Gil-Geamesq the Great, the Master of War, the God of the Sky and Cities, the Father of Victory, the Supreme Ruler of Unther, Chessenta, Threskel, Chondath, Turmish, Shaar, and the Yuirwood. These are just a few of the many titles to be used when in the presence of the God-King of Unther.

Gilgamesh by Guilherme

Gil-Geamesq is the ancient warrior hero of the Mulan people. The stories of his victories over the enemies of the Mulan are legendary.

His tyranny is a far longer tale; lasting over 2 millennia, Gil-Geamesq has punished the people of Unther for the slightest transgression against his advancing paranoia.

The dichotomy between these two different personalities provides the tale of heroism and decline into insanity that is the life story of Gil-Geamesq and part of the Epics of Unther.

Gil-Geamesq claims to be the greatest of gods, as eternal as Unther and the Mulan people he protects, but Unther is changing and nothing lasts forever. Gil-Geamesq is little more than a Demi God when compared to the True Gods of Faerun, and he may not survive the coming troubled times, even if he does it will almost certainly not be as the God-King of Unther.



The bulk of the mythology of Gil-Geamesq today comes from the Geamesq-Samata, and as a result it places significant emphasis on his personal victories and deeds, although whether they are true or not is another matter. For example his single handed defeat and capture of the renegade Ere-Shiki in -1028 DR, his venture into the lair of the Steel Drake which he beheaded with his mighty khopesh Mercy, his 12 week battle with the stone-skinned serpent Edruaghul, his wrestle with the horned giant Manajaur.

The myths and legends surrounding Gil-Geamesq always paint him in the most heroic and victorious light, and so they should, they were all written by the faithful followers of Gil-Geamesq (on his orders) after he came to power in Unther, sweeping away the real history and replacing it with the propaganda that Gil-Geamesq wished, so that his people may venerate him with the adulation he believes he deserves.

The people of Unther should (according to Gil-Geamesq) regard Gil-Geamesq as the greatest hero of the Mulan, who saved their people from Imaskari slavery, steered E-Nlil to found the great nation of Unther, and persuaded E-Nlil to leave the ruling of the country to his better (Gil-Geamesq). Along the way he bested many a legendary beast and rescued scores of captive beauties from the jaws of death. He saved his nation a hundred times from orc hordes, invading Calishite armies, godlike dragons, and powerful rebels.

To those that have no personal experience of Gil-Geamesq he would be the greatest of heroes. Unfortunately to those living in Unther he is the worst of tyrants, capable of the most depraved evils, and is all too happy to visit them upon his subjects. Gil-Geamesq has taxed the people of Unther into poverty, and driven away all opportunity of a better life, causing widespread famine and pestilence in his country. Gil-Geamesq’s ensi roam the streets like gangs of thugs meting out petty judgements upon people for the strangest of crimes that are too bizarre to be real (walking on the wrong side of the street, enjoying a breeze without sacrificing a coin to the God-King). Gil-Geamesq himself idles about in his palace enjoying all pleasures of the flesh while his people toil and starve, when he does emerge he abuses his subjects horribly granting violent deaths to any that displease him (and there is much that displeases him). In short the people of Unther hate Gil-Geamesq, but their fear of his prowess and control keep them subjugated.



Recorded History: The first mention of Gil-Geamesq in recorded history is from scattered papyrus preserved in the once great libraries of the Raurin Empire, now sunk beneath the sands of the Desert of Desolation. In the Sraru-Samata (the Epic of Freedom, the story of the Fall of Imaskar from the perspective of the Mulan godkings), Gil-Geamesq is described in several scrolls as storming the walls of Imaskari strongholds and charging the armies of Imaskari; always in the vanguard and always displaying his great strength with heroic feats beyond that of mortal men. It was Gil-Geamesq who strangled the gigantic Dread Wyrm of Sardmoch and its artificer rider, with his bare hands. It was Gil-Geamesq who threw open the Golem Gates of Inupras as battle raged in the skies above. None doubted the bravery of Gil-Geamesq the hero during the liberation of the Mulan people.

The Phodadm-Samata (the Epic of Civilisation, the story of how the Mulan people settled Raurin and later the lands of Akanu, Mulhorand, and Unther); of which unaltered copies only exist in Skuld in Mulhorand, makes almost no mention of Gil-Geamesq during this time of relative peace. The edited version of this text; held in the Citadel of Black Ash, makes out that Gil-Geamesq chose the sites of Skuld and Unthalass for E-Nlil and Re.

The Geamesq-Samata (the Epic of Gil-Geamesq, the heavily edited and revised story of Gil-Geamesq’s rise to greatness) depicts Gil-Geamesq as being E-Nlil’s most valued advisor, and the cornerstone upon which Unther was built, then when E-Nlil grew tired of his mismanagement of the empire he gifted it to Gil-Geamesq who led Unther to its greatest heights until the enemies of Unther broke the empire apart. This odious and rambling text is the only documented history of Unther and has been used most often by foreigners who choose to ratify events in Unther with the rest of Faerun, the epic is however almost a complete fabrication edited by Gil-Geamesq to glorify himself to the people of Unther. There are many enormous errors and omissions, the most glaring of which is the complete lack of mention of the Empire of Akanu and its history, how Gil-Geamesq came to rule Akanu and how he masterminded it’s merger with Unther.

It makes no mention of his disastrous expedition to the northern shores of the Alamber Sea in 1052 DR which resulted in the total abandonment of the northern colonies as native tribes in the Priador Plateau extended their reach further south (Gil-Geamesq disappeared for nearly 20 years before returning to Akanu), nor is there any mention of how he came to claim the throne of Akanu and what happened to E-Anu; the previous ruler, or how he drove away all the other godkings of Unther during his two millennia long rule.

Personal History: Gil-Geamesq arrived on Toril in -2489 DR along with the other Mulan godkings to liberate their people from the Imaskari that stole them from their homeland. He played a minor but memorable part in the Battle of Whirling Sands in -2488 DR, forcing open the Golem Gates of Inupras to allow the soldiers of the Mulan to invade the city while the flying battle barges of the godkings engaged Lord Artificer Yuvaraj and his artificers in spectacular aerial combat above.

For nearly two centuries there is little mention of Gil-Geamesq during the history of the Raurin Empire except for the odd skirmish with surviving Imaskari forces. Presumably Gil-Geamesq fled with the Mulan when the Raurin Empire fell in -2322 DR and travelled to the southern shores of the Alamber Sea, helping establish Unthalass before E-Anu and E-Nlil had a dispute that led to E-Anu taking his allies north and east to establish the Empire of Akanu in what is now Chessenta.

Gil-Geamesq struggled to establish a name for himself in this fledgling realm; his lack of strategy holding him back from military greatness and leading to heavy losses among forces he led against the elves of Calmaercor and the bladelords of Jhaamdath and then later against the orcs during the Orcgate Wars. He was far more successful as a lone adventurer where his strength and skill in combat allowed him to defeat almost any opponent in single combat.

During the First Age of Akanu Gil-Geamesq was always overshadowed by the great general Ram-Manu as the empire expanded, yet Gil-Geamesq showed none of the paranoia and jealousy that drives him today, instead he became more driven to succeed and gain renown in the eyes of the people of Akanu.

When the orcs arrived on the northern borders of the Mulan nations and the Orcgate Wars began, Gil-Geamesq attempted to gain supreme glory for himself by slaying Gruumsh in single combat. He failed, was injured by Ilneval’s blades and was nearly destroyed by TiaMa’at (if not for the timely sacrifice of Amar-Du’uk he would probably be dead). He spent most of the war convalescing while his kin drove the orcs out of the Priador Plateau, rousing only later to take part in the “Scouring Beyond”

After the war, Gil-Geamesq was stricken by a mysterious malaise and a deep depression that lasted over a decade. He finally roused himself to lead the forces of Akanu back to the Priador in an attempt to regain some of the lost territories of the Mulan, unfortunately this was ill timed and he soon lost all the regained land to invading forces from Narfell. Gil-Geamesq fled in disgrace and his whereabouts are lost to history until two decades later when he marched the murderess Ere-Shiki into the city of Adanu in chains.

During this mysterious absence Gil-Geamesq wandered the lands of the former Raurin Empire and discovered many lost ruins and ancient magics before heading west across Mulhorand and Unther and finally back to Akanu. It was at this time around -1030 DR that he rediscovered the lost Citadel of the Flying Flame and reclaimed it from the monsters, storing much of his acquired treasure and secrets here.

Following his return, Gil-Geamesq gained increasing adulation in the eyes of the people of Akanu by dealing with the dangerous monsters of legend that afflicted the Empire. He slew the Steel Drake of Mount Thulbane, drove the crocodilian monster Haaashastaak from the swamps of southern Akanu (modern: Adder Plains), and slew the living tree and its forest guardians in the depths of Calmaercor.

At the time of E-Anu’s unexpected death (supposedly bitten by a snake as he crossed the Adder River; although many whispered the fey of the forest conjured this magical god-killing snake), Gil-Geamesq’s popularity was at an all time high and the people demanded he be crowned God-King of Akanu, which he graciously accepted.

Outwardly, Gil-Geamesq’s rule appeared steady if not benevolent, but behind the scenes he was engaged in dark research with his favoured advisor Ulgariph (a title that translates roughly as Heavenly Wisdom) Ram-Chessk. Together they created many evil and powerful magics; including spells, items, and creatures, they then used these creations to help expand the Empire and remove any undesirables that opposed Gil-Geamesq. That is until Ram-Chessk performed an experiment too far and transformed himself into an invincible, life-draining, monster. Gil-Geamesq lost his long-time comrade Engquido; who sacrificed himself to banish Ram-Chessk to an island far out to sea.

From that point onward, Gil-Geamesq became increasingly depressed, bitter, and paranoid, persecuting his own people for minor disrespect and introducing increasingly harsh edicts that were almost impossible to obey and punished even the law abiding. So it was to the surprise of many that E-Nlil; the God-King of Unther suddenly abdicated his throne to Gil-Geamesq and disappeared from the face of Toril.

Gil-Geamesq suddenly became the ruler of the largest empire in Faerun; stretching from Dambrath to Akanu. Gil-Geamesq moved to Unthalass and the majority of the godkings of Akanu moved with him. His paranoia and depression saw him gradually lose grip on reality and his control over the far flung pieces of his empire. One by one the provinces rebelled or were conquered, and one by one Gil-Geamesq persecuted the godkings until the fled or “disappeared”.



Gil-Geamesq has no allies, Gil-Geamesq needs no allies, Gil-Geamesq is the Father of Victory and will always prevail over his enemies. At least that is the reality according to Gil-Geamesq’s own delusions.

The truth is that Gil-Geamesq has no real allies because he has spent two millennia persecuting all but the most favoured residents of his empire and has long since lost any allies he may once have had.

The Church of the Sky Father will always side with their patron, but only because he provides the power and legitimacy with which they administer to the Untheric Empire. The Church of the Sky Father in turn commands the enforced loyalty of every other institution in Unther (for example the Church of Ish-Tarri and the armies of Unther), but that loyalty exists only so long as the Church of the Sky Father has total control of Unther which is true only while Gil-Geamesq himself exists.

The Scions of Gil-Geamesq: History notes that Gil-Geamesq fathered no children, allowed no favoured servants to become incarnations (although this honour is usually bestowed only upon those related by blood to the godkings, and only in Mulhorand), and according to modern divine scholars created no avatars (although his status as a demigod would make this task seemingly impossible).

However, history can be edited (as happens frequently in Unther). Gil-Geamesq has a number of children that were hidden away from the world and written out of history for reasons known only to the God-King and those closest to him (the last of which was exiled to an island in the Sea of Fallen Stars over a millennia ago). Each of these scions was created at a time when Gil-Geamesq felt threatened and his need to secure his bloodline outweighed his growing paranoia.

The scions were first generation children of a godking, and generally were possessed of incredible powers of their own. The first generation of children of the godkings were usually renowned heroes in the Mulan lands whose ancestors would become the Mulan of today and helped found the empires of Akanu, Mulhorand, and Unther. Gil-Geamesq’s children were imprisoned, and thanks to the power coursing through their veins are likely to still be alive unless slain.

Seh’Om: The first of these children was fathered on a turami slave girl (whom Gil-Geamesq slew out of shame immediately after birth) during the Orcgate Wars in the far off Priador Plateau. Unable to bring himself to slay his own offspring and simultaneously unable to accept his racially impure son, he offered the infant up as a sacrifice during the campaign in -1069 DR known as the Scouring Beyond to consecrate the godtomb of Ner-Ghul, who was the last godking slain during the Orcgate Wars and signaled an end to the Mulan campaigns in the Priador. The eldest of Gil-Geamesq’s children was the least affected by the poison on Ilneval’s blade that corrupted his sire and so the most likely to resemble Gil-Geamesq’s original personality, but he has had no contact with the outside world since he was an infant and may be regarded as “strange” by all who meet him.

Gil-Gud: The second child was forcefully fathered on the renegade Ere-Shiki during her imprisonment beneath Adanu. A child born of hate and spite, and imprisoned beneath a sunken ruin for millennia, the second child is a creature of pure rage and battle lust, inheriting the powers of two powerful beings, that destroys anything which may be perceived as a threat.

Gil-Moaghul: The third child was created rather than fathered, by Ram-Chesk using the techniques he had learned as Gil-Geamesq’s advisor. This monster causes everything about him to wither and decay very rapidly and then rise again as a desiccated corpse under his control that many would term a mummy. This creature was far too dangerous and Gil-Geamesq took it with him when he claimed the throne of Unther. He then had an impregnable prison erected to contain him known as the Valley of the Gods.

Gil-Geamesq (The Severed One): The last child was an experiment by Gil-Geamesq after he imprisoned E-Nlil. In an attempt to attain true godhood (an experiment he abandoned out of fear), Gil-Geamesq calved off a portion of himself and moulded it into his own form, as he developed multi-formal awareness and began the path to ascension, Gil-Geamesq felt himself losing control and severed his connection to this new lesser version (avatar) of himself before mutilating it and imprisoning it deep beneath the Ziggurat of Eternal Victory. This “child” most resembles Gil-Geamesq as he is now (and although a lesser version of Gil-Geamesq from almost a thousand years ago, the two beings are likely comparable in abilities now), with all his paranoia, delusions, and tyranny.



Gil-Geamesq has enemies everywhere. Every godking of Unther and Akanu, and their children, has reason to hate Gil-Geamesq. Every religious society in Unther (those that remain) has suffered much at Gil-Geamesq’s hand. The common and noble folk of Unther have suffered more than most.

The only thing keeping Gil-Geamesq alive is the mythology surrounding him as a legendary warrior of incredible strength and ability, and his total control of Unther, it’s government, and it’s armed forces.



Gil-Geamesq has access to the enormous (but ever diminishing) resources of the nation of Unther. His own personal possessions are few, as he prefers to battle nearly naked and without weapons. Curiously the iconography of the Church of the Sky Father often depicts Gil-Geamesq carrying a metal rod which is officially titled “The Rod of Eternal Victory” but which most refer to as “The Silencer”, however, it is a weapon that Gil-Geamesq no longer possesses and does not appear to have ever possessed it. Gil-Geamesq claims it is part of the regalia of the Raurin Empire and therefore his by right of inheritance but none know what this item could be, only that Gil-Geamesq claims it granted the power of command over all men.

Mercy: This enormous khopesh is a staggering 9 ft long, and legends claim it possesses the ability to severe heads at Gil-Geamesq’s command. The blade supposedly belonged to one of the Golem Guardians of Inupras and was further enchanted by Gil-Geamesq in the blood of a thousand slave warriors of the Imaskari. The blade is named cruelly because Gil-Geamesq almost never grants mercy other than death and he prefers the death to be more painful than that which his blade would provide.

Mercy has been used most often to slay those foes which prove to mighty for Gil-Geamesq to kill with his bare hands, such as the Steel Drake of Mount Thulbane. It is rumoured he also used it to strike (and bleed) Gruumsh during the Orcgate Wars.

Enhancement Level: +3

Slot: Tool

Magical Properties: Critical (x3); Uses (Recharging x10); Activation (Use Activated); Target (Wielder): Keen (x3); Uses (Recharging x10); Activation (Use Activated): Cost 80,000 gp

Tubu: (The Heart): This solid gold belt is Gil-Geamesq’s most prized possession, he wears it even if otherwise unclothed. Legends are unclear when Gil-Geamesq acquired the belt but ancient tapestries depict him wearing the belt when the heroes emerged from the Teyla Shan mountain range to liberate the Mulan from the Imaskari.

Enhancement Level: +3

Slot: Waist

Magical Properties: Enhancement (x2); Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive); Target (Wielder): Resistance (x3) – Slashing; Uses (Permanent); Activation (Passive): Cost 192,000 gp



Gil-Geamesq: Evil, Human – Mulan, Warrior 23; Str 22 (+6), Dex 17 (+3), Con 18 (+4), Int 14 (+2), Wis 6 (-2), Cha 16 (+3); Size Large (+1 Size modifier)

Skill Training (Melee Weapons – Unarmed) x10: +10 Inherent bonus to Skill checks (including derived checks such as damage rolls) when using weapons within the specified expertise.

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