The Harpers

The Moonshaes Cell

Those Who Harp have been operating under a cloud of suspicion for many years. The relative unimportance and isolation of the Moonshae Isles from the rest of the Sword Coast has made this region a safe haven for those seeking to escape organisations of mainland Faerun (whether they serve the greater good or evil or themselves).

Renegade Harpers that no longer follow the tenets of the Harpers or believe in its increasingly distant commanders, have often chosen the Moonshae Isles to flee towards so that they may escape their former employers but still practice their trade.

False Harpers that secretly or unwittingly work for the aims of evil organisations like the Zhentarim or the cult of an evil god are also sent to the Moonshae Isles to spread misinformation and destabilise the region for evil.

Bran Skorlsun spent the best part of several decades rooting out False and Renegade Harpers in secret, for his targets had besmirched the name of Those Who Harp and made their members scapegoats for many evils so that the name of Harper is mud in the Moonshae Isles.

Important NPCs

Keren pen Donnell (Good, Human – Tethyrian, Expert 2): Keren is one of the Prynmar (Great Bards of the ffolk), he is welcomed at every royal court in the island chain and spends much of his time travelling between Callidyrr, Corwell, Moray, and Snowdown, delivering news and messages and entertaining the kings and queens of the ffolk. Keren was a Harper Friend but was believed slain in 1345 DR, his hawk familiar sable is often seen aiding Harpers even after his death.

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