Seh-Om, meaning “no one”, is the first and forgotten son of Gil-Geamesq; the God King of Unther. Fathered on a turami slave and immediately despised by his sire, Seh-Om was offered up as a sacrifice and entombed within the Kimaru of Ner-Ghul far from Unther.



Seh-Om was conceived to a turami slave girl called Telaa, fathered by a (relatively) young Gil-Geamesq in a moment of lust following another victorious battle with the orcs of the Priador and glorious single combat with a berserk warrior of gigantic proportions (almost 10 ft tall).

Seh-Om arrived 6 months later during the closing events of the campaign known as the Scouring Beyond. Ner-Ghul was captured and slain by an orc ambush while Gil-Geamesq awaited the birth of his first offspring. Disgusted at his own pride in believing the orcs beaten, and full of loathing for the mother, Gil-Geamesq strangled Telaa and glowered at Seh-Om who was already standing and throwing punches at his father despite being mere minutes old.

Gil-Geamesq had a great Kimaru (god tomb) constructed into the earth; for Ner-Ghul always enjoyed exploring the underground regions of Akanu, and offered up his own son to consecrate the burial complex, entombing Seh-Om and Ner-Ghul’s entire entourage inside the Kimaru alive.

Ner-Ghul’s family and servants survived a few weeks before succumbing to thirst and starvation. Seh-Om has survived for over 2000 years, sustained by the power of his father that flowed through his veins. He has grown into a capable warrior; talents inherited from Gil-Geamesq, and a practiced magician by studying the sacred texts of Ner-Ghul interred with him.

Seh-Om does not speak; in fact his vocal chords have almost completely atrophied, and can understand limited Untheric. His only exposure to other humanoid beings was 2 millennia ago, and at the time he was an infant (albeit a walking and talking infant with strength enough to topple a bull). His social skills are almost non-existent, having only had a brief exposure to ensi of Ner-Ghul before he was old enough to understand not everyone behaves that way, as a result Seh-Om strictly obeys all the rituals and customs of the ensi of Ner-Ghul; such as praising the darkness and offering thanks to Ner-Ghul, blessing the death of every creature he witnesses perish, praying for a quick death 3 times a day (at dawn, dusk, and midnight), leaving any food to spoil slightly before consuming, etc.

To most people Seh-Om encounters he will seem incredibly strange, but after enough exposure he will likely learn to behave as others do.



Seh-Om dwells in the Kimaru created for Ner-Ghul, it is located around 70 miles from Uthmere along the Great Road in a land now known as the Great Dale. The Kimaru is now a large mound of darkened earth covered with scrub grass, with a series of satellite mounds surrounding it (tombs for his attendants).

Seh-Om resides in the main Kimaru, spending most of his time in the burial chamber of Ner-Ghul (whom he regards as a father figure), often conferring with the corpse of the godking. Seh-Om believes Ner-Ghul still survives in some fashion and the breeze that flows periodically through the Kimaru and into the burial chamber is caused by his breath.

The burial chamber is home to Ner-Ghul’s most prized possessions, and guarded by fiendish traps (Seh-Om knows the locations of every trap and how to deactivate them temporarily). The Kimaru is also patrolled by the animated corpses of the attendants of Ner-Ghul, which Seh-Om learned to animate within his first century of imprisonment.