Capital: None

Population: 100,000 (human – Mulan, Chondathan, Turami – Mulan is by far the most prominent subgroup of humans with less than a tenth Chondathan and Turami.

Government: Monarchy, Mordulkin and Mourktar are both ruled by monarchies and between them they claim sovereignty over 80% of land and settlements in Threskel.

Religion: Bane, Hoar, Azuth, TiaMa’at, Tiamat, Tchazzar



Threskel has been claimed by the nations of Akanu, Chessenta, and Unther for most of the last 3,000 years. It wasn’t until 823 DR that the land of Threskel was born under the able leadership of Alasker Thresk. and Threskel as a nation survived little more than a century before it was conquered again.

Today Threskel is again claimed by Cimbar and Unther but in reality the people of Threskel are ruled over by the rulers of Mourktar or Mordulkin, who pay a small tribute to whatever armies march to their gates claiming dominion over the lands while they bide their time waiting to claim true independence once more and perhaps conquer their enemies.



  • 823 DR: Year of the Floating Petals: Mourktar breaks free of Unther.
  • 902 DR: Year of the Queen’s Tears: Tchazzar is crowned Sceptanar of Cimbar and claims sovereignty of all the lands of the new nation of Chessenta (which includes all the lands of Akanu), although in reality he only claims Cimbar at this time.
  • 929 DR: Year of Flashing Eyes: By this year Tchazzar has united all the lands of Akanu into the Alliance of Chessenta and conquered the rival land of Threskel.
  • The Alliance of Chessenta drives Unther beyond the Riders to the Sky Mountains.


Life and Society










Important Sites

Mount Thulbane: The largest mountain in Chessenta, this volcano is believed to be extinct as it has seen no activity in nearly 800 years. Mount Thulbane was once rumoured to be the secret lair of Ass-Uraqn after he fled Unther, many believe Thulbane is a corruption of the Untheric word for Athulam (meaning three storms, stemming from the Untheric belief that storms and bad luck in general come in threes).

The faithful of Hoar believe Ass-Uraqn ascended to true godhood on the slopes of Mount Thulbane while the priests of the temple of the Black Lords Cloak maintain it was Bane himself that ascended here. Both clergies tell the same story of a rumbling volcano and the divine being in question (depicted naked but bearing full weaponry) charging up the slopes into a pyroclastic thundercloud before disappearing in a blast of three lightning strikes.

The Crack of Assuran: Mount Thulbane was long believed to be just a mountain, until a titanic combat between the former godking Ass-Uraqn and a mysterious warlord from the west fought atop its slopes. The battle caused a great crack in the mountain and molten lava bubbled up from the ground, cutting off the fledgling states of Chessenta from Unther and wiping out several settlements around the base of the mountain.

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