Tchazzar the Invincible Warrior, the Father of Chessenta. Tchazzar was a red dragon that once fought with his rival Alasklerbanbastos for control of the lands that would become Chessenta. Tchazzar was seeking to escape a curse that had plagued him for centuries and his researches led him to seek godhood as a solution.

Tchazzar achieved his desire, after a fashion, by taking human form, founding a nation, and then faking his own death. Tchazzar is now a demigod venerated by a small but dedicated cult in Chessenta, the nation Tchazzar founded.


The mythos around Tchazzar is that of a man born to lead the nation of Chessenta, destined by the gods to deliver its people from the tyranny of Unther. The story is that he spent his childhood in the harsh city of Akanax, spent his teenage years in the city of Cimbar learning the arts of politics, and his early adulthood was spent in touring the cities of western Unther learning of the art of war.

After being conscripted into Unther’s army to fight against the newly founded nation of Threskel, Tchazzar showed his skill as an unbeatable warrior and able leader. He quickly assumed the role of commander and turned his forces against Unther as well. This led to a collapse in Unther’s rule and saw each city in western Unther break away. Tchazzar gathered all the cities and people of Chessenta to his banner (through diplomacy or force) and marched on Unther, winning a decisive battle at the Fields of Pryollus which forced the capitulation of Unther and an annual tribute of 18,549 Ilguz (gold pieces equal to the number of Chessentans slain in the conflict) for 100 years.

Tchazzar ruled ably for nearly a century, expanding Chessenta to encompass Threskel and the Wizards’ Reach before single-handled taking on a raiding party of several hundred sahuagin which saw Tchazzar transform into an enormous red dragon and dive into the throng of sea devils, turning the Bay of Chessenta into a red froth from which neither Tchazzar nor the sahuagin ever emerged.

It is said that during the titanic battle that Tchazzar shed his mortal shell and ascended to godhood, taking his place atop Mount Thulbane.


The mythos of Tchazzar notes him as being a human of unknown parentage in the decades before Chessenta was formed, his final act was to transform into a red dragon to decimate a foe. His banner was always that of a red dragon standing in front of a tall mountain, his nickname as commander was the “red dragon”, and he was still hale and hearty until his disappearance. All these are oddities and clues that point to Tchazzar’s true origin as the red dragon T’Chiazzamar, the last son of Rauthstokh Redbones, and great great grandson of T’khiazzalzara The First Vessel. According to learned sages this makes Tchazzar related to TiaMa’at, but that should not be surprising to those learned in the lore of The Nemesis of the Gods.

Tchiazzamar was born -205 DR The Year of Good Hunting amid the Orsraun Mountains where he spent most of his time in hiding. During the chaos that followed the destruction of Jhaamdath, Tchiazzamar spent much of it preying upon the remnants of that once great nation, gathering as much of its treasure as he could.

He was forced to move from the Vilhon Reach in 176 DR Year of the Wyrmclaws, when his lair was destroyed and revealed during a spell battle of titanic proportions between the then reigning Magister and a rival. Dragons from all around sought to claim the fabled treasure trove of Rauthstokh Redbones (although in truth Tchiazzamar inherited none of his sire’s treasure when he claimed the lair following his father’s death – the whereabouts of Rauthstokh’s hoard are unknown). The red wyrm known as Stormcrossing ultimately defeated his rivals to claim Tchiazzamar’s lair and hoard while “Tchazzar” the man fled east on foot with all he could carry to avoid notice.

Little is known of Tchazzar’s history or actions until the centuries before the formation of Chessenta, but it is believed he took part in the battles of the Iron Legion near what would one day become Chondath before heading further east into Chessenta.

At some point Tchazzar came into possession of one of the Ring’s of TiaMa’at which sages believed he claimed from the hoard of



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