Important NPCs

Chansaera Thundersword: This 5 year old daughter of Lord Feldrath and Lady Tananthra is incredibly stubborn and strong willed, with smoky eyes that seem to bewitch those who stare into them.

Delphaera Thundersword: The 3 year old daughter of Lord Feldrath and Lady Tananthra is a proper thorn (tomboy) that is often playing knights and monsters (using swords against the castle cats) or climbing trees in Starwater Meadow.

Lord Feldrath Thundersword (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Warrior 8): Feldrath Thundersword is the Patriarch of House Thundersword, but is long past his prime. Lord Feldrath is in his late 60’s and is quickly becoming a frail old man.

As a youth, Feldrath spent his time adventuring and then joined the Purple Dragons as an officer, becoming an accomplished war leader like his ancestors. He became Patriarch of House Thundersword a decade ago following the death of his older brother, and took for his wife the ageing but beautiful Lady Tananthra Thundersword, who was a decade his junior and has since bore him 3 children, although he longs for a son despite the age and protestations of his wife.

Lord Feldrath Thundersword is blessed with a prodigious memory, and common sense that serves him well in the political and business world. He loves his wife dearly and does not suspect that she has robbed him of the vitality and strength he possessed in his younger days.

Lord Feldrath spends most of his time in Starwater Keep, at Swordspires Villa in Marsember, or in Suzail attending the Royal Court.

Maurara Thundersword: The 6 year old daughter to Lord Feldrath and Lady Tananthra Thundersword looks and behaves just like her mother, she also appears to exhibit occasional flashes of a wild talent similar to her mother’s that allows her to unnaturally influence the servants in Starwater Keep.

Lady Tananthra Thundersword (Neutral, Human – Chondathan, Magic User 3): Lady Tananthra was a dowager widow of a minor noble house (her husband having died several years earlier after a prolonged illness) before being wooed by the new Lord Feldrath Thundersword a decade ago when she was 46 years of age who became enchanted by her beauty.

Since their marriage Lady Tananthra has bore Lord Feldrath Thundersword 3 children; all girls, but her husband still wants a son and pesters her regularly to produce one, even though she is now 56 years of age and although not past childbearing her body has not fully recovered from the birth of Delphaera.

Lady Tananthra is a secret wild talent that has spent her life exploring her talents to the point that she is able to control and manifest a number of magical abilities as needed. Her particular favourites are those magics that enable her to influence the thoughts of others (and helped her win the heart of Lord Feldrath), and more recently magics that drain the life force from others (which she is using to weaken Feldrath and improve her own vitality and has allowed her to bear children long past the normal age for women).

Lady Tananthra is darkly beautiful (despite her age), possessed of enchantingly dark  eyes, and has a shrewd grasp of tactics and human nature that are quickly making her the true head of House Thundersword (as Lord Feldrath becomes increasingly frail). Lady Tananthra is loyal to her husband and House Thundersword and is only use her magic (which has not yet been discovered by the War Wizards) to provide Feldrath with the heir he so desires.

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