Nezram the Worldwalker is known as the greatest magic user of his age, whose magics inspired a host of potentials to imitate his art and craft such magics as Karathoth’s Jewel. Nezram went wandering some 700 years ago and has not been seen since, but he is known for his prolonged absences and none in Mulhorand doubt that he will return one day.


Nezram was born Nezra Amsetis, son of Keoth Amsetis, sometime around -1450 DR. As the son of the Grand Vizier he was trained in the magical arts and destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was taken on Keoth’s lengthy explorations of the Raurin Deserts and learned much of the lost art of the Imaskari, including their fabled and much guarded gem magics.

Following the War of Claws (201 to 205 DR), Nezram began spending extended amounts of time around Lake Azulduth (and the rest of his time inside the Arcanum of Magic exploring the archives). After many decades Nezram constructed a great tower (in the fashion of the Pharaoh’s Palaces) on the shores of Azulduth, a great many supplicants began gathering around his tower and a small settlement sprang up. Nezram fathered many children among the villagers over the centuries, and his descendants (known as the Nezramites) still live around Azulduth.

In 681 DR, Nezram’s tower was tore apart by a green dragon who somehow had learned that Nezram was missing (a secret that others in Mulhorand only discovered after the tower was destroyed). Nezram’s children later told how the wizard had not been seen for nearly 40 years and that he had descended into the lake one day and never returned.

Unbeknownst to everyone however, Nezram did return to Mulhorand in secret, after wards alerted him to the destruction of his tower by Chathuulandroth, and then his secret chambers were opened a decade later (by the sarrukh). Nezram returned in 718 DR (Year of the Painful Price) and drove the sarrukh from his former home, recovered his remaining possessions, and left.

Cryptic clues left behind in the ruins led the Nezramites (those who deciphered them) to his destination – the Lonely Lake Oasis in the Dust Desert of Raurin. Those who made the perilous journey found the fabled Font of Time and established the settlement of Nezras nearby (unable to live in the desert) so they could await Nezram’s return.


Nezram is the only known person capable of crafting the infamous gemstone golems that guard the pyramids of the Land of the Dead. The knowledge was once known to many of the Gods of Mulhorand, but that and other secrets were kept between themselves and lost when they retreated from the world. Nezram was active in creating gemstone golems for many Pharaohs during the Second Mulhorandi Empire, but since his departure there have been no more made.

Nezram has spent many long millennia of his lifespan studying the magics of four magically mighty empires; Mulhorandi, Unther, Imaskar, and Okoth. From these studies he has learned many unique magics (such as the secrets of creation of gemstone golems), and penned a few treatises which were sold to fund his research; such as the Song of the Sea Serpents – a book studying the legendary greater quelzarm and supposedly detailing the method of creating them – now lost undersea in the Haunted Plains between Westgate and Sembia. Nezram can call upon any of these long lost magics to confound and defeat his foes, he is also in possession of a number of incredibly powerful magical items, some of which he has personally crafted.


Nezram entered the Font of Time for a reason, he correctly divined the insidious threat the sarrukh posed to his beloved Mulhorand, but the Pharaoh’s and temples of Mulhorand would not heed the advice of the now reclusive Nezram. Unfortunately he never considered that the sarrukh fled Faerun and returned many millennia later (because of his own explorations of their ruins).

Unable to battle the magically mighty sarrukh of Okoth alone, and realizing that they would spread their influence throughout the empire within a few centuries, Nezram decided to defeat them at the source by travelling back in time, using a magic he had found millennia ago during his travels with his father.

The Font of Time took Nezram back to the time of his birth, but left him in the Dust Desert of Raurin. He has been missing from the present for 700 years and has still not returned, and the threat of the sarrukh has not diminished or vanished. It may be that Nezram is trapped in the past, unable to return, or that he is hiding, or simply that he has spent 700 years in the past unable to prevent the return of the sarrukh (which he himself unknowingly caused).

Who knows what it will take to make Nezram return to the present, the Font of Time will only allow one to travel back in time as far as he moment of their birth. Perhaps Nezram has survived to the present day and is trapped or in hiding and needs rescuing from his prison (whether real or imagined).


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