as much as he’s disliked for what he does. He will always give the desperate another tenday to pay, and will patiently listen to their gripes and pleadings, stand them drinks, and suggest ways to pay or cut their costs by dealing with cheaper moneylenders or business partners. Orgarl never forgets a face or an amount owing, and spends much of his day sitting behind a heaped-with-papers desk (he knows EXACTLY where every last document is, in the heaps and elsewhere in his office), keeping meticulous records up to date. He’s fussy, balding, large-headed, and shuffling, with bristling gray-white eyebrows, penetrating green eyes, a beaky nose, and triple chins. He’s a devastating mimic when he wants to be, tends to speak sharply and caustically to those who disagree with him, and seems fearless, simply staring at anyone who threatens him. He is scrupulously honest (something no previous Bailiff of the Rolls in Marsember was thought to be), and welcomes War Wizard peerings into his mind, so they’ll know that and trust in him.

Orgarl lives alone, sometimes visits a select few festhalls to pay the youngest-looking lasses to sit in his lap, kiss him, cuddle or embrace him, or stroke his hair (both of them fully clothed), and never anything more (it’s not sex he’s looking for, it’s feeling wanted; he gets overly lonely). Yet he tends to be suspicious of women who want to befriend him (as he’s been betrayed in love before, long ago but more than once). He’s happy doing his job, and would be happy doing it until he died – – but also wouldn’t mind being promoted to a Court position in Suzail, where he could “clean up and diligently tend” to more records.

Underbailiff: Geldrar Tronstur (LN hm F2/Exp1): Old, tall, weatherbeaten, and sharp-voiced, Geldrar is a veteran of much swordswinging action in the Dragons. Never a good weapon-wielder, he became sickened by the life of a warrior, and crippled by the cumulative pain of many old, ill-healed wounds. Now he limps grimly through life, “reduced” to being a bailiff but determined to do the job correctly and well. He’s a “by the book,” attentive man, who anticipates trouble and is usually ready for it. His well-muscled body is covered with white scars (although his face was spared), and he knows how to be very correct and discreet, giving him a certain attraction among the older widows of Marsember.

Geldrar has no ambitions, and intends to eventually retire to a small cottage in some small upcountry place and live out his last days pursuing his long-held dream: becoming a writer of “hot-bottom” (soft porn) romance chapbooks, the sort written for women and purportedly by women (so not under his own name, of course, though he doesn’t intend to keep what he does secret, just enjoy shocking any fans who seek him out).

Underbailiff: Hornar Shieldson (LE hm F2): Sometimes called “Fangs” or “Master Softthreats” by his fellows, Hornar is the only truly evil “squeeze” in Marsember. Blond and burly, with long sideburns and reddish-brown eyes, he has been at his job for almost a score of years (he started very young) and is very good at it, always alert and usually able to sense falsehoods. He enjoys being menacing, threatening those who offer defiance or claim inability to pay, and doesn’t mind beating the stuffing out of someone who takes a swing at him first. Inflicting pain and breaking bones gives him pleasure, but he does think laws should be strictly followed, and goes after the corrupt with zeal (his alignment does NOT mean he’ll ever cheat the Crown or break rules, only that he’ll not be kindly or forgiving whenever he isn’t ordered to, and will take every opportunity to inflict pain and scare people [not just to win their obedience, but to see and smell their fear]).

As a result, he gets ordered to the fore in dealing with the nastiest non-payers, and so regards himself as the “best” in Marsember at collecting monies owed the Crown. He sees nothing wrong in earning a reputation for cruelty, believing it’s “right” to do so, and saves much time and trouble by cowing the populace into obedience.

Hornar likes inflicting pain in his personal life, too. Never married, he frequents festhalls where he can bind and flog lasses, or force himself on them. However, he’s not interested in maiming them or making them fear him; what excites him is their willingness to submit and “play along” with his behaviour (offering him whips or bindings to use on them, for example). Hornar likes being alone (“making his own way in life,” as he puts it) and likes his job, but believes he should and will eventually be promoted to replace a retiring Orgarl Hardiman, because his “effectiveness” makes such a result “only right.”

Underbailiff: Jarsorr Windsummer (NG hm F1): Young, handsome, blond and brown-eyed, this swift-tempered young Arabellan has often been described as “dashing.” He can run blindingly fast, spends most evenings “wenching” his way around the taverns and clubs (successfully, and has the knack of keeping as friends most of the maids he beds), and is glib-tongued and persuasive. He seems to have a knack for “smelling” falsehoods and deceits, and is careful to conduct himself properly when in uniform.

By night, “Jarr” adopts open-fronted tunics, colourful sashes, and “drop-front” leather breeches with swashbuckling fashion-designed seaboots and a gleaming-hilted sword (that hilt is of intricately-fashioned silver; a rapier with a hand-basket of curling, sweeping wire) that he’s only drawn thrice, in all his life. He’d not dream of being seen around the taverns in his duty uniform. He can be very charming and gallant, and truly enjoys the company of women of all ages and appearances, not just those willing to yield their charms to him – – which in turn makes him “good company” in the eyes of most tavernmasters and serving-wenches (the latter accept his occasional slaps and caresses cheerfully, as he never pinches and will accept “no” for an answer; and will even defend them against drunkards who won’t, without thought of claiming a “reward” for doing so). Windsummer is restless, but not necessarily ambitious; he’s searching for some direction in his life, but hasn’t yet found it, and isn’t prepared to do anything drastic in his seeking; he’s just drifting along being a good underbailiff and not worrying how many years he spends doing so.

Underbailiff: Mulkyn Ansrarl (LN hm F1): A huge, burly, monster-shouldered man who looks more like a tall woodstove than a human, Mulkyn has a huge, toad-like head, warts, a low and gravelly voice, and a great tolerance for pain. His hands are larger than most human heads, and he is very strong; he has been known to tear hasps with locks and chains still attached, right out of stout wooden doors. He is calm, obedient to orders, and very calm and slow to lose his temper. Mulkyn obeys his orders, but is neither stupid nor slow to act, and can’t be tricked into letting a miscreant past by clever talk pointing out gaps in the logic of his orders, or seeking to distract him; he will take hold of the miscreant and simply not let go. He always goes armed, with a visible belt-dagger, but another up his sleeve, and a slender mace down one of his boots. He is utterly fearless; threatening him with a spell-blast or undead attack won’t sway him from obeying orders. He can duck, dart, and sprint much more swiftly than his looks lead most people to think. In short, he’s the perfect underbailiff.

He’s content in his job, never thinks of what the future might hold, and isn’t ambitious. He has a secret weakness for sweets and buying and playing with small toys (miniature warriors, model ships, and the like), and lives alone in a very modest attic apartment. He seems utterly uninterested in sex, and deals with everyone not in the Dragons or the Watch as equals, not caring what their age, gender, or race is.

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