Giant Pantheon

The Giant Pantheon is the oldest intact pantheon in Toril; the Sarrukh, Batrachi, and Aearee Pantheons long having disintegrated as the empires of those races fractured and then the races themselves degenerated into other creatures. The Giant Pantheon was also the first racial pantheon to exist owing to the fact that all the giants remained unified and centrally located for many millennia.

The first documented worship of the giant gods Annam, Stronmaus, Memnor, Skoraeus Surtr, Thrym, Grolantor and many others was found in the highest reaches of the underground chambers of Hotun Shul deep beneath the Icespires and lost more than 400 years ago. The highest vaults of Hotun Shul contain the eldest friezes that depict the fall of Ostoria in a war with dragons and the subsequent appearance of the giant gods with the gift of rune magic, these friezes are estimated to have been carved some 25,000 years ago.

The myths of the giants mention the first children of Annam, who created the different giant races (a claim also made for the giant gods themselves), and yet these first children are written as having different names; Lanaxis, Ottar, Nicias, etc, so a confused set of myths and legends has sprung up about how Annam sired two groups of children with different goddesses. This confusion has only been exacerbated by the influence of giants from outside Toril that bring stories of their gods that have the same names and who are said to have created giants on other worlds.

The truth of the giant histories is that Lanaxis, Ottar, Nicias, Vilmos, Ruk, Obadai, Masud, Dunmore, Arno/Julian were one and the same as the giant gods whose true names are more commonly known today as Surtr, Thrym, Stronmaus, Memnor, Grolantor, Skoraeus. This true history however is lost to the giants, who have fallen far from the heights of Ostoria.

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