Old Empires NPCs








Pharaoh Akonhorus II

Akonhorus II(Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 4):

Akonhorus II ascended to the throne in 1320 DR, at the age of 29, when his distant cousin (the then Pharaoh Rehorustep II) died in a hunting accident in the Eastern Shaar.

Akonhorus II was taken under the wing of the Vizier Rezim Helcalli, who taught the young and inexperienced Pharaoh to manage the complexities of Mulhorand’s politics. Together, the Vizier and Pharaoh have made Mulhorand (and themselves), far richer and more powerful than in previous centuries. In the past decade Akonhorus II has begun to take his own counsel, and tried dealing with Mulhorand’s politics in his own way, through negotiation and understanding rather than following Rezim’s advice (to anticipate and eliminate the opposition). Akonhorus’ newfound independence is driving a wedge between the Pharaoh and Vizier.

An-Unaki, High Lord of Messemprar

An-Unaki (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 7):
An-Unaki is the Ul’Aen of Messemprar. He spends most of his time in Unthalass with the other Ul’Aen of Unther, attempting to gain power and prestige from their favour with Gil-Geamesq. An-Unaki constantly schemes to gain the most favour from Gil-Geamesq by publicly announcing his most brutal and sadistic achievements as often as possible (which entertain the God-King but Gil-Geamesq doubts An-Unaki’s raw physical strength), once he has achieved this aim he hopes to become Ul’Aen of Unthalass and rule Unther while Gil-Geamesq is kept occupied in his palace.

Recently the unrest in Messemprar has forced An-Unaki to relocate back to his demesne in an effort to quell the dissent and restore order (or else lose the favour of Gil-Geamesq – and his life). An-Unaki has been brutal in his treatment of the rebels, slaughtering sympathisers and torturing those rebels his troops can capture. Unfortunately the unrest has grown into an open rebellion and An-Unaki has been forced to hire mercenaries from Chessenta as well as buy expensive steel armaments for his masate.

An-Unaki is running out of time however as the Esba-Tahar of the North has been ordered to march north and end the rebellion. An-Unaki believes that if the rebels are not caught by the time the soldiers breach the walls of Messemprar then they will come for his head.

An-Unaki is a cold and calculating schemer, clever than most (although not as clever as he believes himself to be), with enough ambition to get himself into serious trouble one day. He has an unhealthy interest in torturing people and delights in finding new ways to inflict pain and death upon his victims. His favourite methods of torture involves the Lash of the Death Dance; a deadly whip he manufactured from two magical claws he acquired from the bazaar in Messemprar.


Arzithree (Neutral, Dragon – Bronze, Dragon 12):

Known as the Dragon Sage of Unthalass, this crazy old woman wanders the Undercity (and occasionally ventures up to the Isle of Winds), where she mutters incoherently until offered a pearl in exchange for a single question, but she will only answer questions relating to dragons in and around Unther.

Hayrannarzithree is an old bronze dragon that has lived unnoticed around Unthalass for several centuries. She is more than a little addled after humans (cultists of the Queen of Chaos) slew her offspring and stole her hoard in a seemingly unprovoked attack.

Arzithree is searching for those responsible, and believes she has tracked them to Unthalass. In truth the assailants were the Knights of the Five Thorned Rose (led by Kedrak Gilbane), gathering items necessary to summon TiaMa’at, which included organs from juvenile dragons. Kedrak spent many years in Unthalass before the summoning of TiaMa’at and Arzithree has tracked his movements here before he vanished (into the catacombs beneath Niz’Jaree).

Avid char Solmeszk

Avid char Solmeszk “2nd Elevation Magus” (Evil, Rakshasa, Magic User 4):

Avid is a minor member of the Enclave (of the 2nd elevation), who joined the organisation by finding his way into the Fire’s Conjunction without invitation. His layman’s knowledge of portals and minor magical ability impressed the Enclave enough to admit him to their order (after careful probing and monitoring for almost a decade).

Avid claims to have come from a wealthy family of merchants from Durpar that routinely use ancient portals to move trade caravans through the lands around his home. This knowledge and his possession of certain portal keys allowed him to discover the Fire’s Conjunction, or so his story goes. Avid is not at all what he seems and he has “loyalty to other organisations over the Enclave.

Avid is now a fully fledged member of the Enclave and has been given the difficult assignment of infiltrating the Northern Wizards to spy on their activities. Using his family contacts, Avid has established a caravan coster in Messemprar and has insinuated himself among the merchants of the Gate District. Avid has spent almost a year influencing the foreign traders of Messemprar to lend their aid to the Free Unther movement and as a result has made contact with Northern Wizard members who wish to use his influence when the time comes.

Avid is not really a merchant from Durpar; he is a member of the Amethyst Sodality, a semi secret society of traders based in the Shining South which uses its knowledge and control over ancient Imaskari portals to monopolise internal and external trade in the region. Avid intends to climb the ranks of the Enclave to secure his control over the Fire’s Conjunction and the portal network in Unther to aid his Solmeszk family in their bid to supplant the dominant Samangur and Omprakesh families who are the most powerful in the Sodality due to their control of portal networks in Durpar and Ulgarth.

However, Avid’s duplicity does not end with his secret allegiance to the Amethyst Sodality. Avid is one of a family of shape shifters known as the Al’Chazar (a family name) or more commonly referred to (by those aware of their existence) as the Lost of Ravan. These feline humanoid shape-shifters have infiltrated the Amethyst Sodality and intend to usurp it and it’s control of the portal networks to amass gold, power, and magic, enough to follow their ancestor; Myrkul, and join the ranks of the divine. Avid is like all members of this family pursuing his own goals to prove to the family his power and success in the hopes of gaining the ear of the First One.

As one of the Al’Chazar, Avid possesses magical abilities far beyond those he has learned by studying magic. He has powers of necromancy and illusion at his disposal such as poison, disease, obfuscation. He is far stronger and more agile than any normal human, however his greatest power is the ability to change form at will between his feline humanoid shape and a human. Avid has practiced this shape shifting to assume the form of a minor member of the Solmaneszk (whom he subsequently consumed) and it is a near perfect imitation (missing a small cluster of moles on his right buttock).


Borsipa (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 2):

Borsipa was a plain slave girl in the Port District of Messemprar when Dama started the Free Unther movement. Unable to escape the district once it was seized, Borsipa used her endearing innocence and slight magical aptitude to assist the rebels and gain some favour among the new masters of the district.

Some weeks later, during one of An-Unaki’s raids into the Port District, Borsipa was captured by the masate of Messemprar along with a number of others. A natural survivor, Borsipa eagerly took the offer to turn informant when the masate commander tried to turn her loyalties. After a slow and meandering march back to the Palace District, the rebels of Free Unther attacked the masate and liberated many of the captives. Borsipa was now back with the rebels and aiding both sides.

Borsipa is dedicated to no cause but her own. She will make herself useful to Dama and his rebels in order to survive, and at the same time will pass information to An-Unaki when she can. Whichever side wins the conflict will be the side Borsipa supports most fervently, and in that way will ensure she survives a life her parents could not.

Brathes Sendem

Brathes Sendem (Good, Human – Mulan, Warrior 4):
A capable warrior and veteran of many campaigns against bandits and pirates despite his young age of 20 years old. He has spent the last few years as the personal bodyguard of the future Pharaoh Horustep, and has formed a fast friendship with the young prince (both are headstrong and of similar opinions).

Brathes has thus far been kept at a distance from the plots and factions within the Church of Anhur, but already the Order of Watchful Lions are eyeing his potential to act as a spokesperson to the next Pharaoh to voice the possibility of a lightning strike against Mulhorand’s enemies.

The position of bodyguard to the crown prince has long been an honour bestowed upon the Church of Anhur, and thus far has remained safe from the machinations of past and present Viziers. Rezim has his eye on removing the last remaining Anhurite influence upon current and future Pharaoh’s (except for their nominal presence on the Solar Council), he is looking for any failure to warrant the removal of one of the last positions of honour for the Church of Anhur.


E-Bailoks (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 11):

E-Bailoks is the foremost wizard (holder of the title of Berhasshepu, meaning Master Wizard) of the noble House of E. Born a minor cousin to a minor family of this An’Ular household, E-Bailoks would likely have amounted to little more than the owner of a small business were it not for his innate ability to read magical script. Using this gift E-Bailoks learned all he could from the House mages before travelling around Unther looking for greater magics.

E-Bailoks found what he was looking for on the shore of Lake Azulduth, ancient ruins and writings of a nation of serpent worshippers. E-Bailoks is certain these people lived in Unther long before the Imaskari conquered the Turami. He has found artefacts of these people all over Unther and has become the leading sage of all things Okoth (the name he has given to the nation and its people).

E-Bailoks has recently (in the last few years) been summoned to Shussel by the head of the House of E. E-Bailoks is certain he has been recalled only so E-Kurre can maintain his power and position as Unther inevitably collapses, but he has no intention of putting himself in danger for his cowardly and ungrateful former student.


E-Kurre (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 6):
E-Kurre is the leader of the ancient House of E, the noble An’Ular house founded by E-Nlil himself – the founder of Unther. The House of E has gradually diminished since E-Nlil’s departure from Unther and Gil-Geamesq’s rise to the position of God-King, today only a few hundred people are left to represent this ancient lineage and they are led by the cowardly and manipulative Ul’Aen E-Kurre.

E-Kurre is certain that Gil-Geamesq’s rule of Unther will not last another five years, and has positioned himself in Shussel so that he holds all the wealth and power in the city in the hopes that none will challenge him when Unther disintegrates once Gil-Geamesq is gone. Unfortunately for E-Kurre he has grasped this power too greedily and is now despised by the entire city (something he is well aware of).

Afraid for his life, E-Kurre has hired a successful and experienced mercenary company from Chessenta called the Steel Dragons, he hopes these will keep him secure in power. Thanks to his manipulations and interrogators, E-Kurre is aware of the secret at the heart of the Church of Ish-Tarri in Shussel. He is using this information to stop the church from resisting him and so they can keep the people of Shussel in line should things become desperate (moreso than now).

E-Simud “Magus Emeritus”, “Flamelord”

E-Simud (Good, Human – Mulan, Magic User 17):

E-Simud looks as though he might have lived for a thousand years, he is shrunken, hunched, wrinkled, near blind, and yet his mind is as sharp as the most accomplished of magic users. The truth of the matter is that E-Simud is over a thousand years old, being the last surviving son of E-Nlil, born a mere 12 years before E-Nlil’s disappearance.

E-Simud served Unther loyally during the early years of Gil-Geamesq’s reign but as time passed and Gil-Geamesq grew increasingly tyrannical and paranoid, E-Simud became suspicious of the past activities of the God-King of Unther and decided to investigate the absence of his father.

E-Simud travelled Unther, Akanu, the Priador Plateau, and even Raurin in his quest to discover what happened to Gil-Geamesq and what he had done to E-Nlil. E-Simud did not find the answers he sought, but he did find much magical knowledge in his wanderings, and upon his return to Unther he attracted the ire of the paranoid God-King himself and was forced to go into hiding.

E-Simud fell in with the remnants of the Brotherhood of the Black Flame and happened to be carrying a number of portal keys that allowed the mages to discover a portal to the Fire’s Conjunction. E-Simud remained in the shadows of the fledgling Enclave, volunteering to search out new portals and their keys while he continued to search for the fate of his father.

As E-Simud’s body began to fail he elected to join the senior ranks of the Enclave and for the past four centuries he has been the head of the organisation. E-Simud still longs to discover the fate of E-Nlil (and hopes he is still alive and well) but is resigned to the fact that such a discovery may no longer happen before his body finally perishes. He is determined to preserve the organisation that he has devoted his life to in the hopes that it can be used to revive Unther when the God-King is finally removed.

E-Simud is well aware of all the intrigues within the Enclave. After a millennium of living he is a very astute judge of character, and the powers of the Cowl of Eyes (that he wears at all times) allow him to see far more than his eyes ever could. He is especially wary of Avid and his motivations (he knows he is lying but cannot pierce Avid’s secrets sufficiently to divine his true nature) however, he needs someone placed in Messemprar and is not willing to use any of his loyal underlings, so Avid has been sent on what could be a suicide mission while E-Simud attempts to divine more about this deceiver.


Furifax (Neutral, Half Elf – Moon, Half Human – Chondathan, Warrior 7)

Furifax knows little about his parentage, he grew up as an outcast in the lands south of the Uthangol, preying upon travelers, he presumes his parents were travelling with a caravan through the region and slain. During his teenage years Furifax ventured north to raid the lands of Unther and was captured and enslaved.

Upon coming to the attention of Gil-Geamesq, he became a favoured concubine of the God-King of Unther (a shame which he vows to repay a thousand fold), but was eventually sentenced to death after refusing the Will of Gil-Geamesq. Furifax escaped on his way to the Isle of Blood (aided by cultists of the Queen of Chaos).

Furifax is consumed by his desire to humiliate and slay Gil-Geamesq. That desire and fury has allowed him to gather a large group (known as the Grey Ghosts) to his banner by defeating other bandit leaders, and his daring raids into Unther’s territory have freed over a thousand slaves (many of which have joined his cause).

Over the years, Furifax has had to resort to preying upon passing caravan traffic to feed and appease his bandit tribe. Much of his time is now spent planning caravan raids, dividing spoils, and dealing with internal tribe politics, Furifax has not lost his desire for revenge, but the planning and politics have caused him to lose the drive that allowed him to form his tribe.


Gestaniius (Evil, Dragon – Blue, Dragon 20):
This ancient blue dragon has claimed the Dragonsword Mountains for its territory since early in the 8th century Dalereckoning. Since that time Gestaniius has devoured thousands of slaves (and the odd priest) that work the Land of the Dead, destroyed countless villages in the Asanabis, and carried off numerous caravans that pass along the Great South Trade Road.

Gestaniius is extremely bad tempered and aggressive, and will allow no rivals within her territory, even challenging the might of the Raurin flight of blue dragons if they try to pass over her mountains. Her greatest achievement is the raid upon the Solarium of Skuld where she stole a number of treasures from the second set of the Fasarwen Laren.

This daring raid was inspired by the activities of a rival dragon; Chathuulandroth, who had plundered the tower of Nezram centuries before and slew the Pharaoh Horuseres II in 921 DR. Gestaniius did not wish to be outdone by her rival and so sought to beat the achievement, but to make matters worse the Mulhorandi began construction of a huge and ornate tomb in the side of the Dragonsword Mountains (which Gestaniius had claimed for her own). To punish the intruders and best Chathuulandroth, Gestaniius decided to devour the Pharaoh in his own bed in the Solarium.

Gestaniius was not a fool however and waited until the right moment to strike. That moment came in 922 DR when the wizards of the Shamularand province rebelled against Mulhorandi rule. Hearing of the devastating war and the death of the Pharaoh Mahorustep I, Gestaniius decided to attack when Mulhorand was weak and hoped to catch a new Pharaoh being invested in the Solarium.

Fortunately for the Mulhorandi, Horustep II had already rode into battle carrying some of the Fasarwen Laren to punish the rebels (unfortunately he too lost most of those treasures when he died at the hands of the Red Wizards). Gestaniius tore open the roof of the Solarium and plundered its treasures while a group of sahuagin attacked from the sea (trying to do the same). Many of the second set of the Fasarwen Laren still lie in the lair of Gestaniius, but Mulhorandi officials lied about what was stolen and few suspect the regalia on display are actually mundane replicas.

At some point during the lifetime of Gestaniius, she came into possession of one of the Rings of TiaMa’at (an item she had long desired from her rivalry with Chathuulandroth, and one she was denied briefly when Skuthosin raided the horde of Chathuulandroth), which bestows upon her long life and augmented abilities, but comes with a significant curse; should TiaMa’at ever be slain it is said she will be reborn from the body of whoever possesses the Ring of TiaMa’at. How and when Gestaniius came into possession of this ring is unknown but it is known that Alasklerbanbastos possessed the ring until 1018 DR (when his undeath lost him the ring and caused his Cult of the Dragon and Cult of the Nemesis to go to war), it is possible cultists of TiaMa’at bestowed the ring upon Gestaniius, or more likely given his aggressive nature, he took it from the Suzerain of Raurin and earned himself permanent exile from the flight.


Gil-Siareq (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 1)
Gil-Siareq is the serving ensi of Gil-Geamesq in Niz’Jaree and is now completely and utterly deranged. He has suffered disturbingly vivid dreams since his arrival 5 years ago, and hasn’t slept uninterrupted for more than an hour since. He will rant at anyone passing by his home; in the House of Tyranny, but will listen to anyone that comes to him with information about the Cult of the Queen of Chaos beneath the town, until about 10 minutes have elapsed and will then accuse the speaker of being in an alliance with the cult and promptly flee into the night screaming murder.


Gil-Zimrilim (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 10):

Gil-Zimrilim was, like all ensi of Gil-Geamesq, originally born to another An’Ular household (the house of Gir). Unlike the other ensi of Gil-Geamesq, Gil-Zimrilim has a truly brilliant mind that is able to manipulate people and events several steps ahead of his rivals. He is the longest serving Ulgariph since the Church of the All Father was founded (17 years and counting) and even he realises that Gil-Geamesq’s time is coming to an end, Gil-Zimrilim has no intention of becoming a victim of the inevitable regime change.

Gil-Zimrilim was always believed to have little or no aptitude for magic (a fact that proved true no matter how much he applied himself), and so he remained one of the Naneq for an extended period of time. Despite his low status, Gil-Zimrilim was not idle in this position, he dutifully scribed the meetings and decisions of his superiors and submitted the documents for archiving, but he also kept his own copies and learned the secrets of many superiors by silently witnessing their activities.

Eventually a chance encounter in the deep levels of the Ziggurat of Eternal Victory gave Gil-Zimrilim the powers he desired. He discovered a cache of serthe (a liqueur made from the blood of the godkings) hidden away from the age of the First Empire of Unther, he consumed the entire batch and acquired a number of beneficial powers; including an immunity to poisons. Gil-Zimrilim quickly rose through the ranks using his new innate magical abilities (which he continued to develop). With his new status a political power, Gil-Zimrilim has many agents searching for vials of ancient serthe which he saves and then submerges himself in and or consumes large quantities of.

Gil-Zimrilim is now far stronger, faster, and smarter than any normal human. He possesses the ability to read thoughts, turn invisible, charm others into obeying him, and other talents as yet unrevealed. His prodigious use of serthe also appears to have kept him hale and hearty despite his advancing years (he is approaching his 50th year) and it may be that it has magically prolonged his life as well.

Halcaunt Osriant

Halcaunt Osriant (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Warrior 6):
Halcaunt is one of the few blood members of the noble House of Osriant. He is rather regarded as the black sheep of the family because of his single-minded, almost fanatical pursuit of what many regard as the imaginary Cult of Set (most sensible members of Mulhorandi society believe the Cult of Set died out centuries ago).

Halcaunt was once (more than 40 years ago) a young, wandering priest of Osiris, sent to bring justice to the more rural regions of Mulhorand. Seizing an opportunity, he signed on with a caravan company; the Desert Winds, due to travel through the Raurin desert to far off Durpar. Halcaunt thought he could bring law and order to the settlements along the way and teach the Durpari about true enlightenment and the law, instead he found the burning desert sun, raiders and monsters, and a terrifying desert storm.

Halcaunt believed he was the only survivor of the ill fated expedition, having seen most of his companions die from the heat, or from the teeth and swords of enemies, or worse having their skin stripped away by the whirling sands. He saw the caravan master disappearing into the sand storm that destroyed the caravan and stripped many of his companions to their bones, while he himself turned back to Zindalankh.

Halcaunt was changed by the sun, sand, and dehydration, he became serious, suspicious, and unforgiving, prone to ranting about injustice and often overzealous in his pursuit of criminals. His single-mindedness has served him well enough and he has risen high in the Church of Osiris; obtaining the rank of Magistrate. Halcaunt is known for never letting a crime go unsolved, and prides himself upon pursuing loose ends until the true criminals have been revealed and punished.

Halcaunt, however, has done his political career much damage by pursuing his old caravan master; Sekeot Amsiith, and endlessly accusing and investigating him for being a supposed follower of Set. Halcaunt refuses to believe Sekeot’s story that he wandered lost in the desert, stumbling upon oasis’ randomly with two mules and a cargo of papyrus until he reached Northknife Pass, he is certain Sekeot is lying and the rise in rumours of Set’s followers has led him to believe Sekeot is in league with the Setites. Halcaunt has carefully investigated all Sekeot’s dealings and business associates for any trace of guilt (and found none), he has never thought to investigate the slaves of those associates.

Halcaunt is now regarded as a brilliant magistrate, but is treated as a political pariah because of his constant preaching about the Cult of Set for which he has found no concrete evidence (and which most Mulhorandi believe to have been destroyed long ago). To help pursue the followers of Set he has gathered a following of like minded zealots about him including Urius of Gheldaneth (whom Seti has converted to his cause to help spy on Halcaunt).


Ish-Chana (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 3):

Ish-Chana was formerly a Seed in the Church of Ish-Tarri, serving at the Ford of the River in the Palace District of Messemprar when it collapsed suddenly in 1353 DR killing everyone inside (or so the authorities believed). Ish-Chana was left in the rubble and slowly dragged herself out over the course of a week. A broken shell, Ish-Chana was secreted out of the Palace District by slaves and placed in a slave house in the Port District.

Ish-Chana has slowly been nursed back to health and is now mobile (albeit requiring two canes to support her misaligned legs). When Dama’s rebellion struck Messemprar, Ish-Chana offered her herb lore and healing skills to the Free Unther movement (sadly her fractured legs healed while she was unconscious so she could not set them properly).

Dama has enabled Ish-Chana to setup a temple to Ish-Tarri in the cellars of a ruined An’Ulae household. Despite Ish-Chana’s young age (24) and inexperience, she is the master of a temple and thus accorded the rank of Raindancer (the Ford of the River hierarchy followed the old ranks and dogma of Ish-Tarri used before the infiltration by the priests of Isis, but the title of “The Reaper” as a temple master is too close to the title of Gil-Geamesq’s chief assassin who is currently rumoured to be loose in Messemprar, so Ish-Chana is using the new title for now).

Ish-Chana had not progressed in her learning to master any of the rituals of the Church of Ish-Tarri so has no magical skills to speak of (although she is trying to acquire ancient manuscripts from the ruins of the Ford of the River through the slaves), but she is incredibly skilled in herb lore and the healing arts, able to make salves and poultices, reset broken bones, stitch wounds, and provide healing without the aid of spellcasting. These skills make her a valuable member of the Free Unther movement.


Ish-Ibalpiel (Good, Human – Mulan, Magic User 7):

Ish-Ibalpiel like all priests of Ish-Tarri is now a member of the House of Ish. Although she is Mulan of noble birth, her strange accent and halting Untheric betrays her true origins as a priestess of Isis from Mulhorand (and not the minor noble from a backwater settlement across the Methtir that she claims to be).

Ish-Ibalpiel was sent to Shussel many years ago along with other priestesses of Isis to attempt to infiltrate the priesthood of Ish-Tarri. Welcomed into the ranks during the chaos surrounding the execution of all senior ensi of Ish-Tarri and Ram-Manu, Ish-Ibalpiel and her fellow priests of Isis have remained in Shussel and helped steer the Church of Ish-Tarri toward worship of Isis.

Ish-Ibalpiel has risen to the position of Joyous Uniter, and is now the head of the most powerful temple to Ish-Tarri in all of Unther. However, her influence beyond Shussel and the Spring of Eternal Hope is limited because she has been forced into not overtly resisting the actions of Ul’Aen E-Kurre. This lack of resistance has led many priests of Ish-Tarri outside of Shussel to regard her as weak and many are considering organising resistance against the evils of Gil-Geamesq’s rule (in direct opposition to Ish-Ibalpiel’s commands).

Ish-Ibalpiel has been forced to support E-Kurre through inaction because E-Kurre has discovered that the Church of Ish-Tarri is filled with priests of Isis, and he has promised to keep the secret so long as Ish-Ibalpiel does not take any action against him or aid anyone that might do so (although she suspects his requests may increase with time).

Ish-Ibalpiel is stuck between wanting to rid Unther of people like E-Kurre, and needing him to keep the ensi of Gil-Geamesq away from Shussel so that the Church of Ish-Tarri can continue to help the people of Shussel. It is a double edged blade she walks upon and it may soon be time for her to fall on her own sword to save those who rely on her.

Ish-Utuhegel, Mother of the Wild

Ish-Ibalpiel (Good, Human – Mulan, Magic User 5):

Ish-Utuhegel was originally of the House of T before she joined the clergy of Ish-Tarri and was automatically adopted by the House of Ish (as is tradition for all clergy of Untheric godkings).

Ish-Utuhegel was one of the most senior surviving ensi of Ish-Tarri (following the culling of its ranks in 1346 DR) and as one of the Planters she took it upon herself to shepherd her juniors and the lay followers of Ish-Tarri through the chaos that followed. For three years Ish-Utuhegel kept her flock safe in the settlement of Kaoll as masate and ensi of the God-King ransacked her temple, hassled her charges, and prevented her from her sacred duties. At the end of the church reforms Ish-Utuhegel had kept all her flock alive except one (her own mother).

Ish-Utuhegel adheres passionately to the old traditions of Ish-Tarri and despite her promotion to the rank of Harvest Master of Unthalass, she uses the old title of Mother of the Wild and performs all the old rituals (such as the rain blessing), despite them being outlawed by church and state, many she does in secret because of this.

Ish-Utuhegel burns with a passion for vengeance against the soldiers who beat her aged mother to death (and who are now stationed in Unthalass), and against Gil-Geamesq the God-King for ordering it. She has secretly made contact with criminals and outcasts both within and without Unthalass, amassing allies to help bring about Gil-Geamesq’s downfall, she is also stockpiling a number of potent poisons just in case.

Kedrak Gilbane

Kedrak Gilbane (Neutral, Half Dragon Half Human – Mulan, Warrior 8):

Kedrak Gilbane is very, very old, no one knows for certain how old he is but everyone agrees that he has been in the Cult of the Queen of Chaos since as long as they can remember (the next oldest member is 87 years old and he still remembers Kedrak being a longstanding member even then).

Kedrak hides many secrets, the first being that he is not from Unther, he is actually from Chessenta and was a founding member of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos when cultists were driven from Chessenta in 1024 DR.

Kedrak is huge (over 7 ft tall), and still well muscled. His slightly elongated head and enlarged jaw with jutting fangs are striking but do not make him look overtly inhuman. He wears dull robes that hide scaled skin coloured a deep crimson that almost borders on black now and a folded pair of wings strapped down so as to be easily concealed (they can no longer bear his weight). His true heritage is unknown but it is clear Kedrak is seeking to hide from those digging into his past and it may be he has a famous red dragon from Chessenta in his ancestry.

Despite his age and experience Kedrak strongly supports Tiglath as the leader of the Cult, believing her to be strong enough to lead and yet not consumed by anger and bitterness which may lead the cult into evil.

Kedrak Gilbane is a member of the Council of Scales in Niz’Jaree and he now dwells in the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent permanently where he is commanded with guarding TiaMa’at herself. Kedrak is also the founder of the Serpent Guards, a group of trained warriors that guard cell bases and members as well as things of interest to the cult (usually allied dragons or ancient ruins). He alone commands the Serpent Guards and as a result he is the most powerful member of the Council of Scales (after Tiglath).

Lastly Kedrak Gilbane is one of the Knights of the Five Thorned Rose, a symbolic title for the five founding members of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos (most current members of the cult assume he inherited it from one of his ancestors), as far as he is aware, Kedrak is the last of the Knights.

Kethphron Derlaunt

Kethphron Derlaunt (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 5, Magic User 4):

Kethphron Derlaunt is a highly ambitious man who has used his familial connections to rise to a position of power within the Church of Thoth and the central government of Mulhorand.

Kethphron is the cousin of Thothepi Tholaunt; the Divine Precept of Thoth, and as his most capable relative Thothepi elevated him to a position of power and responsibility. Having not disgraced himself or his family for the 8 years he has been Precept of Gheldaneth, Kethphron has used his wealth and connections to find ways of keeping his position and gather more.

Kethphron has desires upon becoming the next Oblaran of Thoth. He has studied the magical arts (although his understanding is imperfect and skewed towards his desire for more power). He has recently acquired ancient scrolls (of human hide) that detail a means to control one of the Statues that Walk, Kethphron decided to perform the ritual on the scroll and quickly found that the scroll only detailed how to activate the statue (not deactivate it), and the statue cannot be controlled by any magic that Kethphron possesses.

Kethphron would never knowingly betray his family (despite his ambitions), but his mistake with the scroll and the Statues that Walk has begun to spiral out of his control as all the statues are beginning to come to life once more. Kethphron is desperate and if he cannot find trustworthy adventurers to help (and keep silent about his involvement), then he may need to reveal the problem to Thothepi Tholaunt(who will almost certainly alert the Pharaoh). If others were to become aware of his mistake he is certain it would cost him the Precepture and severely damage the reputation of the Church of Thoth.


Kol-Cheis (Neutral, Lizardfolk – Gaund, Magic User 12):

Kol-Cheis has lived in the Undercity of Unthalass for several centuries, he was found 80 years ago amid the ruins known as the Pool of Du’uk by cultists from the Cult of the Queen of Chaos. Ever since that time Kol-Cheis has served the cultists of TiaMa’at in whatever capacity he is able.

To the cultists, Kol-Cheis is a caretaker of sorts with a minor talent for magic, and an in-depth knowledge of the Undercity and where to find people, places, and items that the cult might need. He is friendly, servile, trust worthy to a point, and like all lizardfolk he will bow to the will of the strongest member of a group.

What the cultists of TiaMa’at do not realise is that Kol-Cheis is a member of a race known as the Gaund, a degenerate offshoot of the sarrukh that are pledged to thwart the evil plans of their kin. Kol-Cheis is a masterful spellcaster with powers and knowledge of the Art that far exceeds any cultists in Unthalass. He was sent to Unthalass to insinuate himself into the city and find out if the sarrukh are infiltrating it.


Kre-Emin (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 9):
Kre-Emin is the most powerful representative of the Cult of the Old Gods, and their defacto leader in any gathering. He appears old and wizened but in good physical health and with a hidden strength that rivals a much younger man. His skill with magic is renowned and he has much knowledge of the old ways, especially ceremonies and practices of religions long lost in Unther and Akanu.

Kre-Emin advocates cooperation with worshippers of any faith that will accept the old gods (excluding followers of Gil-Geamesq) and hopes to restore the worship of many of the old gods once Gil-Geamesq is removed from power. He is advising the ensi of the old gods to seek out old magics and relics from their faiths and most of all to locate the Kimaru (god tombs) of their gods so that those who have been lost may be restored to life somehow.

Kre-Emin is one of the Seh-An’Allu (children of the gods) and is a direct descendant of Kre-Nerra by about 4 generations. He has inherited significant power and abilities from his great grandsire and hopes to become the living embodiment of Kre-Nerra (whom he believes to have been murdered by Gil-Geamesq, he is correct although he does not know it), he is seeking to locate her remains and relics sacred to her so he can attempt a ritual that will imbue him with all the power stored within, thus becoming Kre-Nerra reborn. He believes this process can be repeated with the other lost god-kings.


Ma-Lentiq (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 2):

Ma-Lentiq is the owner of the Sea Hag festhall in Nissel in Unther. She is a wizened old crone that has been living in the town longer than any other resident (some say she started the business and it is named after her, but that would make her over a century old). Ma-Lentiq claims to be of Mulan origin, descended from the little known Akanic House of Ma, but scholars of the ancient history of Akanu may dispute that claim as such a noble house is not noted to exist.

Ma-Lentiq uses her establishment to gather as much information about goings on in Unther as possible, juicy bits of information are often used to blackmail individuals with to keep them beholden to Ma-Lentiq and her friends. She is not above fixing the odds in her gambling den so that useful patrons run up huge debts they cannot afford to pay back so that they are required to feed her more information or perform services to her (although she does not do this so often as to gain a reputation – maybe once a year at the most). She is a “friend” to the Harpers who send pirate traders out of Aglarond to Unther at least once a quarter to gather news and names from her.

Ma-Lentiq has a few tells that speak of her true origin, she has bands of skin of slightly different tones around her arms and torso, slightly webbed fingers, and skin that is prone to drying. She passes the skin tone differences off as age spots and dry skin is not unusual among the elderly, and the webbed fingers are a “family trait”. In the evenings, Ma-Lentiq can often be seen walking into the Alamber Sea, where she floats face up for several hours before retiring to the Sea Hag.

A very mysterious woman, she remains aloof from all staff and patrons, never getting close to anyone, although most suspect that this is just a tactic to add to the atmosphere of the Sea Hag.


Madryoch (Evil, Human – Imaskari, Magic User 20+):

Madryoch, also known as the Ebon Flame, is an Imaskari Artificer born sometime around -3000 DR. He was a spellcasting prodigy, even among the Imaskari, and rose to prominence in society within his first century.

Unhappy with the level of reverence accorded to him by his fellow artificers (believing he should be Empheroar), Madryoch set about enacting a plan that would see him create an artefact capable of draining all magic from Raurin and only allow artificers to use magic at Madryoch’s whim. His machinations even began to affect such great works as the portal networks established by the Imaskari and the Imaskari Planar Barrier (allowing the heroes of the Mulan people to track their people to Toril and set about rescuing them).

Ultimately Madryoch was confronted around -2500 DR by a rival artificer known as Hilather, who pursued him to Metos and changed him into an ethereal form before trapping him in a demiplane from which there was no exit and no magical means of escape.

There Madryoch’s name passed out of history and was forgotten, but Madryoch himself was able to possess another who viewed or entered his demiplane and spent the next few millennia in one or more different guises, attempting to rise to a position of Emperor over the now scattered people of Imaskar.

The most recent incarnation of Madryoch was as the wizard Amadryk the Sable Spark around -500 DR who supposedly hailed from Durpar and was slain in the casting of an immense ritual in the Raurin region that was supposed to create an impregnable treasury for Pheroah Amun-Re of Bakar. Madryoch was intending to empower himself to even greater heights of magical power (with which to destroy the Mulan and rule the remaining Imaskari peoples), and create a permanent home for himself. What he achieved was a state of lichdom not entirely unlike a demilich where his soul is split among 5 enchanted star gems that were part of the ritual he was casting, he is also tied to the Raurin Desert, not able to move beyond a certain range from the Tomb of Amun-Re.

Madryoch will almost certainly be looking for a means to restore himself to life (the Imaskari always loathed the concept of undead) and free himself from the bindings to Raurin. He is currently situated in the city of Solon under the guise of Ambuchar Devayam where he has retrieved his ancient artefact; the Shadow Stone, and has seeded Raurin with clues to help adventurers retrieve the five star gems so he can bring them to Solon and destroy the gems once and for all to free his soul.


Malise – 1356 DR (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 5):

Malise was an alchemist in the city of Unthalass for many years. He was obsessed with magic, although he was never able to pursue this obsession due to his status as one of the Seh’Nis.

Malise was discovered and enslaved for existing as a Seh’Nis during one of the occasional cleansing of the slum areas of the River District. Malise was able to put his knowledge of alchemy to good use and he poisoned his slave master as well as those that captured him for the poisoning. He made his escape into the Undercity and by chance encountered cultists of TiaMa’at in the tunnels and has been helping them ever since.

Malise has worked his way through the ranks, providing necessary and cheap treatments for the ailments commonly acquired from living underground in unsanitary conditions. His knowledge of poisons has also proved invaluable on many occasions and he is now one of the few proficient makers of the poison known as Dragon’s Blood within the cult. Malise is now second in command for Shudu-Ab’s cult cell in Unthalass, he spends all of his time sheltered within the ruins of the Pool of Du’uk.

In the past 30 years Malise has set agents and contacts to scouring Unther and its surrounding lands for what he calls Dragonspawn. Malise believes these monsters are the survivors of the Plague of Dragons or their spawn, they often resemble part humanoid or part animal creatures with draconic skin or wings or claws or maw or other dragon like features. Malise has been using his alchemical knowledge and what knowledge of the Arcane he has been able to acquire in the last 20 years, to augment and transform these Dragonspawn. He is now beginning to create creatures that are almost entirely draconic in morphology (although most of these creatures are insane from the torture), and is attempting to breed them to create a new race of servant creatures.

Mangred “The Ram”

Mangred (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 4):

Mangred “The Ram” is only 27 years old and has already become captain of one of the most feared and respected pirate crews on the Alamber Sea.

Mangred originally hails from Unthalass where he lived in the slums of the Underhives with his parents, eking out a living by scavenging in the ruins beneath Unthalass. His parents were slain by the masate of Unther (led by the ensi of Gil-Geamesq) merely for being in the Underhives, no true citizen of Unther would live in such a place.

Mangred fled deep into the tunnels and emerged on the shore beneath the harbour. After stealing a fishing skiff he sailed out into the Alamber, only to come across the aftermath of a battle between sahuagin and a war galley of Unther with the crew all dead and the attackers fled. Mangred released the slaves still alive in the hold and declared himself captain of The Alamber Ram.

Mangred preys exclusively on the trade galleys of Unther, he is known for slaughtering the crew and giving the slaves a chance to fight for their place on his crew (a fight to the death against any crewmember they choose) or they can be dumped into the sea to swim for themselves. Mangred’s ship has never been attacked by the sea devils that plague the Alamber Sea and many believe it is because of his habit of dumping a third of any cargo he finds overboard after a successful boarding.

Mangred spends 3 months of the year in Nissel while his ship is repaired, during this time he spends his time in the Sea Hag watching for potential crew members. Anyone proving themselves to be handy with a blade (but not blood thirsty enough to kill their opponent) is offered a place on his crew providing they can beat one of his existing crew (unless there is already a place free in his 120 man crew).


Meiandringolousaert”The Wandering Wyrm” is a legendary harbinger of doom often not seen for centuries and disbelieved by many before it appears and decimates all the lands of the Inner Sea.

She wasn’t seen for almost a millennia before reappearing most recently in 1317 DR where he brought a half dozen different plagues to the lands of the Vilhon Reach, the Alamber Sea, the Wizard’s Reach, and the Dragon Reach, before disappearing amid the Pirate Isles one misty morning in 1320 DR.

Nemskis Thulhani

Nemskis Thulhani(Good, Human – Mulan, Magic User 10 / Expert 5):

Nemskis Thulhani is a noble Mulan woman, descended on her mother’s side from Isis herself. She spent her formative years in Ulzel and then later years training at the Mystic Cornucopia to be a priestess of Isis.

The Church of Isis (and other Mulhorandi institutions) had been monitoring events in Unther for a long time, recent events in Unther prompted action which resulted in nearly 100 priests being sent to Shussel to help bolster the failing Church of Ish-Tarri in preparation to sway opinion positively towards Mulhorand for some future plans. After becoming aware of the disappearance of Ish-Tarri and the cover-up by the church, it became clear that someone would need to help maintain the illusion that Ish-Tarri was under house arrest in Shussel in the Spring of Eternal Hope.

Nemskis Thulhani is a very good likeness to Ish-Tarri, she is exceptionally tall (6 ft 4 inches tall, but still short of Ish-Tarri’s true height) with long golden hair and eyes as blue as sapphires. Because of this Nemskis was chosen to travel under secret to Shussel (in 1350 DR) and she has remained inside the Spring of Eternal Hope, occasionally appearing at the top of the tower and otherwise providing advice and magical expertise to Ish-Ibalpiel to help the Church of Ish-Tarri.

Nemskis took part in an ancient ritual (involving Isis herself) before she left Mulhorand, that imbued her with a portion of Isis, making her what is known in Mulhorand as a Laranabrah (roughly translated as an incarnation). She is possessed of considerably magical ability and has years of training in Mulhorandi and Untheric etiquette. Hopefully should any ensi of Gil-Geamesq come calling the Nemskis will fool them into believing she is Ish-Tarri.

Netheris Ket

Netheris Ket (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 6):
Netheris Ket was once a priestess of Osiris and member of the Sisters of Life until one day when she was bitten by one of the Thael and changed forever. Rather than fight against the Curse of Smiling Death, Netheris Ket embraced it and has become the leader of a cell that plagues the Asanabis.

Netheris Ket has chosen to devote herself to her new life and has discovered new abilities within the Curse that have transformed her. Netheris is now able to transform into a crocodile on command and looks completely human at all other times, she can also communicate with and command normal crocodiles to obey her, and summon nearby crocodiles to her aid.


Ram-Amazzed – (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 12):

Ram-Amazzed was originally from the noble House of E (the branch founded by E-Anu in Akanu) that migrated to Unther when Gil-Geamesq became God-King, his noble house had long since dwindled under pressure from Gil-Geamesq and now exists only as a single family in Messemprar. Like all people that join a church, Ram-Amazzed took the name and joined the noble House of the founder of his chosen church.

Ram-Amazzed was a physically imposing man in his youth, he always favoured light cloth and no armour whilst wielding a two handed hammer with a solid gold head. As he aged (at the time of his disappearance he was 69 years old) Ram-Amazzed became wiry and his skin sagged but he lost little of his agility and strength. He was a consumate student of warfare, studying books on the subject, practicing his skills, and exercising rigidly to maintain his level of fitness.

One of the secrets to Ram-Amazzed’s fighting ability (despite being completely unarmoured), was a special oil that he smothered into his skin twice daily. This oil was prepared from the hardened carapace of an antlion and enchanted with a secret ritual known to the senior ensi of Ram-Manu, it gave his skin a smooth and polished sheen whilst making it as hard as the hide of an elephant.

Ram-Amazzed spent his entire life from the age of 14 in the Church of Ram-Manu, honing his skills in battle and rising through the ranks of Church and Gurmasate until he became Tahaen of the Esba’Tahar of the North. He had a reputation for being a fair commander of men who punished infractions but rewarded heroism and good judgement. His men respected him and were regarded as the best of the battalions of Unther.

Ram-Amazzed despised Gil-Geamesq and his orders, especially in recent years when he was sent to quell rebellions from citizens of Unther who were likely starving from Gil-Geamesq’s policies. Ram-Amazzed was well aware that Gil-Geamesq might decide one day to order the Gurmasate against the Church of Ram-Manu and he had advised his ensi to fight back because Gil-Geamesq would likely kill them anyway.

Ram-Amazzed was warned by his own masate to flee and he took his fellow ensi north to Messemprar. He was intercepted by nearly 30 ensi of Gil-Geamesq and 200 of his own soldiers as they neared the Bronzed Bridge over the River of Metals. Amazzed and 3 of his fellows managed to reach the bridge where they held off against the masate for 6 hours as they were attacked from both sides. Eventually Ram-Amazzed and his allies were overcome as the bridge collapsed and all were plunged into the river.

Ram-Amazzed’s body was never recovered and his fate is unknown.


Ram-Barerith (Good, Human – Mulan, Warrior 2):

Ram-Barerith; originally known as Bareris, was a minor priest of Anhur tending to a small shrine in a village around the shores of Lake Azulduth. He was destined to achieve little or no honour for his church or family until approached with a special mission that could restore the Church of Anhur to prime position in Mulhorand’s society.

Ram-Barerith accepted the secret mission along with a score of other selected priests, to venture into Unther under the guise of ensi of Ram-Manu from an outlying temple near Azun, their goal to re-establish the Church of Ram-Manu in a manner more in tune with the Church of Anhur, and also to create an information network that could funnel knowledge of Unther’s military strength and movements back to Mulhorand in preparation for a future invasion.

Ram-Barerith is the centre piece of this mission, he maintains a regular presence near Kaoll, where other disguised priests of Anhur visit to deliver him information, which he then passes onto “farmers” near the River of Swords when he is supposedly pursuing bandits or dealing with wandering monsters. In between his information deliveries, Ram-Barerith spends his time training the locals to defend themselves and is rebuilding the Storm of Vibrant Rains as best he can.


Ram-Hrusse(Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 10):

Ram-Hrusse was a senior ensi in the Church of Ram-Manu, but early in the spring of 1344 DR, he insulted one of the Ul’Om of the Church of the Sky Father and found himself swiftly exiled from Unther and has since spent the intervening years wandering the Marthessel.

Ram-Hrusse’s exile was fortuitously timed as the following year the entire senior hierarchy of the Church of Ram-Manu was slaughtered for worshipping TiaMa’at. Ram-Hrusse is an outcast and fugitive, constantly dodging the ensi and masate patrols sent to find him. His attempts to convert the local populace and stir up rebellion are having little success as many believe Gil-Geamesq ill unfortunately rule Unther forever.

Ram-Hrusse desires retribution against Gil-Geamesq and his loyal followers but is quickly coming to realize his attempts are futile. He is considering abandoning Unther and making the long trek to freedom, he has heard of a city far to the northwest where everyone is free, and ability determines one’s success.

Vizier Rezim Helcalli

Vizier Rezim Helcalli (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 10):

Rezim Helcalli is the Vizier of Mulhorand, a position he has held since 1311 DR when the previous incumbent died peacefully in his sleep. Rezim Helcalli is the uncle of Pharaoh Akonhorus II, and last of the Rehorustep family (renowned for its low birth rate, high infant mortality, and having 2 known Jemewalaran in it’s line – both of whom became Pharaoh).

Rezim should have been next in line to become Pharaoh, but he refused the honour indirectly (by becoming Vizier and the high priest of the Church of Horus-Re). Instead, Rezim shrewdly realized the true power of Mulhorand lay with the Vizier, and his careful manipulations ensured he was the Vizier to a young Pharaoh who relied greatly upon his wisdom (although as Pharaoh Akonhorus II ages he is becoming more independent).

Rezim is secretly one of the Jemewalaran. Under the light of the moon his skin sparkles, and he has the ability to influence the minds of others with a thought (outside of his not inconsiderable magic using ability). He has kept this physical and magical abnormality a secret from others through makeup and circumstance, and silencing those who knew of his secret (his mute wetnurse died suddenly from snakebite).


Ruduk (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 6):

Ruduk is a member of the Red Wizards of Thay in service to the Zulkir of Enchantment; Lauzoril. He was dispatched to Messemprar a year ago to try and destabilize Messemprar so that Thay may profit from the unrest and so that Thay could establish a number of agents within Unther (when Messemprar was retaken) or within the newly independent city.

Lauzoril spent much of the last year enjoying life’s pleasures within the Port District. He was shocked to discover that a rebellion occurred in the city without him lifting a finger. Trapped in the Port District, he volunteered his services to Dama and the Free Unther movement (passing himself off as an agent from Mourktar) and has become quite important to the movement.

Ruduk regularly secures caches of weapons and food (left by Thayan smugglers) and his magical skills have proved effective in interrogating captured masate of Unther to reveal their secrets. Ruduk is in regular contact with Dama and is pressing for information about the Northern Wizards (in the hopes he can infiltrate their ranks as well).

Saestra Karanok

Saestra Karanok (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 6):

Saestra Karanok appears to be an innocent young woman with a great deal of empathy for those about her, and an inquisitive streak that often gets her into trouble. She is a leader of the inquisitorial squads in Luthcheq that test individuals for knowledge magic and any family connections they might have to magic users. She often uses her innocent nature to tempt people into trusting her, and her inquisitiveness to reveal a few secrets of her own so that targets make a mistake and implicate themselves somehow.

Saestra Karanok has proven to be surprisingly successful in her job as high inquisitor, although she always speaks out on behalf of the victims before they are executed (usually on the witchweed pyres). This is in stark contrast to her brutal Naeros who often tortures his marks into confessing before executing them immediately. Despite her job, Saestra is quite well liked by the populace, who regard her as a nice young woman trapped by her family into her current position.

Saestra Karanok is misleading everyone, including her own family. She is a bloodthirsty killer who hunts and slays her victims without mercy, but she does so only under cover of darkness using her alias “The Lady of the Night”. Just before she drains her victims, Saestra’s eyes flash a brilliant violet (something that also happens during the public executions) which are a hint to her true self and her master. Saestra was made into this monster 6 years ago by her own brother; Naeros Karanok, who locked her in the catacombs beneath Palace Heights. Saestra spent the night wandering the catacombs and was changed by her ordeal into a creature with enormous strength, the ability to drain life energy with physical contact, and a sensitivity to daylight.

Saestra has hidden her new form and thirst from her family, she hides her sensitivity to daylight by keeping within the Temple of the Dark Moon during Highsun. During the late hours she stalks suspected magic users and drains them of life before burning their bodies in a fashion consistent with that of her brother Naeros.

Saestra has a deep connection to Entropy thanks to her transformation in the catacombs, it is not something she is entirely sure or conscious of, but she does recognise an increase in strength and a feeling of invigoration when within the Temple of the Dark Moon.


Shudu-Ab – 1356 DR (Evil, Human – Mulan, Expert 1 / Magic User 7)

Shudu-Ab was born a member of the Seh’Nis, a class of people in Unther who are not recognised as existing by the authorities, as such Shudu-Ab has always craved power.

Originally a pick pocket for the Cult of the Queen of Chaos in Unthalass, she took Tiglath under her wing when she joined and helped her steal a number of treasures from the Ziggurat of Eternal Victory. Tiglath was rewarded by being sent to Niz’Jaree and further rewarded by being raised to Dark Scaly One, then summoned TiaMa’at and became the leader of the entire cult. Whereas Shudu-Ab was left to survive in Unthalass during a time when Gil-Geamesq was demanding the blood of cultists.

Shudu-Ab is jealous of Tiglath and the position she feels should have been hers, but Tiglath was prettier and younger and so got all the glory. Shudu-Ab is looking for any opportunity to get the rewards she feels she deserves and if she gets to finish Tiglath in the process then all the better.

Shudu-Ab’s rage and ambition have helped her become the Dark Scaly One of a cell in Unthalass, and she is using her influence to sow discord among the Council of Scales in Niz’Jaree over Tiglath’s lack of progress since TiaMa’at’s return.

Since becoming a Dark Scaly One, Shudu-Ab has taken advantage of her position to begin ranging away from Unthalass, to make contacts in other cells, and acquire other advantages for herself. Her trips have taken her to Mulhorand, where she picked up a few cultural quirks from that land, and the -Ab suffix actually refers to the styling of Mulhorandi elite where Ab means lord. Shudu-Ab has also plundered a few ruins around the River of Swords and has acquired a whip that can change it’s lashes into viper, she has named this the Scourge of TiaMa’at.


Shu-Errif (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 2)
Shu-Errif is one of the An-Ulae of Niz’Jaree, the owner of a caravan that he inherited from his father (when he was crushed to death Gil-Geamesq for looking at him oddly during a visit to Unthalass). Shu-Errif despises Gil-Geamesq and desires revenge, he is happy to serve as the eyes and ears of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos in the town of Niz’Jaree, and their primary source of stolen goods smuggled out of Unthalass in the grain caravans.

Shu-Errif provides regular supplies for the cult, leaving the supplies in the back of his caravan during the night (he lives on the outskirts of town on the southern side near the River Alamber), as there are no practicing thieves in Niz’Jaree. Information is passed via cryptic codes hidden on corpses placed into the Grave Pits. Finally if anyone ever discovers the Cult of the Queen of Chaos’ existence in town, Shu-Errif is tasked with capturing or slaying the culprit (he will likely use his 5 caravan guards and his magical skills for the task).

Shu-Ruppaki, “The Reaper”

Shu-Ruppaki – (Evil, Human – Mulan, Warrior 12 / Magic User 6)

Shu-Ruppaki is regarded by many as the most dangerous being in Unther with the exception of Gil-Geamesq himself. He has been Gil-Geamesq’s chief assassin and execution for as long as anyone can recall, some of the most ancient records (now located only in the Citadel of Black Ash) detail his first use in the centuries after Gil-Geamesq’s accession to the throne of Unther where “The Reaper” was witnessed brutally murdering the god-king XXXXXX of Unther. It wasn’t until many centuries later that his association with Gil-Geamesq was confirmed (although many suspected).

Shu-Ruppaki is often depicted as dressed completely in black, with a mishapen red face beneath his hood. No one knows what he truly looks like but it is said that he is a master of disguise as well as being a seemingly invincible warrior and an accomplished sorcerer.

Shu-Ruppaki has not been seen in several centuries (not since a spectacular battle with many unknown wizards in Napi’Ther Eqlu where he was seen to take a number of serious injuries), but in the last few decades there have been an increasing number of sightings as opinion has turned against Gil-Geamesq.


Shu-Urlasq (Good, Human – Mulan, Magic User 13):

Shu-Urlasq is the former mentor of Hercubes Jedea (ruler of Mordulkin), and until recently the headmaster of the Royal Academy of Mordulkin. He was handpicked by Hercubes and tasked with gaining independence for Messemprar from Unther.

Shu-Urlasq selected a variety of colleagues from the Royal Academy of Mordulkin; each selected for their loyalty to Mordulkin but differing personality so as to provide Shu-Urlasq with a range of counsel. Shu-Urlasq places a lot of trust in his senior colleagues within the Northern Wizards, often overlooking signs that dissent is appearing among the Inner Circle.

The Northern Wizards are now firmly established in Messemprar and the plan is proceeding apace, with one third of the city in open revolt. Shu-Urlasq is however the primary driving force behind the Northern Wizards, and the only member aware of its true aim (to create an independent city state to counter the Banites in Mourktar), if he were to be eliminated it is uncertain what would happen to the Northern Wizards and Messemprar.


Sin-Luan’Na (Good, Human – Mulan, Expert 1):

Sin-Luan’Na is one of the few remaining ensi left in the town of Niz’Jaree, quietly tending to her shrine on the north side of the town, watching those that pass through Niz’Jaree on their way to elsewhere. Unlike most clergy of one of the godkings of Unther, Sin-Luan’Na has chosen to abandon the name of her divine patron and returned to using the name of her noble house.

Sin-Luan’Na is quiet and unassuming, ignored by most of the townsfolk. In truth she has lost her faith after the fire that destroyed the great temple of Ish-Tarri, and many of her superiors were executed for being worshippers of TiaMa’at, and any other number of accidents that befell the works and faithful of Ish-Tarri. Sin-Luan’Na herself has been accosted and badly beaten no less than 4 times by passing ensi of Gil-Geamesq.

Sin-Luan’Na is waiting for a sign from Ish-Tarri that proves she still cares what happens to her faithful. Until then she will watch and wait.


Sin-Ningal (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Warrior 5)

Sin-Ningal is the leader of a band she calls the Acolytes of the Moon, and they in turn call her the Daughter of the Moon (a title that she encourages). This band is dedicated to ending the tyranny of Gil-Geamesq and bringing back the worship of old gods (in particular Sin-An’na).

Sin-Ningal has been lurking in and around Shussel for as long as anyone in the town can remember (the eldest living inhabitant is 53 years old). She appears to be in the prime of life, with constantly windswept hair and cool dusky skin, with an accent reminiscent of ancient Akanu (not that anyone in Unther today would recognize it as such).

Sin-Ningal is possessed of numerous powerful abilities that she claims are blessing from Sin-In’na himself, and among other things allow her to fly, absorb blows, and call winds at her command. Sin-Ningal is also in possession of a surprisingly large cache of magical items (claiming they were gifts from the sea) which she is distributing among her most loyal subjects.

Sin-Ningal desires an end to the tyranny of Gil-Geamesq (although not necessarily his death), and freedom to all in Unther so that they may worship and live in freedom (in particular the freedom to worship the old gods such as Sin-An’na). Sin-Ningal has not revealed to anyone that she is quite literally the great grand daughter of Sin-An’na, and seeks to become Sin-An’na reborn, she will not compromise that goal by aiding those she deems unworthy of the vision of new Unther she has had, or those that may detract from her power once reborn (such as other religions dedicated to different gods of Protection or the Moon).


Sipari (Evil, Human – Turami, Magic User 5):
Known as the Black Witch among her followers for her ebony skin and her ability to conjure magical effects (an unusual calling among the followers of Sebek).

Sipari is the “leader” of the cult cell that occupies the River’s Maw in Sekras. Cultists of the Smiling Death normally only follow the biggest and strongest of their cell, but such a large gathering has more than a few exceptional individuals among its number and the leadership contests were so bloody that they claimed more than 20 potential leaders over a five year period.

Sipari used her wiles and knowledge of magic (and herblore) to weaken the larger individuals and augment her allies. Sipari has since fought off no fewer than 13 leadership contests with the help of her allies”, and has brought a new style of leadership to the cell. Cultists follow Sipari’s orders because they believe in her and not because they fear what she will do if they disobey, her orders often result in successful battles and lots of treasure.

Sobek Bizdamen

Sobek Bizdamen (Evil, Human – Mulan, Warrior 15):

The fabled warrior and crocodile godking Sebek the Devourer is believed to still be alive and roaming the lands of the Old Empires (unlike his Laren brethren who long since left the mortal realms behind them). Sobek was always respected and feared for his terrible strength and bloodlust in battle, known for tearing men in half with his hands.

Following Sobek’s transformation he is even more feared in his form as an enormous crocodile like creature that haunts the marshlands and devours travelers whole. Sightings of Sobek have been reported as recently as 1183 DR around the ruins of Sekras, but he has not been seen since.

Wherever Sobek travels he gathers all cultists of the Smiling Death to his banner, seemingly able to compel them to follow his orders. His goals are mysterious and known only to himself, but he seems to be concentrating his efforts in and around the Sekkar region, and particularly Lake Azulduth.


T-Ammuz (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 7):

T-Ammuz is a resident in Messemprar and one of the Sceptres of the Northern Wizards. He arrived 3 years back on a caravan from Chessenta (operating as magical support for the guards), he set about acquiring contacts and influence among the elite and soon gained a position as house wizard for the House of Ram by exposing the previous wizard as a fraud.

Using his mercantile knowledge and experience he gained influence over the trading policy of his employers and steered them towards merchant organisations and goods that made his patrons a great deal of profit. His influence among a large group of merchants earned him a place in the Northern Wizards as a Sceptre.

T-Ammuz is in truth a fledgling member of the Red Wizards of Thay, in service to Zulkir Aznar Thrul. T-Ammuz (real name Tammuz) is tasked with enriching Aznar’s coffers by steering the traders of Messemprar to trade with Thayan sponsored merchants, he is also on the lookout for capable military commanders with no love for Gil-Geamesq and fluid loyalty (open to purchase by Thayan gold). T-Ammuz has found much success with the merchants but he does not believe Dama can be bought and has not found a suitable general for the Thayan conquest of northern Unther.

Teres Salmyr “The Sleeping Enemy”

Teres Salmyr (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 8):

High Tanar (a title believed to derive from the Untheric for general) Teres Salmyr is the high priest of the Church of Hoar and master of the Amphitheatre of the First Thunder in Mourktar; the greatest temple of Hoar in Faerun.

Teres is a venerable priest, older than most who serve Hoar. He has mastered the arts of blade and bow, is a highly skilled orator, and can perform the rituals from the four winds of vengeance. He has held the position of commander of Mourktar’s army, and the King’s Judge. As High Tanar of Mourktar he has steered the Church of Hoar through a period of unrivalled expansion and prosperity as Mourktar itself enjoys a similar time of peace.

Teres understands the winds of fate like no other Hoarite, he has engineered the downfall of merchant lords in far off Soorenar and raiders from the pirate isles without ever leaving Mourktar. Teres understands time and human nature can undo a man far more effectively than any saboteur. It is his unique approach to revenge that have earned him the moniker “The Sleeping Enemy”, and is a style that few others have ever mastered.

Teres is aware that his own weaknesses may bring about his downfall, his desire to expand the Church of Hoar have led to a growing factionalisation of the church with the new temple in Akanax growing increasingly powerful as King Hippartes seeks to use the church for his own ends. His time as high priest must eventually come to an end and he will happily leave his position rather than cause injustice to the undeserving that internal strife within the church might bring.

The Mottled Hag

The Mottled Hag (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 7):

This twisted creature makes her home among the reedy marshlands around the shores of Lake Azulduth where she provides advice, potions, poisons, and predictions to those that seek her out and bring her a suitable gift (an infant animal, but she prefers infant humanoids).

The Mottled Hag resembles an aged, hunched, humanoid with scaled skin that has been mostly melted away, leaving only a few patches of normal skin with their pigment and scales remaining. Her home is surrounded by crocodiles that leave most intruders unmolested, presumably on the Hag’s commands.

Those who seek the counsel of the Mottled Hag often find her assistance to be double edged, her advice often backfires after a time, her poisons implicate or affect the poisoner, her predictions always have terrible outcomes, and yet there are always people who come to see her out of desperation and the hope that the rumours about her are untrue.

The true identity of the Mottled Hag is unknown to the locals around Lake Azulduth, but her constant wheezing reveals a clue as she almost continually utters the word “heetheell”.

Oblaran Thothepi Tholaunt, “Divine Precept of Thoth”

Thothepi Tholaunt (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Magic User 12):

Thothepi Tholaunt is the Divine Precept and incarnation of Thoth, head of the Church of Thoth. He is a calm and considered man, wise beyond his 47 years through careful study.

Tiglath, “Lady Dragonstar”, “The Scaled One”

Tiglath – 1356 DR (Neutral, Human – Mulan, Expert 3 / Magic User 8):

Tiglath was born to an An’Ulae family that no longer exists today. Several decades ago, her grandfather offended Gil-Geamesq the God King and her entire family was enslaved; including her father and pregnant mother. Tiglath was born into slavery in Gil-Geamesq’s personal harem in the Ziggurate of Eternal Victory and quickly became a slave to the God King’s many pleasures.

During her teenage years, Tiglath came to the attention of the growing Cult of the Queen of Chaos in Unther and was recruited as a Scaly One. Rising through the ranks, Tiglath was instrumental in stealing some priceless artefacts from the treasuries of Gil-Geamesq and in return was selected to take part in summoning TiaMa’at in the Catacombs of the Sleeping Serpent beneath Niz’Jaree.

During the summoning, it was Tiglath whom TiaMa’at fixed her stare upon, and it was to Tiglath that she spoke first, forever granting her the moniker of Lady Dragonstar. Thereafter, Tiglath spent all her time with the Dark Lady and became her voice to the Council of Scales, and then became the Scaled One herself and leader of the Cult of the Queen of Chaos.

Tiglath is approaching her thirties but is very confident in her abilities and the support of her cult. However this confidence is largely built upon the support of TiaMa’at herself whom the other cultists know has selected Tiglath for special favours. There are a number of cultists in cells across Unther who are unscrupulous, immoral, and thirsty for riches and power, they are eagerly seeking for a means to better their situation and a number have designs on Tiglath’s position.

Tiglath looks up to Keldrak Gilbane, the leader of the Serpent Guard and a close friend and protector since before TiaMa’at was summoned in Niz’Jaree.

T-Ukuqlti, “Lord of Niz’Jaree”

T-Ukuqlti – (Evil, Human – Mulan, Magic User 5)

T-Ukuqlti is the Lord of Niz’Jaree, a title he inherited from his father (after he was poisoned by T-Ukuqlti on a rare trip to Unthalass). His father was much preferred by the people of Niz’Jaree because he lived in the town and had adjusted to its way of life. T-Ukuqlti, in comparison, was always away in Unthalass living with his mother, learning to be a lord and dabbling in magic under the tutelage of the ensi of Gil-Geamesq.

T-Ukuqlti despises the backwater town of Niz’Jaree, and is desperate to turn it into a competitive market to rival Unthalass. To further his goals he is attempting to entice An’Ulae from Unthalass and Messemprar to Niz’Jaree by offering lucrative titles to land and slave ownership with which they can run slave farms in the Napi’Ther Eqlu(Greenfields). Unfortunately these new An’Ulae either are either put out of business by the more powerful resident An’Ular families, or they lose interest and become “acclimatised” to Niz’Jaree, eventually hiring on as wagon masters for the An’Ular.

T-Ukuqlti knows the local nobles regard him as nothing, but he firmly believes his plans will one day result in their downfall, and he is always on the lookout for evidence to discredit the local An’Ular to the Church of the God King. T-Ukuqlti fawns over Gil-Geamesq whenever he gets the chance and will run to Unthalass with any excuse he believes will seem plausible and not desperate. Gil-Geamesq, like everyone else, regards T-Ukuqlti as a pathetic, simpering fool, if he regards him at all.

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