Size: City

Population: 20,000

Ruler: The Spurred Council led by Khrulus (Neutral, Half Orc Half Human, Warrior 5)


Airspur is one of the “new” cities of Chessenta, founded by migrants from Chondath a few centuries before Tchazzar united the warring city states into a single nation once more.

The city is located atop a sheer cliff along the north west coast of Chessenta. Running along the edge are a number of “spurs”; arches of rock worn away by the crashing waves until they collapse to leave a series of isolated fingers of rock jutting out of the sea. These spurs give Airspur its name and have allowed the cliff-top city to become a major port. The city has constructed a number of buildings atop the spurs, with rope bridges leading to these spurs from the mainland.

Airspur is home to a large concentration of half orcs (who are universally loathed elsewhere in Chessenta) that are descended from grey orc prisoners captured during the Orcgate Wars and used to tend and guard the border between Akanu and Jhaamdath. When Akanu collapsed and Chondathan migrants moved to Chessenta, they found an enclave of these orcs in what is now the Sky Prison. Not having encountered orcs before the Chondathans warily welcomed these civilised beings and together have founded a most unusual city.

Life and Society






Important NPCs

Important Sites

The Sky Prison: Situated atop the largest “spur” of Airspur, this prison was used by ancient Akanu to house the orcs when they were not working the salted fields. Following the Fall of Jhaamdath, the Akanites left the orcs locked in the prison and abandoned the borderlands as their own nation slowly collapsed. The orcs survived their abandonment; until released by Chondathan migrants, by fishing the waters below, catching birds, and growing vegetables in the meagre soil on their 300 metre wide spur.

Today the Sky Prison is used to hold the most dangerous prisoners of Airspur; the rope bridge (the Bridge of Justice) withdrawn to the mainland when not immediately required. Those found guilty of serious crimes are made to walk the Bridge of Judgement (a rock bridge leading out to sea from which the guilty are forced to jump into the sea below – those that survive are judged to be innocent)

Important Organisations

Local Lore

The Catacombs: There are rumours of a network of tunnels hidden beneath Airspur, remnants of past settlements from a period before the Akanu – Jhaamdath war. There are reports of strange cannibal humanoids living in these tunnels with jet black skin and yellow eyes that hunt and devour those who wander into their domain. Some believe these creatures are orcs that escaped Akanu in millennia past and have evolved into strange underground monsters.

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