The Old Empires

The Old Empires region is a land apart from the rest of Faerun in many respects. Situated on the south and eastern shores of the Sea of Fallen Stars, the Old Empires have their own people, their own cultures, their own distinct languages, and their own religious pantheon, all of which is very distinct from those lands north and west of the Inner Sea.

The Old Empires historically referred to those lands that were once part of the Mulhorandi or Untheric Empires; this includes Mulhorand and Unther themselves,  as well as the lands of Chessenta, Thay, and much of the Shaar. However, as time has passed, the Old Empires has shrunk considerably and now Mulhorand and Unther control only their own lands. Chessenta and Thay are independent, governing themselves, and are now lands that embrace Faerunian culture more closely with every decade.


Once home to the youngest empire of the Mulan; Akanu, this land has long since abandoned its Mulan heritage after throwing off the rule of Gil-Geamesq almost 400 years ago. The west of Chessenta is now home to a large proportion of Chondathans and the land is always at odds with itself as cities form alliances based on history and race and feud with others continuously, turning Chessenta into a land of war and glory.


The first and arguably the greatest of the Mulan empires in the Old Empires region. The godkings that once ruled the Empire of Mulhorand have long since abandoned the mortal realm, and their mortal descendants now govern in their stead as Pharaohs.

Mulhorand is much diminished from its height, having lost control of Murghom, Semphar, and Thay, and retreated within its borders to glory in its own achievements and history. Mulhorand is a land where change is unwelcome, as are foreigners.


The birthplace of the Mulan people and the graveyard of the Imaskari Empire. The Mulan first arrived in Raurin as slaves of the Imaskari, upon gaining their freedom they quickly abandoned Raurin as a desert grew to claim it. Raurin is now home to a vast desert, tribes of nomads, and innumerable ruins and secrets hidden among the sands. A great evil roams the wastes claiming lives and magic as it seeks to escape the confines of the desert.


Unther is truly the land of the godkings, for only here is their presence still felt. Gil-Geamesq the God-King of Unther still rules this once great empire, and his towering personage can occasionally be seen venturing out of his palace to the Isle of Blood or the chariot races in the Napi’Ther Eqlu.

Unther is ruled by Gil-Geamesq’s iron fist, and his zealous priests who administer to the ancient empire. The nobility are descended from the godkings themselves while everyone else are slaves. The people of Unther are downtrodden and subdued because Gil-Geamesq and Unther are eternal, however, change is in the air, food is growing scarce due to Gil-Geamesq’s millennia of misrule and unrest is beginning to show. Cultists are preparing for the moment when Gil-Geamesq’s rule will come to an end and a new Unther can be rebuilt in their own vision.

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