Life and Society

Granaries: Arabel has long been the central granary for those settlements north of the King’s Forest. The Crown uses barracks for the Purple Dragons as granaries and has long standing agreements with many local noble houses to rent out a number of disused buildings on their estates as granaries.


Most of the Merchant Houses of Arabel have agents in Hillsfar, Yhaunn, Procampur, and Lyrabar, with travelling agents that range from Berdusk to Melvaunt, to Aglarond, to the Vilhon Reach. Most of the trade in Arabel comes from the Moonsea and heads to Berdusk (providing an alternative to Sembia), including lumber, furs, ore, refined metals, and metal cast goods. In return Arabel ships preserved foodstuffs (alcoholic or spiced jams) to the Moonsea North.

Important Sites

Arnthaun Glassworks: This old family of glass makers is widely regarded as the best in Arabel (and arguably Cormyr, although many outside Arabel contest that claim). The elaborate shopfront is locked at all times, and customers are only allowed in by appointment (requiring a recommendation or referral), the prices for their glass, stained glass, and glass sculptures are very expensive.

Caulmers Glass: Caulmers shop looks like an imitation of their rivals (Arnthaun Glassworks), with almost every detail copied, but the quality of the finish is always slightly lower. Caulmer’s looks like a professional operation, with a slick team of salesmen in operation, they specialise in quick glass at low prices (payment up front) but the quality is always lower than expected. It is whispered that Caulmers will make anything to order, including works that are obviously “offences against the dragon”.

Lomdath’s Tailor: Owned by the tailor Mulkaer Lomdath, this shop is a high end tailor of women’s clothing for the rich merchants and local nobility. The front room is walled in mirrors and full of elegant gowns on mannequins.

Rauln’s House: This house is in a poor state of repair and looks like it is several centuries old. It is home to the Rauln’s; a married couple that are skilled in making glass. They will take orders for payment up front (their prices are cheaper than Caulmer’s), but it takes a long time to complete anything.

Thalonder’s Ride: Known locally as “the Ride”, this is the main east-west road cutting through the city of Arabel, linking the East Gate to the High Horn Gate. It was named for Ustrin Thalonder, the architect responsible for rebuilding Arabel’s city walls, who insisted on demolishing buildings in the heart of the city to allow a direct path for the quick movement of defenders in the event of an attack.

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